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The Wealth Tech Industry grows as compliance intensifies. Financial firms grapple with increasing regulations and complexities. Our CFO experts in Wealth Tech streamline compliance and offer insights on finance, market trends, and industry norms to expedite business objectives. Automated Financial Solut..

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The Role of CFO Experts in the Wealth Tech Industry

Wealth Tech, a union of wealth management and technology, is a technology-driven approach to managing wealth. In wealth management, the potential use of advanced technological tools such as artificial intelligence and machine learning is applicable to offer more alternative investment plans and useful recommendations to manage wealth. It includes asset planning structuring and estate planning, wealth protection, tax and succession planning, etc. Wealth tech solutions are designed to address various financial challenges and enable users to make smart decisions related to investment, budgeting, and wealth management. It helps users track their investments, tabs on budgets, analyze their financial performance, and maximize their wealth by minimizing financial risks. It automates reducing the manual effort to manage wealth and lets wealth tech companies keep focus on providing more value-added services. Personal Finance Management is a unique and personalized fintech category that focuses on enhancing managing wealth and retail investment business practices by leveraging financial technologies to augment and offer business operations in a more effective and efficient manner. Such digital solutions are in practice to enhance existing solutions and create a new solution easily availing for investors or their groups. Good Budget,, Monie, etc., are the types of personal finance management apps available in the market. The intent of personal finance management apps is to focus on the investment process and help an investor easily manage their financial profile. Personal finance Management apps are more likely to help secure your operational goals and stay successful in the market.

Wealth Tech Ecosystem and Market

Indian wealth tech market is poised to grow to over $60 billion by 2025 from its current size of $20 billion. The rise in demand for personalized financial services and digital banking has helped drive this segment. The projected growth is three times, from 20 billion USD in FY2020 to 6o billion USD. Moreover, 2% of the Indian population prefers to invest in stocks, while 50% of the American population make investment in stocks. It clearly shows a wide gap in investment ratio between developing and developed nations. But it also resembles the space for growth. Within the last few years, significant growth has been shown in the numbers of demat accounts, Mutual funds, and Equity markets. Wealth tech has seen an increase in adoption due to the end-to-end digitalization process, as the digital platform offers easy access to individual help in investing. Covid-19 has made a detrimental impact on the wealth tech market. However, the Indian stock market has been on the road to recovery since then. The BSE Sensex and Nifty-50 bounced back to pre-pandemic levels by October 2020. However, the Wealth tech is more likely to generate a lot of interest in the Indian market. The adoption rate of the young crowd has been increased. And more than 70% of the base are now millennials. Besides the pandemic, it serves as a boon for new investors. The economic crisis in the people has led them to get positive feedback out of investing.

It has been observed that an increase in the adoption of digital platforms has accelerated the wealth of the tech industry globally and in India. Prior to COVID, India saw several startups in wealth tech that kept focus on retail investors only. As digitization increases in the country, it allows wealth tech startups to expand their portfolio. In fact, SEBI allowed investment of over 714 USD per financial year using digital wallets, and this made Wealth Tech 4th largest funded sector of fintech. Presently, the wealth tech segment has an opportunity to grow as equities drive 70%, and mutual funds drive 30% of this market.

Top impacting factors

Increase in implementation of automated solutions

The adoption rate has increased in terms of automated solutions among industries, which gives fuel to the growth of the wealth tech landscape. Utilizing the wealth tech solution, banks and companies are more likely to understand new-generation customer demands, including tech-enabled financial solutions, portfolio management rebalancing, etc. Moreover, wealth tech solutions providers have created multiples of wealth tech solutions to enhance business operations by harnessing the potential of cutting-edge technologies, including Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, and blockchain.

High cost of Wealth Tech solutions and regulatory burdens

Wealth Tech management institutions are dealing with a huge complexity rate in the field of compliance and its regulations. The government has also increased the regulatory burden on wealth tech, and there has been an increase in the costs of wealth tech solutions, posing a range of new challenges for wealth tech companies. Taking an example, in the US, the growth of wealth tech regulatory conditions has been increased by the government, which results in high costs for privately owned banks and their parent companies as there has been a huge range of product offerings and the sensitive nature of high profile of their client.

Rise in demand for predictive analytics technology

Predictive analytics means the use of statistics and modelling techniques to enhance future prediction and performance. Predictive analytics works on the historical and present database to determine the relevant information that gives advisors insights into their current clients and potential financial needs. Moreover, the rise and implementation of predictive analytics technology will lead to the revenue of the wealth tech industry in the coming years. Thus, these factors serve as a major lucrative opportunity for the growth of the wealth tech industry.

Our CFO Experts Role in Consulting the Wealth Tech Industry

Financial Planning and business strategy

We have a team of experienced CFO Experts skilled in business financial planning, developing strategies, and providing customized solutions to your Wealth Tech business to achieve its success. Our experts work closely to analyze your present financial information so as to identify the specific areas and business opportunities for growth and help you to create a detailed, comprehensive layout parallel to your business objectives; help you make an informed decision based on business data and encourage you to navigate the complexity of the financial landscape.

