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Orderly Governance: Corporate Secretarial Compliance Calendar

When it concerns maintaining business entities in excellent standing, corporate secretarial compliance is a mechanism to analyze or check whether the business is aligning or complying with recent laws, rules, regulations, etc. The corporate secretarial compliance calendar helps check compliance dates the company needs to follow. The corporate secretarial compliance calendar helps in the periodic examination of work to point out errors and mistakes and to make a robust compliance mechanism system in the business. Enterslice helps the company by regularly inspecting and keeping track of the dates as stated in the compliance calendars—enterslice helps examine the company's records or data, which gives accurate information about the company. The corporate secretarial compliance calendars provide comfort to the regulators, shareholders and management of the company to comply with the laws, declaring yearly accounts along with income tax returns with the related authorities, finishing typical lawful treatments for directorships and investors, creating standard lawful records, taking care of interactions with financiers as well as staff members, continuous monitoring of the business enrolments and conformity target dates.

What are Corporate Secretarial Compliance Services?

Our Corporate Secretarial Compliance are an essential component of every company. Numerous crucial internal conformity policies do not just strain a CFO, compliance officer, and company secretary. Still, their job extends better to various other essential participants of the company in charge of particular lawful commitments. The legislation positions an obligation on them to adhere to guidelines and also report them to the more excellent authorities as soon as possible to encounter any disturbance or non-compliance with external areas such as auditors. The legislation permits a firm assistant to serve as a moderator and clear up concerns.

Requirement of Corporate Secretarial Compliance Services

Enterslice's corporate secretarial compliance services help businesses and individuals who might not have extensive expertise in lawful, regulative, and compliance problems. Recognizing these subjects is a lengthy job, so to tackle this concern, you can involve the solutions of a specialist, the Enterslice Corporate Secretarial Compliance Services, with their updated corporate secretarial compliance calendar to avoid the penalties or chances of missing any of the dates for filings. In collaboration with us, our specialists in corporate secretarial compliance help prevent non-compliance with the corporate secretarial compliance calendar, legislations, and policies, which can be modified at any time. Enterslice's specialists have a wide range of experience and regularly update about the regulatory changes and corporate secretarial compliance calendar. They communicate their expertise to the CFO, compliance officer, and company secretary to update corporate secretarial compliance-related subjects in the businesses. Below are the key areas stated for the corporate secretarial compliance requirements:

  • Annual Filings with the Company Registrar
  • Company Incorporations
  • Annual General Meetings & Extraordinary General Meetings
  • Maintaining Statutory Books & Registers
  • Statutory Reporting
  • Nominee Service
  • Regulatory with Statutory Reporting

Eligibility Necessity for the Corporate Secretarial Compliance Services

The businesses or companies are entitled to corporate secretarial compliance services, but in the case of the secretarial audit, there are some eligibility requirements, such as if every public company has a turnover of Rupees two-fifty Crore and a paid-up share capital of Rupees fifty Crore or more secretarial audit is mandatory to conduct and in every listed business with a paid-up share capital of Rupees fifty Crore or yearly revenue of Rupees two-fifty Crore or more is required to undertake the secretarial audit. However, in the case of corporate secretarial compliance, there are only a few eligibility criteria, such as

Registered Entity

The company or business needs to be a registered legal entity under the regulation.

Needs of Compliance

The company should comply with the obligation as stated by the regulatory authorities, such as maintaining the statutory records, filing annual reports, meetings, appointment of officers or members, etc., because failing to do this will lead to penalties.

Size of the Companies or Industries

Companies and industries of all types are eligible for corporate secretarial compliance due to their scale of operation, revenue, filings, etc. Even industries of any nature are eligible for corporate secretarial compliance.

Enterslice services on maintaining Corporate Secretarial Compliance

Enterslice’s Service in helping in alignment with the Corporate Secretarial Compliance is given below:

Business Secretary Services

Enterslice offers certified business assistants that play an essential function in seeing to it that a business complies with lawful as well as governing needs. This solution consists of the consultation of a firm assistant who is accountable for preserving legal documents, assisting in interaction with regulative authorities, as well as suggesting conformity issues.

