Healthtech is a fast-growing vertical market that aims to maximize the transformation by using Health technology. Healthtech provides patients quick, economical, and more easy-going care outside clinical practice. Provides Proper expertise and advisory related to the health care sector. Enterslice..

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What is Healthtech?

Healthcare technology refers to the use of advanced technologies to enhance all aspects of the healthcare system. From E-health to minimally invasive surgery, the advisor will provide you proper assistance that what facilities Healthtech provides and how it is being used. Healthtech includes any technology-driven healthcare products and services that are primarily distributed and consumed outside of the hospital or physician’s office.

Healthtech refers to Information technology tools outlined to improve hospital and administrative capacity which helps in improving the overall standard of the hospital services. It also provides technical services to enhance the healthcare system for patients through cloud computing, internet services, and vertical mobility.

Health technology is boosting the hospital environment by positively shaping our traditional healthcare scene. Shoot up costs, Intolerable waiting time, incompetence’s in drug development, and constrained access to insurance and healthcare providers are all being addressed through tech-infused care.

Need of Healthtech

Health Technology’s role in healthcare has expanded rapidly over the last 20 years and statistics to enhance societal technological advancements. Healthtech can store, share, and analyze health information. The use of Health technology enhances provider potential and patient access while uplifting the quality of life for some patients and saving the lives of others. Healthtech is moving into an era where physicians can see patients far away from anywhere and can diagnose a patient’s problems faultlessly. Healthtech is playing a vital role even in the rural areas, through Tele technology. Healthtech has advanced from using technology to enhancing patient care and the healthcare industry, to impacting our society as a whole. The health technology is now being planned and undertaken in multiple countries

The Key consideration of Healthtech

The application of health information technology is at the cutting edge of most policy agendas internationally. It is now well understood that dynamic Healthtech applications are well undertaken in disrupting the healthcare industry, whether its information-sharing between patients and doctors or assistance in high-risk surgery.

  • Determining the areas where technology is designed to help.
  • Building harmony
  • Considering the better options.
  • System selection that can easily meet the clinical needs is affordable to purchase.
  • Execution of plan according to the needs of the healthcare industry.
  • Proper availability of infrastructure.
  • Proper training to the staff
  • Proper follow and evaluation of the work done.
  • Proper maintenance of the system.
  • Managing the expectations and needs of the health care sector.

In the Healthcare industry, below-mentioned are the key areas where Healthtech can be used-

How Healthtech is transforming the Healthcare Industry?

Today Healthtech has transformed the healthcare industry by breaking all the barriers. Below mentioned are the ways how Health technology is impacting the Healthcare sector-

  • Use of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is reshaping the healthcare sector. Healthcare executives are already using artificial intelligence in their workings, with data indicating plans to enhance budgets. Health technology has become more developed and global, it is anticipated that Artificial Intelligence could help in detecting strokes, eye disease, heart disease, skin cancer, and other related diseases.

  • Tele Healthcare

Tele Healthcare is also known as virtual health or telemedicine. Tele healthcare allows patients and doctors to interact far away from anywhere using technologies like video conferencing or through the mobile application. Through virtual technology, patients are at ease by using wearable technology to observe any changes in their health. By using health technology, it is feasible for the patients to share that data with their physician. Virtual Healthcare provides Convenience, user-friendly technology, and reduces the frequent visit to the doctor.

  • Nanotechnology

Nanotechnology is a technology that aims to promote the emerging interdisciplinary field of nanomedicines. Nanomedicine is generally used to diagnose, treat, and to prevent various diseases.

Nanomedicine: NBM journal publishes articles on artificial cells, regenerative medicine, gene therapy, infectious disease, nanotechnology, nanobiotechnology, nanomedicine, stem cell, and tissue engineering.


  • Virtual Reality

In Health technology, virtual reality has offered a higher quality of care and efficiency of patients. Virtual Reality is helping in various fields of healthcare i.e. from enhancing the new life-saving techniques to impart the training to future doctors. Virtual Reality is being used in various ways to train & strengthen healthcare professionals and to heal the patients.