Budget Forecasting

Our CFO Wealth Tech experts are using advanced innovative technologies to support our clients with accurate revenue forecasts. Our experts also support businesses by offering them optimization services to enhance their operational revenue potential in the Wealth Tech industry. Using our skills, you can easily boost your business to the next level, navigate the complexity of Wealth Tech business, and gain confidence in making informed business decisions related to business activities.

Cash Flow Management

Our CFO Wealth Tech experts will help your business to stay alive and solvent. We will manage and maintain your business cash flow using our professional intellects through forecasting and business planning models. We are more likely to work closely with our clients to manage their business cash flow in the most effective and efficient manner.

Customized Financial Plans

Our experienced CFO professionals analyze the industry data and develop strategic business roadmaps to help our esteemed clients maximize their business revenue and minimize operational risks. We are determined to develop financial plans as per the specific requirements of our client's businesses and drive their business growth toward success.

Tax Planning and Regulatory Compliance

Our professional experts will support you in identifying potential tax savings opportunities and ensure your business compliance according to the taxation rules and regulations. We offer your business year-round tax planning strategies to minimize your business liabilities and maximize your deductions. Subsequently, our team will assist you with filing tax returns accurately and timely to free your business from legal penalties or interest charges.

Profits and Loss Reporting

We are determined to provide reports based on your business's financial performance and will suggest business strategies for its growth. Our experts will work closely to analyze and monitor your business profits and loss statements to rectify the key trends and patterns accordingly. As we analyzed such business information, we possibly recommend your business about more effective business strategies to enhance your profits in terms of cost-cutting measures or hike in revenue opportunities.

Identifying Areas for Diversification

Our team will help your business identify and recognize those potential areas for diversification, including exploring new product lines or target markets, helping adapt to change consumer preferences and maximizing the profit limits. We conduct thorough market research and analyze the industry-based market trends to find potential opportunities for your business's progressive growth and determine the feasibility of diversification strategies. Wealth Tech businesses are more likely to make informed decisions using our expert guidance. Let our experts navigate and help you with the complexity of diversifications within the Wealth Tech industry.

Revenue Optimization

Our experts also support businesses by offering them optimization services to enhance their operational revenue potential in the Wealth Tech industry. Our CFO experts will analyze the business pricing strategies, revenue streams, and customer base to identify opportunities suitable for business growth and increase profitability. We are providing customized business-based recommendations to optimize your products and service offerings, pricing models, and distribution channels to ensure your business operations can secure sustainable revenue growth over time. Businesses can easily navigate the complexity of the Wealth Tech industry and can boost their growth to the next level.

Funding and Capital Management

Our expert consultants are specialized and have expertise in funding and capital management for Wealth Tech businesses. It does not matter to us whether you are seeking an investment purpose, either looking for business loans or require any further assistance on capital allocation; we are hereby to offer you proper guidance with professional assistance and support. Our team will evaluate your financial needs and goals accordingly and develop a comprehensive funding layout to manage your business capital effectively to boost your growth and secure long-term success in the Wealth Tech business.

Digital Transformation Advisory Services

We understand the valuable importance of implementing technology integration in the Wealth Tech industry. Our experts can make you adapt the advanced technological tools or software in your business operations. We will analyze your business-specific requirements and objectives and recommend accordingly the best remedial solutions fit and proper for your business operations, more likely to integrate smartphone apps, the Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), drones, Machine learning (ML) with many other technology developments to offer their customers and businesses a great experience in their financial services. We offer digital transformation advisory services to our clients to improve their operations and make advanced technology available to enhance business. We help businesses adapt these advanced tools to make business operations efficient, reduce costs, and stay compliant in the ever-evolving landscape.

Data Analysis and Business Insights

We have experts in data analysis and insights, offering valuable business insights and intelligence to enhance your confidence in making an informed decision. Our team can utilize advanced modern analytics tools to interpret your business's informative data and extract useful business insights to help you identify the areas needed for quick improvements to optimize your business operations. By collaborating with our experts, you can confidently make informed decisions to enhance your business profitability, reduce costs, and boost your business growth.

Regulatory Compliance

We are well-versed in regulatory norms compliance for the Wealth tech industry and offer proper guidance to ensure your business operation complies with the legalities framework and all the necessary standard business guidelines under the wealth tech industry. Our experts are stay updated in the industry and always exploring the complexities of regulatory norms of the Wealth tech business.

Funding and Capital Management

Our expert consultants are specialized and have expertise in funding and capital management for Wealth -tech businesses. It does not matter to us whether you are seeking an investment purpose, either looking for business loans or require any further assistance on capital allocation; we are hereby to offer you proper guidance with professional assistance and support. Our team will evaluate your financial needs and goals accordingly and develop a comprehensive funding layout to manage your business capital effectively to boost your growth and secure long-term success in the Wealth tech business.