Conformity Management

Enterslice supplies detailed conformity administration in managing adherence to the corporate secretarial compliance calendars, different regulations, laws, and also laws appropriate to the customer's market as well as territory. The solution consists of normal audits along with evaluations to recognize and correct any kind of prospective conformity spaces.

Board & Shareholder Meetings

Ebterslice’s Corporate Secretarial Compliance helps arrange and carry out board conferences and yearly basic conferences. Enterslice aids in preparing conference programs, preparing resolutions, and also making certain that all needed paperwork remains in location for governing conformity.

Legal Filings

Enterslice's corporate secretarial compliances help in managing the legal filings called for by regulative bodies, such as yearly returns and economic declarations coupled with records. Making certain prompt and precise declarations to prevent fines and keep a silver lining with regulative authorities is important.

Lawful Documentation

Drafting, examining coupled with preserving lawful files important for company conformity, consisting of resolutions, arrangements, and also agreements. Guaranteeing that all documents line up with existing lawful criteria and also needs.

Business Governance Advisory

Providing professional suggestions to CFOs, compliance officers, and company secretaries on business administration to improve openness, responsibility, and moral decision-making within the company. Assisting businesses in straightening their company administration plans with regulative criteria as well as market standards.

Necessary Papers for Conducting Corporate Secretarial Compliance

The Necessary papers required while conducting corporate secretarial compliance are

Documents of Company Registration

The Memorandum of Association and Article of Association has all the details of the company which are signed by the shareholders, investors or all the required members of the company and the document of the company registration secured by the registrar of the company.

Meetings of Board of Directors & Shareholders

The agendas or minutes of the board meeting and general meeting with the resolution passed are required to check the corporate secretarial compliance and whether aligning with the laws or not.

Records of the Registers

The records related to the company or registers of the registration of the members, contracts and arrangements are required at the time of the corporate secretarial compliance.

Deposits or Funds

The details of the deposits or funds taken by the companies from the individuals or investors.

Certificates of Compliance

The Corporate secretarial compliance certificate and all the compliance certificates related to other specific laws or regulations need to be submitted while maintaining corporate secretarial compliance.

Audit reports & Financial Statements

The financial statement and audit reports which are presented to the shareholders or directors of the company.


The copies of the filings need to be made as per the dates stated in the corporate secretarial compliance calendar to the regulatory authority, and returns need to be filed with the companies' registers or need to be filed as per the prescribed dates.

Agreements & Contracts

The copies of the agreements and contracts between the companies or related to the company or any of the members of the copy need to be made while performing corporate secretarial compliance.


A copy of the license or approval issued from the authority or government for functioning the business is required for corporate secretarial compliance.

Checklist for Corporate Secretarial Compliance

The checklist for corporate secretarial compliance with the help of the corporate secretarial compliance calendar is given below:

  • Preparing, handling, as well as declaring yearly returns
  • Filling out the financial statement or all the required audit reports of the company
  • KYC Verification of the investors or all the related members of the company.
  • Submission of the documents as the dates issued in the corporate secretarial compliance calendar.
  • Filing any type of adjustments in share funding
  • Filing any type of adjustments in the business name
  • Prepare and also disperse the schedule of the conference
  • Advising the CFO, Company Secretary or compliance officers on important subjects that can be talked about
  • Scheduling or managing of AGM (Annual General Meetings)
  • Prepare schedules for the conference
  • Issue notifications to investors before the conferences
  • Circulation of records
  • Serve as the conciliator between the auditor and the board and also provide improvements.
  • Assessment of the risk related to corporate secretarial compliance
  • Maintaining the documents such as letterheads, notifications as well as various other papers released under the name of the business
  • Paying attention to investor groups
  • Looking at the legal compliances
  • Make sure that the business's name is on all the lawful papers
  • Executing the features of the business with utmost openness as well as accountancy
  • Looking at the management features of the CFO, Compliance officer and company secretary of the company.



