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Executive search is an exclusive type of recruitment aimed at bringing experienced senior management talent to an organization. Every business needs an Executive search and HR Solutions to hire not just a qualified person but a most qualified person. Executive search and HR Solutions helps in providing the organiza..

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What is Executive Search and HR Solutions?

Executive Search-Executive search is an exclusive type of recruitment aimed at bringing experienced senior management talent to an organization. Executive search is a process used to appoint a person to hold a strategically important role. For example, the appointment of CEO, CFO, COO, HRD, and CIO. Executive search varies from the recruitment process of junior level appointments. For contingency recruitment, it is very important to have an expert team of senior-level management and the best people are rarely ‘looking for a job’. Executive search plays an important role in uplifting the business.

Executive search finds out the perfect candidate for both the role and for the organization. An organization needs to know whether the candidate is actively looking for a new position or not. An organization will evolve a long-term partnership with an executive search firm, which helps their business in identifying and appointing suitable candidates on their behalf.

HR Solutions

HR solutions is a superordinate to all the hi-tech businesses use to manage employees. Human resources Solutions is a comprehensive term which includes a various set of features and functions for employee management and reporting.

HR Solutions provides a digital platform for storing, retrieving, and processing information about employees.HR solutions can expand beyond basic human resources to include the process for payroll, expert recruitment, time management, business intelligence reporting, and many other sectors.

Role of HR Solution in every organization

Basically, HR Solutions covers all the areas of the organization which is directly or indirectly related to the employees.HR solutions have the capability to guide the companies in the following matters-

  • Recruitment and follow up with the applicants
  • Imparting Training to employees
  • Open enrollment and management of benefits
  • Compensation management
  • Human resources reporting
  • Proper status and Workflow of employees.
  • Self-service for applicants and employees of the organization.

The Need for an Executive search and HR Solutions

Executive search and HR solutions provide the proper layout and knowledge for implementing the organization’s strategies.  HR solutions software provides various HR metrics that measure every aspect of the business. With the help of an executive search and HR solution, it is easy to fetch the data and discover which areas your employees need to improve in and which employees are unprofitable to the business organization. Investing in Executive Search and HR solutions can help you map your business’s future. Below mentioned are the reason why the organization needs executive search and HR Solutions.

  • Helps in hiring the best employees for the key positions.
  • Eliminating human error
  • Helps in managing the regulations effectively.
  • Mechanized Human resource process
  • Enhances leadership skills while recruiting and training the employees.
  • Implement enhanced Human resource strategies.
  • Promotes remote access to the employee.

How does executive search and HR Solutions work?

The working of an Executive search involves third-party participation, the involvement of an executive search firm, who can identify and engross the best senior-level talent in the market to match the business requirements. Executive search is connection driven. An executive search firm will work closely with the organization to understand the specifications and advise the most successful and functional strategy to ensure that the organization is hiring the best talent.

Executive search is a research-based approach, where an executive search firm will be paid an advance fee initially to carry out a considerable market outline to analyze the marketplace and criteria for appointment, roles, and salaries. An Executive search firm will be prone to have the expertise and extensive knowledge of industries and functions, which will allow them to build a large pool of top executive talent and access to board directors and senior executives across the industry.

Whereas HR Solutions aids in help in enhancing a company’s HR strategy, which is systematic and consistent. HR Solutions starts with identifying the management, recruitment, imparting training, and compensating them. HR solution helps in developing and retaining the human capital investment of the organization.

The HR solution package is easy to apply. With the HR Solution tool, data can be transferred easily, and all human resource actions are easy to incorporate within your organization's policies, and trade and government regulations. With the help of HR Solutions, the department of human resources can conduct the recruitment process and impart staff training with very nominal stress, which results in optimizing the performance of all the organization and employees as well.

Process of Executive search

The process of Executive search involves the below-mentioned steps-

  • Identifying the organization’s needs and preparing the strategy accordingly

Executive search helps in building a model of partnership and cooperation which helps in acquiring information about the organization, its mission, vision, culture, shareholders, and development strategy. Before recruitment, the executive search firm needs to identify the organization’s needs.

