Human Resource Consulting Services

Human resource consulting is a profession that offers an opportunity for businesses to assess, plan, and execute their needs involving the many factors that can affect the workforce management.

Package inclusions:
  • Research of candidates
  • Tracking compliance
  • Training hiring managers
  • Audits and reporting
  • Consulting on technology
  • Process mapping
Human Resource Consulting Services

Human Resource Consulting Services

Human resources consultants offer various types of general and specific advice to businesses. It allows you to develop a career as a specialist or a generalist, depending on your interests. It offers you many other services that can help you get more client work, besides specializing in one or a few areas that can land in higher-paying contracts.

Whether a broad-based strategy is needed to create an organization or just simple personnel tasks needs to be managed, human resource consulting firms can help you optimize your efforts. Human resource consulting is a profession that offers an opportunity for businesses to assess, plan, and execute their needs involving the many factors that can affect the workforce management.

Before hiring a human resources consultant, it is good to understand all the factors that affect creating and maintaining the workforce. HR consists of both the long-term strategies and specific goals and individual tactics to reach these goals.

Our consultants can help manage the regulatory compliance, policies, and procedures for recruitment and selection, employee performance management, and compensation and benefits at a cost comparable to an internal function.

The primary point in selecting a company to work as an HR generalist with your organization is to be certain that the consultant has the ability to become an integral part of the organization. They must understand your culture, processes, and products. The HR consultant must also possess the skills and knowledge required to work on a particular project. The consultants at Enterslice are able to meet various needs from the daily administrative work to map out a strategic plan for the company's long term success.

What does a consultant in Human Resource Consulting do?

Three types of clients hire consultants in Human Resource consulting:

  • The first types are the HR advisors who support the HR Directors and Managers of client organizations to improve the HR function's performance. Some of the examples include the implementation of the HR Business Partner Delivery Model, redesigning HR processes, or implementing an HRIS system.
  • Clients hire the second type of HR consultants –business, HR, or works council to support broader human capital issues, which can range from providing HR support on M & A programs for managing cultural transformation or developing a new talent strategy for crucial business functions.
  • The last type of HR consultant is usually staffed on massive transformations to ensure that the critical people and human capital experts are on board, complementing the old functional skills that are already a part of the project. For instance: a finance transformation program that will lead to a financial service line, the human resource consulting firms here will cover areas such as leadership alignment and change management.

Benefits of Hiring Enterslice in Human Resource Consulting Services

Enterslice partners with its clients to assist them in the transformation of their HR model to bring maximum value to the business.

Human Resource Consulting Services
  • Reduce Costs and Enhance Efficiency

In the competitive world in current times, companies worldwide are searching for possible opportunities to bring down the operational costs and increase efficiency. The human resource department is an essential player in this scenario. Companies need to deal with high pressure of cost reduction, employee disengagement, and high attrition rates.

Human resources outsourcing is the most sustainable method to manage costs and facilitate the organization to focus on the operations and strategic initiatives instead of wasting time in the human resource management's routine transactional activities.

  • Custom Recruitment Process Outsourcing Solutions for Competitive Advantage

Recruiting includes a high cost for companies. However, with a clear recruitment solution as offered by Enterslice, companies can lower the cost of hiring the right talent for the staffing requirements.

Human resource consulting involves an employer transferring all or part of their recruitment processes to an external provider like Enterslice. We manage the entire process of recruiting and hiring or just the selected procedures as per your desire. Most importantly, we serve as an extension of our own human resources department within the organization.

Some of the services provided by us are:

  • Looking for candidates
  • Tracking on compliance
  • Training hiring managers
  • Adults and Reporting
  • Consulting on Technology
  • Process Mapping

In case you are looking for a customized solution that is a bit different from that of any staffing agency or head hunter. Enterslice Human Resource consulting services will be an ideal choice for you.

How will Human Resource Consulting Help in Dealing with HR Challenges?

Talent needs digitization, and the pressures to transform the complete function are escalating. Organizations must formulate a new idea of HR and forge a deeper partnership between HR and the overall business. They need to ensure that each employee works at the right spot for the purpose of maximizing the benefit for the company and the employee. Doing this regularly requires a fundamental change in the HR strategy and operations. Many organizations face HR challenges but have low capabilities in handling them.