Imparting Medical training

Proper treatment of patients

Medical marketing

Awareness of diseases

  • 3D Printing

To enhance and revolutionize the health care system, Medical applications for 3D printing are expanding rapidly. In the medical field,3D printing is used in both actual and potential basis and can be categorized into several broad categories which include:

Tissue and organ creation,

Creation of customized implant,

Anatomical models,

Pharmaceutical research regarding drug dosage description and deliver

3D printing can provide various benefits like-Custom-Made and personalized medical products, drugs, and equipment, economical, helps in increasing productivity. Further, it also helps in the democratization of design and manufacturing in the health care sector.

  • Robot-Assisted Surgery

Robotic-Assisted surgery has been rapidly used by hospitals. It permits the doctors to discharge the difficult and complicated procedures that might be otherwise impossible. Typically, surgeons control a device with a camera and mechanical arms, giving them an exceptional view of the surgical site.

Enhances the quality, flexibility, and control

Less complication

Minimally invasive which results in fewer scars.

How Healthtech is different from MedTech?

Healthtech is centered around analytical preventative care while the medical technology emphasis on therapeutic and cure-based technologies.

Healthtech is defined as the implementation of medical knowledge and expertise in the form of appliances, drugs, vaccines, methods, and systems augmented to solve the health issues and to boost people’s quality of life. On the other hand, MedTech, refers to opening, ‘Proactive’, ‘cure-based’ systems used within the healthcare industry.

Fitness wearables are a popular Healthtech example, whereas drug-releasing heart stents fall within the MedTech segment.

What benefits does Healthtech offer?

Technological advancements in healthcare have saved endless patients and are continuously improving their quality of life. Additionally, Health technology has offered various benefits in the medical field which has a massive impact on nearly all processes and practices of healthcare professionals. Below-mentioned are the benefits that the Healthtech is offering-

Proper medical assistance in digitalized form.

Maintaining the records in the Digitalized way through Electronic Health records.

Helps in advancing medical knowledge.

Lowers Healthcare costs.

Better and early diagnosis

Robotics automation

Health in the hands of the consumer

Increase health awareness

Disease management

How Enterslice helps in providing Healthtech related services?

Enterslice as the consultants are experts in the industry — they have the necessary education on healthcare laws, regulations, and policies which effectively helps its client in running their pharmaceutical and medicinal businesses efficiently and effectively.

Enterslice helps in sharing expertise and provides proper advice to its clients related to the healthcare sector which helps to make proper business decisions

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Frequently Asked Questions

Health Technology Assessment is a form of approach that helps in examining the short- and long-term outcomes of using health technology. It is a versatile process that attempts to outline information about the medical, social, economic, and ethical issues related to the use of health technology. The motive of HTA is to execute the process in a structured, transparent, impartial, robust manner. The purpose of HTA is to assist in decision-making by providing accurate information about the impact of those decisions.

Protection of privacy is the major loophole in the Health Tech development: by intercepting or limiting the sharing and distribution of information, the Healthtech industry could be unfed of the basis for the future of technological development. The rapid increase of data is incredibly important for the Healthtech future. It is equally important to provide continuous solutions for disease prevention, Proper communication with the patient, and consumer wearables technology which is somehow lacking in the Healthtech sector.

Healthtech, as an industry is in an admirable position as its financial and consumer backing, promises a strong and continued growth chart over the coming years. The Healthtech sector has started delivering its promise. With the advancement in digital healthcare technologies, the future of healthcare is shaping up in front of our very eyes, such as artificial intelligence, Virtual Reality, 3D-printing, robotics-assisted surgery, or nanotechnology. The future of Healthtech lies in working hand-in-hand with the implementation of advanced technology and healthcare workers to stay relevant in the coming years.

Healthtech has changed the way of living of the patients by providing fitness wearables, health applications, and remote sensors through which a patient can himself keep a regular check of his/her disease. Healthtech has introduced a Digital health initiative that promises to save consumers (Patients). Healthtech is using Blockchain technology as a platform to keep the medical records of the patients safely.

Interoperability equates to healthcare systems working together regardless of geographical location. For example, medical images sharing via DICOM; guided permission to share patient data across clinics, labs, hospitals, and pharmacies

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