Customer Relationship Management Solutions

Customer Relationship Management Solutions helps in managing its customers (Existing and potential). An effective Customer relationship Management Solutions helps the company in providing a unique and single-source platform to access the customer data easily which as a result helps in driving sales success rates...

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Customer Relationship Management

A Key to a successful business is its customer base. CRM is an approach used by companies to build a relationship with the customers (Existing and Potential). Customer Relationship Management Solutions provides a platform that helps the company in keeping its business connected. It reduces IT involvement and helps in setting the path to major growth. Customer Relationship Management Solutions helps in prioritizing the leads of the business which ultimately helps the team to execute the task on time and in an efficient manner.

What is Customer Relationship Management Solutions?

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management and refers to an approach used by the company for expanding, retaining, and acquiring customers.

Customer Relationship Management Solutions is a software used by the companies to analyze and manage the communication with the customers. CRM also helps in ensuring that every step of the interaction with customers goes smoothly and efficiently to increase the overall profits. The CRM software collects customer data from multiple channels to fetch the information on complete purchase history, personal details of the customers.

Concept of Customer Relationship Management Solutions

The concept of CRM solutions started in the early 1970s, where the evaluation of the customers’ satisfaction was done using surveys or front-line inquiries and discussions. Now many companies are using this concept of Customer Relationship Management Solutions to maximize the leads’ potential by enhancing and improving their business relationships 

Users of Customer Relationship Management Solutions

Customer Relationship Management Solutions is a software used by any organizational unit and Bank to manage their customer relationship and business contacts to generate sales lead. Customer Relationship Management Solutions helps in improving customer relationships and customer Lifetime Value.

With the help of Customer Relationship Management Solutions, the users build their relationships with their customers which helps the business in creating trust and customer retention. CRM is used in the field of –

  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Strategy
  • Support
  • Recruiting
  • Analysis and
  • Support services. 

It helps the users to collaborate on various processes and increase their working efficiency.

Why it is required to use Customer Relationship Management Solutions?

Customer Relationship Management Solutions is a platform having various functionalities which allow the users to track their customers. CRM provides a set of tools to manage the entire process of sales and marketing. It emphasis on achieving the organizational goals by focusing on the organization’s relationship with the individual ones i.e. with the customers, employees, service users, or suppliers.

For every single business, it is very important to have a good strategy and to keep a track and clear overview of the customer 

Requirement of Customer Relationship Management Solutions-

  • CRM can work anywhere, on the go.
  • Increases efficiency and improves data quality.
  • Identify and generate leads
  • Helps in getting referrals from the existing clients.
  • Helps in tracking all the Key Performance Indicator.
  • Provides personalized customer services.

Building Block of Customer Relationship Management Solutions

Customer relationship management Solutions is a strategy used by the company to optimize profitability, revenue, and customer satisfaction. CRM is a framework that the company uses to manage and analyze customer interactions and data throughout the customer lifecycle. The objective is to improve business relationships with customers and to increase sales growth. 

 8 building blocks of CRM optimizes the chances of a successful business. Building blocks are adopted by the organization in any of the 2 forms-

  • The entire model is adopted by the organization or 
  • Modification is done to fit specific organization needs. 

The Building Block of Customer Relationship Management Solutions are-

Building the customer Vision

Customer vision is of utmost importance in CRM. Creating an effective Organizational CRM vision requires that organization leaders to:

  • Explain what Customer Relationship Management Solutions mean to the organization.
  • Set objectives
  • Draw a layman of what the organization wants for its target customers.

Developing the Strategy

The second building block of CRM is to develop a strategy to turn the customer base into an asset by delivering customer value statement. This includes setting objectives and determining how resources will be used to interact with customers. Developing a strategy in CRM is an overview of how the enterprise will build valuable customer relationships and customer loyalty. 

Valued Customer Experience

The main objective of CRM is to build a customer relationship. Valuing customer experience, at every discussion, impacts future revenue. One bad customer experience can create the risk of losing some or all of a customer's business. The Customer shall be aware of all the organizational development.

Organizational Cooperation

Organizational cooperation depends on the change management changing cultures, organizational, and behaviors to ensure that employees and suppliers work together to deliver customer value.

Processes of redesigning

The Process of redesigning comprise of managing both customer life cycle processes and planning processes that help in building knowledge of the customer.

Collecting Information

collecting the right information of the customers and utilizing it in the right place is one of the major building blocks of the CRM. Collecting information of customers include-

  • What mechanism the customer should use
  • What key factors the organization should keep in mind to increase customer satisfaction.
  • Products to be sold to the customer


CRM Technology helps in managing data and information, customer-facing applications, IT infrastructure, and architecture.


CRM Metrics helps in measuring the customer’s reviews and indications of CRM success and failure. It helps in increasing the customer base.

Advantages of Customer Relationship Management Solutions

Customer Relationship Management Services offer several advantages that help in identifying, understanding, and assisting your clients. There are various advantages of Customer relationship management solutions-

Increases Customer Base  

The main advantage of Customer Relationship Management Solutions is to support a business in engaging its customers. CRM solutions help organizations to better understand and coordinate their customers.