Some of the critical HR topics have been specified below:

1) Leadership

2) Talent management

3) Behavior and culture

4) HR and people strategy

5) Employee engagement

6) Strategic workforce planning

7) Career models and competencies

8) HR communication

9) Performance management

10) Training and learning

11) Employer branding

12) Social media

13) Rewards and recognition

14) HR and workforce analytics

15) HR staff capabilities

16) Onboarding

17) Generation management

18) HR services and systems

19) Recruiting processes

20) Recruiting strategy

21) HR organization and governance

22) HR processes

23) Labor costs and restructuring

24) Diversity management

25) Assignment management

26) HR internationalization

27) Work councils and union-management

Career Prospects for a Consultant in a Human Resource Consulting Firm

The calculated job outlook for a career in the human resources field includes a 13% growth over the coming years. Regarding building the HR career path, there are many options provided to create a successful career in the industry. There are three HR career paths that can be pursued:

  • Training & Development Manager

As a training and development manager, you will be responsible for helping the employee’s up skills and advancing their careers. Through conferences, workshops or e-learning programs, you can design the training content that ensures the employees receive adequate professional development opportunities.

  • Executive Recruiter

In case you are a people person and favor building relationships by making a lot of money, it is better to pursue a career as an executive recruiter. You will be provided the task of recruiting the senior executives, CEOs, and vice–president positions within the organization. This is an exciting and competitive field, so having prior Human Resource consulting skills will help in differentiating you.

  • Human Resources Executive

If you are looking at a firmly planted position within the HR field, you must pursue it. Both your earning potential as well as the strategic and administrative role will increase within HR. Responsibilities include creating a human resource strategy for the company as well as defining systems, policies, and goals. The HR department will report to you.

What are the education and training requirements for a Consultant ion Human Resource Consulting Firm?

There are many steps that can be taken to move into the role of an HR consultant in a Human Resource Consulting Firm:

  • Get a Proper Required Degree

You must attend any bachelor's or master's program where the significant subjects must be human resources management, marketing, and operations management, business administration, and professional development.

  • Gain work experience

You might have the opportunity to complete an internship while completing your university degree. These can include assisting with job interviews, observing administration of employee benefits, and completing basic administrative tasks. Alternatively, get some entry-level experience as an HR specialist, associate, assistant, or recruiter. Employers are more likely to hire you if you have some experience under your belt.

  • Get Certification from the HR Certification Institute

This institute offers the Professional in Human Resources and Senior Professional in Human Resources designations, and the certification qualifications include experience requirements and passage of a comprehensive exam. This human resource management certificate and recognition will also open up the door to a lot of networking and career opportunities.

  • Continue learning new HR skills.

You can do this by either pursuing a Master’s Degree in Human Resource Management or stay in your day job and complete some online advanced human resource management short course ensuring the skill set remains relevant and competitive.

What are the Skills of Human Resource Consulting in Enterslice? 

The skills of Human resource consulting in Enterslice are specified below:

Skills of Human Resource Consulting in Enterslice
  • Objective Observers

We are professionals who are free of any type of prejudices that may influence insiders.

  • Strategists

We can assist management with interrelationships among short-term objectives, and layout immediate steps to move the organization toward longer-term HR strategic goals.

  • Catalysts

 We can change the status quo and use action items to move the approved processes forward.

  • Creator of Programs and Methodology

We can assist you in creating a plan of action to achieve organizational HR goals.

  • Personal Counselors

We assist management with their roles and objectives for each HR initiative.

  • Information Experts

We provide information with regard to essential HR topics.

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Frequently Asked Questions

HR consultants are professionals hired from outside of a business or organization who are tasked with solving or meeting a human resources-related need. Often they are hired to provide high-level solutions and recommendations to management teams.

A human capital consultant works on human resources planning, professional development, and performance management to help clients and employers get the best from their employees. You may also help facilitate training and professional development programs.

For those who enjoy working with individuals, companies, and organizations to maximize employee potential and helping to solidify growth, human resources consulting offers a rewarding career path with excellent job advancement.

Among the top attributes which define a good HR consultant are time management skills. It is essential for HR consultants to extensively manage their time and complete all the required tasks quickly and efficiently. An HR executive needs to complete several tasks on a daily basis while tackling multiple problems.

The following qualities are needed to become a competent HR professional.

• Focus on the big picture.

• Maintain passion.

• Take a positive approach to communication.

• Show up where they work.

• Show a genuine interest in each employee.

• Collaborate with all departments.

• Develop a mentorship program.

• Develop a mentorship program.

The skills needed to become an HR are as follows:

• Employee relations.

• Onboarding.

• Human Resources Information Software (HRIS).

• Performance management.

• Performance management.

• Scheduling.

• Customer service

• Project management.

Some of the essential skills of managers are:

• Organization.

• Negotiation.

• Problem Solving and Conflict Management.

• Communication.

• Multitasking.

• Organization.

• Ethics.

• Communication.

• Problem-solving.

• Expertise.

• Leadership.

Some of the HR services include:

• Payroll administration, including produce checks, handling taxes, and dealing with sick time and vacation time.

• Employee benefits, including health, medical and life insurance and cafeteria plans.

• HR management, including recruiting, hiring and firing.

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