After collecting and analyzing the data, an executive search firm prepares an attractive job offer and vacancies for candidates which includes a description of the organization. 

  • Interview and recruitment process

Interview and recruitment process help in finding potential candidates for the job, whether they are suitable as per the key requirements, and are interested in taking part in the recruitment process. The Executive search uses proficient interview techniques and conducts an interview to check the candidate’s managerial efficiency. Further, it evaluates the candidate’s qualifications, experience, academics achievements. Depending on the needs and requirements of the organization, the interview and recruitment process is conducted.

  • Checking references

The Executive search firm conducts a process of checking the references provided by the candidates. It crosses confirms the references of each candidate and prepares a report based on the information provided by the candidate and forwards the same report to the organization.

  • Negotiations

The next step is the process of negotiations about the conditions of employment. Both organization and candidates use their experience for negotiation so that an organization can offer a competitive and handsome package to the candidate.

The Approach of Executive search

The Approach of Executive search includes-

The Approach of Executive search

Initiating the search priorities

It helps in determining the skills and abilities required for the job vacancies, offering, and business perspectives. Further, it also includes evolving a customized detail for the job vacancy which includes candidate specification, job description, Role and responsibilities, and key challenges for the position.

Setting the search strategy

  • Conducting the executive search in the companies to find people as per the job requirement.
  • Prepares a long list of the best-qualified candidates for the job.
  • Contact the prospective candidate for the interview and recruitment process. 

Attract and evaluate candidates

  • Contact potential candidates to know their interest in a specific job.
  • Conduct a diligent interview with the candidates based on the job profile specification, skills, academic background, and aptitude
  • Prepare a shortlist of candidates who have cleared the interview and are interested in the position.

Provide the list of most qualified candidates for client interview

  • Provide the list of the most qualified candidates to the organization based on analysis and appraisal against the job vacancy.
  • Communicating with the candidates to know about much about the external views and also to know more about the candidate’s achievements and track record.
  • Perform an executive capabilities evaluation.

Conclude the Executive search

The final step is to conclude the executive search once the organization selects its preferred candidate. Communicate regularly with the organization and shortlist field during the transition. An Executive search firm does a periodical follow up with the organization.

Advantages of Hiring Enterslice for Executive search and HR Solutions

Enterslice helps its client to assist them in Executive Search and HR Solution service which helps in maximizing the value of the business-

  • Enterslice helps its client in customer recruitment process outsourcing solutions.
  • Tracking the compliances
  • Audits and compliance reporting
  • Process designing.
  • Consultancy on advanced technologies used in HR solutions

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Frequently Asked Questions

Recruitment refers to the process to fill a large number of posts. Recruitment takes a relatively small amount of time in scrutinizing each application. The aim of recruitment to find a competent and eligible candidate for different positions. Whereasthe executive search focuses on filling a specific position by hiring the best person for the job.Executive search is connection driven. An executive search firm will work closely with the organization to understand the specifications and advise the most successful and functional strategy to ensure that the organization is hiring the best talent

The key areas to measure the HR effectiveness includes-Percentage of employees trained in company policies.

• Salary potential.

• Diversity rate/employee specification

• Gender remuneration gap.

• Itemize the diversity initiatives.

• Helps in mapping the market

• Delivering the eligible candidates

• Acts as a trusted advisor

• Thinks outside the box to find suitable candidates as per the organization’s requirement.

Great executive search consultants must possess the following elements –

• A good counselor,

• It shall think and act long term,

• Builds a relationship among the candidate and the organization,

• Attract and evaluate the candidates in a better way.

HR are the specialists responsible for recruitment, screening, interviewing, and recruiting the employees. HR also lifts employee relations, payroll, and training. .HR consults with the executive search firm on strategic planningand connects the company's management with its employees.

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