Merger and Acquisitions (M&A)

Our experts are specialized in providing professional support and guidance based on mergers and acquisitions (M&A) within the Wealth business. Our team has vast experience and a better understanding of the complexity involved in the merger and acquisition landscape. It can easily guide you through the initial process and finish the process. Our professionals are more likely to guide on due diligence, valuation, negotiation, and integration and ensure the smooth functioning of business operations and successful transactions, etc.

Strategic Partnerships

We can easily support your business in identifying and establishing strategic partnerships that seem beneficial for your business growth in the long term. We have a huge network and all industry-based market experience to create a partnership between the companies of the Wealth tech industry. We help you find the most appropriate partners that fit your business landscape and will negotiate mutually beneficial contracts to enhance your revenue growth and business opportunities.

Top Leading Companies in Wealth Tech Landscape

There has been a massive growth in the wealth of tech companies within the past few years. The wealth tech companies are now playing a major force in the country's finance sector. Wealth tech companies are more likely to offer solutions to manage wealth, including investments made online, portfolio management, robo-advisory digital banking, etc. Here is a list of leading wealth tech companies in India-


Paytm is one of India's leading digital payment companies, founded in 2010, and covers the Indian mobile space with over 350 million active users and 40% of the market share. Paytm has transformed payments by democratizing financial services and making easy access to millions of population in the country. Paytm offers a wide range of payment options, including the wallet, UPI, bank transfers, credit cards, etc. Moreover, Paytm offers its users a comprehensive set of financial products, such as Insurance, mutual funds, asset management, lending, and wealth management.

Policy Bazaar

Policy Bazaar is one of the leading insurance aggregators in the country and offers customers quick access to Insurance among the top 40 insurance policy providers in India. Policy Bazaar facilitates its customers to make comparisons in policies while purchasing it, such as car insurance, term, health, and travel insurance, at competitive prices.


Groww is an online investment platform founded in 2017 by Lalit Keshre, Harsh Jain, and Ishan Bansal. Groww facilitates its users to invest in stocks, mutual funds, ETFs, and other financial instruments in a quick and easy manner. Groww has a user-friendly platform and supports its users to make informed decisions for investment purposes.

ET Money

ET Money is one of the country’s financial service providers, founded in the year of 2015. ET Money offers tools and services to assist its users in managing their financial assets more effectively and efficiently. ET Money offers a wide range of financial products, including loan management, investment portfolio tracking tools, saving accounts, Insurance, mutual funds, credit cards, etc. It also offers financial education resources and tracking analytics for its customers.


Zerodha is a leading financial company in India, and it's a Banglore-based financial company founded in the year of 2010. Zerodha grew to become the country’s largest retail stockbroker due to its active users and total volume of trading. Zerodha interface is a user-friendly platform that provides easy access for users to invest or trade in the stock market. It also offers its users a wide range of financial products like margin funding, bond investments, and insurance policies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Wealth Tech is a dynamic new technology that revolutionizes people's management of money and wealth. Wealth tech offers a wide range of financial services. It uses modern tools like artificial intelligence, big data, machine learning, and the Internet of Things to enhance their user’s financial experience and enable them to make informed financial decisions by offering them real-time access to financial databases and analytics.

Wealth Tech or wealth management uses technology such as artificial intelligence, big data, machine learning, the Internet of Things, and many other modernized tools to create a digital finance ecosystem.

Wealth tech CFO consulting is a kind of consulting service duly provided by financial experts to provide assistance and support in terms of wealth technologies to help companies manage their financial operations and develop strategic decisions to optimize financial performance.

Hiring a CFO consultant is more likely to enhance the financial strategy, reduce the costs, help manage the business risks, and provide better capital allocation facilities to companies to maximize the business profits.

Yes, it is common for wealth tech CFO consultants to assist with fundraising strategies, offer investment decisions, and enhance investor relations to acquire more funding capital and fuel company growth in the financial landscape.

Wealth Tech CFO Consultants are well versed with the financial rules and regulations and have experience in the compliance part. CFO Consultants are supposed to provide compliance assistance and help companies mitigate regulatory risks to avoid legal consequences.

Yes, wealth tech CFO consultants are well equipped and possess eminent skills in tech aspects of wealth management. CFO consultants guide and support companies in adapting modernized technologies to enhance their business operations efficiently and improve customer experience, etc.

The duration for engaging a CFO consultant service depends upon the requirements and objectives of the company. Some CFO consulting ranges for a short-term period while others are ongoing, depending on the project space.

You need to assess the experience, industry-based knowledge, and past client success rates and stories while choosing CFO consultants for your company.

Costs for hiring a wealth tech CFO can vary depending upon their expertise and scope of services. Prior to engaging any CFO experts, it’s mandatory to keep a discussion on payments and fee structure, etc.

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