The ability of employees to fulfill their client expectations will be severely restricted if the organization does not have a clear understanding of the history and current status of each relationship.

The users of Customer Relationship Management Solutions are authorized to deliver an approachable service and delight their customers which ultimately contributes towards increased customer base. It further helps in-

  • Speedy communication
  • Better knowledge of their customers (existing and potential)
  • Easy tracking of sales.

Organization Collaboration

Customer Relationship Management Solutions is designed in such a way which helps in improving organization collaboration throughout the entire process. Organization collaboration helps in better segmentation which helps to increase the leads.

Offers timely customer services

Customer relationship Management software helps the employees to sell more and faster. CRM provides easy access to customer interaction history which helps in anticipating customer needs.

Helps in optimizing marketing effect

Customer relationship allows the organization in optimizing market effect and provides a cost-efficient marketing program. CRM solutions help in understanding the need and behavior of the customer which helps in identifying the accurate time to promote your product. An Optimized marketing effect gives the organization the best possible chance of increasing revenue.  

Other advantages of Customer Relationship Management Solutions are-

  • Better communication Services.
  • Helps in Maximizing Business performance.
  • Helps in organizing the contact data.
  • Efficient administrative tasks.
  • Team communication is facilitated.

Working on Customer Relationship Management Solutions

Customer relationship Management Solution is a software used by the organization to store customer information. CRM solution examines the customer data and opportunities of the sales force which helps in delivering better customer services.

Customer Relationship Management solutions help in –

  • Market automation
  • Sales Automation
  • Organizing customer contact.
  • Acts as a social network that helps the business to get detailed information of the customers.

Types of Customer Relationship Management solutions

Customer Relationship Management solutions are categorized based on –

  • Installation
  • Functionality

Based on Installation


On-premise CRM refers to developing CRM software on the company’s own server. On-premise CRM comes with open source code access i.e. it can be customized. On-premise gives the organization full control over their customer data.


Cloud-based CRM depends on the internet to work and access the data. In case of the absence of WiFi, a person cannot access the data.

Based on Functionality

Operational CRM

 Operational CRM provides support to front-office business processes that involve direct communication with customers through any communication channel such as

  • phone,
  • fax,
  • e-mail, etc.

Every communication with customers based their requirements and preferences are stored in the customers’ contact history and can be recovered by the organization’s staff whenever required

Analytical CRM

Analytical CRM is a backed-end process and acts as a subset of CRM, where the customer is not acquainted with the fact that his/her communication and actions with the organization have been captured or analyzed. Based on the information collected by the organization, it can predict customer trends. Analytical CRM is an important part of CRM software that analyzes various kinds of customer data like sales, financial, and marketing data.

Collaborative CRM

Collaborative CRM is different from operational and Analytical CRM. Collaborative CRM regulates various departments and shares the customer’s information among the department to strengthen a better customer base. It enables customer communication across the channels.

Enterslice approach for Customer Relationship Management Solution

Enterslice’s approach is to provide fast and effective customer services by building a relationship with each of its customers. Through CRM, Enterslice focuses on identifying the needs of the customer which helps in retaining the existing customers.

How Enterslice keeps the data safe in CRM?

  • Through professionals, Enterslice conducts a security check before CRM categorization to find susceptibility and stop possible hacker attacks.
  • It setups the basic access to all the records for everyone in the system and impose restrictions on access to specific records.
  • Keeping a proper trail of user logins based on IP, API, or browser.
  • Proper security by creating a complex password and changing it every 3-6 months.
  • Regular audit of the system.

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Frequently Asked Questions

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. Customer Relationship Management Solutions is a software used by the companies that manage the communication between the organization and the customers. CRM also helps in ensuring that every step of the interaction with customers goes smoothly and efficiently to increase the overall profits. The main objective of CRM is to optimize the profitability of the organization by maintaining a better relationship with the customer.

CRM is a software customized by an organization to help businesses manage customer data. The key features of CRM are-

• Provides a centralized database of information

• Ensures perfect implementation.

• User friendly

• Secured and reliable

• Customization facility is available for every user.

• Helps in determining profitable customers.

• Provides better customer services.

• Enables the organization to customize and personalize the change as per the customer’s need.

• Mechanization of Everyday tasks.

• Helps in improving the analytical data.

• Operational CRM

• Analytical CRM

• Collaborative CRM

• On-premise CRM

• Cloud CRM

• Assessing the current financial situation of the client

• Identifying financial goals.

• Designing a customized solution to achieve the goals.

• Implementing the financial strategies into a plan.

• Monitoring the results and reviewing the plans.

CRM helps the sales team at every stage of the sales process i.e. from lead generation to customer management. Further, it also helps in-

• Managing customer account activity and communications.

• Utilizes the information to forecast sales, manage business activity, identify the customer needs.

• Centralize customer data.

• Easy Access and data sharing across teams and departments.

For running marketing operations, CRM and social media services are the best tools that can be used by the organization. The data between the 2 applications can be used interchangeably which results in better customer services and revenue generation.

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