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Education Technology

Edutech is a technology that seeks to improve teaching and learning processes through an online platform. Edutech is improving the working of the education system. It also prepares students with skills that are necessary for future growth.Edutech creates and uses the technological process and educational resources to enhance the user academic process.

Package inclusions:
  • Provides detailed knowledge related to the educational sector.
  • Information related to the Right to Education Act 2009.
  • Helps in visualizing the role of technology in transforming the education sector.
  • Provides the services to accelerate the learning process by publishing new content, research-based blogs, and articles.
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What is Edutech?

Edutech stands for Education technology. Educational technology is also termed as EdTech. It is a process-oriented technology. Edutech is a combination of hardware, software, and educational resources and practice to accelerate the learning process. Edutech refers to the sector of technology dedicated to the expansion and application of tools planned to promote education.

Edutech is all about applying the technology to deliver a new way of learning education. Edutech has changed the traditional approach to education. It creates efficiencies and permits a new level of standardization.

Features of Edutech

Edutech is playing an essential role in the tremendous growth of the education system. Educational technology is the research and ethical practice to enable learning and enhancing performance by creating, using, and managing appropriate technological processes.

  • Edutech examines all the aspect of teaching and learning process-
  • Edutech is based on scientific and technological advancement.
  • It deals in a practical aspect more than the theoretical aspect.
  • Edutech is a quick-growing modern technology.
  • Edutech is bound to improve the learning and teaching process.
  • It discovers the issues in the field of education, finds out the way out, and ultimately aims at raising the education system.

Edutech prioritizes communication skills and approaches to teaching and learning through the well-advised use and combination of varied media. Professionals in educational technology seek new and constructive ways of organizing the teaching and learning process through the best possible application of technological advancements.

Scope of Edutech

Edutech is described as an efficient institution for learning, transforming, or adopting methods, to serve identified educational goals. Educational technology is a process-oriented technique. Educational technology is not limited to the teaching and learning process but also Develops a range of support systems and training to enhance the educational sector.

Edutechevaluates the structured identification of the education goal considering-

  • Widespreadneeds,
  • System competence,
  • The learners’ needs and perspectives.
  • Identifying the diversity of learners’ needs and the range of provisions needed for the learner.
  • Not only identifying the present needs of children but also their future prospects about the society for which we are preparing them.
  • In enabling appropriate teaching-learning systems that could achieve the identified goals.

Edutech is not only limited to the above-mentioned aspects, but it also pervades all over. Educational technology should discover new aspects-

  • Accurate task analysis.
  • Identification of direct behaviour.
  • Discovering the pre-requisites and moderate direct behaviour.
  • Clear identification of the problem.
  • The Barrier in solving problems.
  • Management and organization of man, material, resources.
  • Developing software technology
  • Managed by external support.

Nowadays, the Teaching-learning process is much more regulated by educational technology.

Elements of Edutech

Edutech consists of 5 elements-

  • Designing
  • Development
  • Utilization
  • Management
  • Evaluation

Edutech implements existing and new techniques and technologies for solving problems of education. These elements refer to both areas of the knowledge base and functions discharged by the professionals. For creating a portfolio of Edutech skills and accomplishments below -mentioned factors are to be kept in mind-

  • Certification programs

Several Edutech companies have accomplished certification programs for their products/services. These certification programs exhibit functional knowledge of tools and services found in schools. Most certifications are free or of low cost. Certification programs come with complete accreditation that can be included in a portfolio.

  • Examples-Microsoft Certified Educator or the Apple Teacher.

Educator possesses these certificates to show their technical skills as well as their commitment to professional development and growth.

  • Acknowledgements

Apart from certifications, acknowledgements/Identifications are available from EdTech companies and educational organizations. These acknowledgements/Identifications appraise an educator’s skills with technology and offer training. Thisacknowledgmentexhibits that educators have access to resources and learning networks that can support co-partner and improve the reputation of the school.

  • Online Presence

Educators should show their online presence in such a way they are active in professional learning networks, reading publications, and are engaged in social media. To illustrate competencies, educators need to contribute and have an online presence. They should focus on writing content or blog posts describing their successes with an easily searchable platform.

  • Unique content

An EdTechentity shall keep unique content by adding new posts, new learning activities, fresh tweets, and new certifications and acknowledgements regularly. 

Objective of Edutech

The objective of Edutech is to enhance the quality of education and to upgrade the learning process. Necessarily, the technology should boost the teaching and learning process. It shall accelerate the better performance of educational systems.

In general, technology has made people live very easier and has improved the way they carry their daily activities. The essential objective of technology is to deliver better and efficient methods for carrying out different activities. Edutechaims to provide the beginner with the introductory knowledge of how technology has covered the way for facilitating the better learning processes.

How Edutech enhances learning and teaching?

Edutech enhances online course offerings and learning materials. Edutechsupports all-time learning assistance to increase student engagement and motivation. Edutechalso has the power to transform teaching by leading the way in a new model of connected teaching. This model connects teachers to their students and to professional systems to help them improve their own direction and can customize learning.

Edutech enhances online learning opportunities and the use of the open educational platform and other related technologies can increase educational productivity. Edutech helps in speeding up the rate of learning; minimizing the costs associated with guiding materials or program delivery; and better utilizing teacher time.

How Enterslice helps its clients in giving services related to Edutech?

  • Provides detailed knowledge to its client by publishing regular articles and blogs related to the education sector.
  • Proper updates on any change in the educational platforms.
  • Provides software services in enhancing Educational technologies.
  • Helps the client to believe in the power of technology to enhance the education process and to build innovative future prospects.
  • Helps in empowering the youth to be productive in the developing environment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Edutech provides an e-learning platform reducing the overall cost. It turns down the expenses and helps in improving the academic standings of the learners. Edutech is cutting back on the printed materials by assigning them digitally to the learners.Edutech also make the resources more reachable to students at home. Learners can continue to engage with the materials as per their ease to learn additional skills.

EdutechPlatform is an online platform that equates the largest network of educators, administrators, and organizations improving student end results through data-drivendirections, budget, and resource decisions. Edutech manages all aspects of education with a single system to organize, rationalize, and analyze all learning tools.

Edutech provides four types of learning solutions. They are –

• Learning resources

• Online programs

• Training

• Workshops on educational topics

The implementation of Edutech as created a lively picture of the future of learning. Edutech helps the learners in providing education through virtual reality sets, Youtube classes or learning through computer-based programs Edutech help the learners in becoming more technologically advanced than when they are taught in a more traditional way of education i.e.learning with blackboards. Furthermore, Edutech offers promising programs to excelin some desired technical skills. Edutech promises very captivating and adaptive learning that enables students to achieve their maximum potential and improving accessibility, etc. Edutech therefore has the potential to bring about a revolution in education and learning methods.

The advent of data analytics techniques has managed adaptive learning in Edutech. With data analytics techniques, data is fed back into the system to influence learning programs and structures. The growth of Edutech has also provided teachers with far greater access to data on individual achievements and progress.Learning is a lifetime process, not something we can leave behind at schools and colleges.


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