The Enterslice team took the initiative to create a comprehensive guide for Compliance Officers, CFOs, and Company Secretaries to provide a comprehensive overview of compliance reporting dates for various applicable laws in India.

This version covers the most important laws under corporate secretarial and provides dates specified by various Regulatory Authority.

Our team is committed to constantly updating the compliance calendar by adding laws and ensuring regular updates. We encourage users to visit our website frequently to access the latest versions of the calendar.


  • It is important to note that the relevant authorities can often change the regulations.
  • Therefore, the reader/user should perform their due diligence before relying on this information.








Form for filing Cost Audit Report to the Central Government


Within 30 days from the Cost Audit Report


ADT-1 (If Applicable)

Notice to Registrar by Company for appointment of Auditor. (Usually, the auditor’s appointment is confirmed during AGM)


Within 15 days of the appointment of the auditor


BEN - 2

Return to the Registrar with respect to the declaration regarding Significant Beneficial Ownership.


Within 30 days from the date of receipt of the declaration in Form BEN-1



Filing of Resolutions and agreements to the Registrar of Companies (ROC)


Within 30 days of passing the Resolution



Form of intimation of appointment of Cost Auditor by the Company to Central Government (within 30 days of the Board Meeting in which such appointment is made or within 180 days of the commencement of the financial year, whichever is earlier)


Within 30 days of the Board Meeting



Half-yearly return for informing outstanding payments to micro and small-scale vendors


30th April

30th October



Form for Reconciliation of Share Capital Audit Report on a yearly basis


60 days from the date of the conclusion of each half-year



KYC form for all directors Annual 30th September


30th September



Return of Deposit to be filed with the Registrar


30th June



Filing of Financial statement with Registrar of Companies (ROC)


Within 30 days of the AGM (the last date for the AGM is 30 September)



CFS Filing of consolidated financial statements & other documents with the Registrar of Companies (ROC)


Within 30 days of the AGM (the last date for the AGM is 30 September)



XBRL Filing of XBRL document in respect of financial statement & other documents with Registrar of Companies (ROC)


Within 30 days of the AGM (the last date for the AGM is 30 September)



MR-3 Submission of Secretarial Audit Report


Submitted with Board Report along with AOC-4 (XBRL)



Annual Return


Within 60 days of the AGM (the last date for the AGM is 30 September)



To be filed by a listed company or a company having paid-up share capital of INR 10 crore or more or turnover of INR 50 crore or more (certified by a Company Secretary in practice)


To be filed along with MGT-7



Annual Return of LLP


30th May



Statement of Accounts and Solvency


30th October

Frequently Asked Questions

Corporate secretarial compliance includes a thorough check on compliance for the functioning of the companies or businesses, as stated by the regulatory authorities.

Compliance in the corporate sector is adherence to the applicable laws, which are internal company guidelines or policies and laws governed by the regulatory authority.

The role of the secretariats is to maintain the reports arrange the meetings and update the t corporate secretarial compliance calendar to avoid penalties or fines.

The secretarial audit is the procedure of checking corporate compliance to maintain the books of accounts or records and ensure compliance with internal regulations to avoid any potential actions or challenges.

The risk in corporate compliance is the damages the business will face if it fails to comply with the regulatory standards and laws.

The compliance audit means an assessment of the provision of the applicable laws, rules, or guidelines made by the regulatory authorities in the company or the functioning of the company.

The three pillars of compliance are people, process and technology.

The Chief Compliance Officer is the head of the business's compliance department.

A compliance calendar contains the track of the company’s required filing due dates and related details to avoid penalties, legal actions or fines for non-complying with the dates or missing the dates.

The CFO and Company Secretary are responsible for managing the company's financial matters and providing strategic leadership in corporate governance.

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