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Role of CFO in the PayTech Industry

The digitalization of the traditional payments ecosystem has been rapid and poignant. Fintechs have clutched an opportunity to leverage their technical capabilities and customer fundamentals into payments. In the middle of this digitalization, a new player has entered the market: PayTech. PayTech companies today make up 25% of the Fintech market on a global level. PayTech is rapt on the payment value chain, as well as payment facilitators (PayFacs), Payment service providers (PSPs), networks making new payment propositions, and payment technology providers. PayTech is a Fintech sub-segment spanning companies that provide solutions, services, or products to process payments in the digital and physical world. PayTech, or Payment Technology, is a payment that involves technology that includes everything from IoT to cryptocurrencies and from contactless payments to mobile wallets.

What is a CFO consultancy service?

We at Enterslice offer a CFO consultancy service where our CFO consultant will be making, overseeing, and analyzing a company's financial needs and requirements. A CFO consultant will help formulate and implement the financial needs and requirements of a company's financial departments and ensure that the company complies with the industry and legal standards.

How will a CFO help in growing your PayTech Business?

PayTechs are charged with mechanisms for growth, pushing the boundaries of innovation and evolution within the Fintech sector. To tap into growth, you need a strong team that is well-versed in the business's financial performance, and the team must include a competent and efficient CFO consultant. A CFO consultant will seek ways to bring more money into the company while looking internally at how the business can be more financially strong. A CFO consultant's day-to-day responsibilities will include regulating M&A strategy, regulatory relations, strategic planning, performance tracking, providing leadership with budgets, and more.

Some of the key duties of a CFO consultant are listed below-

Develop, plan, and execute the organization’s financial strategy Enterslice’s CFO consultant will work diligently to provide the best-in-market financial strategy for a company. It is important to understand that the CFO consultant for a PayTech company will have to be ‘cross-functional’. Our expert consultants will practice a variety of disciplines as it is not just about accounting and financial instruments. Our CFO consultants will grasp the PayTech business from different angles.

Monitor and provide regular financial reports to the board and its shareholders- one of the major benefits of hiring a CFO consultant will be that they will create a detailed financial report and forecast any potential risk in the future.

Monitor and provide regular financial reports to the board and its shareholders- one of the major benefits of hiring a CFO consultant will be that they will create a detailed financial report and forecast any potential risk in the future.

Develop accounting functions, reporting, and internal financial processes- Accounting is one of the most traditional and necessary jobs our CFO consultant does for a firm. Even if a company already has a bookkeeper or an accountant, a CFO consultant will ensure that accounting is always on time and done efficiently. The importance of accounting is higher if the Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) is also high. The importance of accurate accounting cannot be overlooked. The majority of organizations already have a person for all their accounting duties, but a CFO consultant ensures that everything is handled accordingly. A CFO consultant will manage the company's treasury and cash management, including prediction and observing the cash flow. Managing working Capital and ensuring that the company has access to plenty of capital resources. Efficient cash flow management will lead to dodging any financial storm and taking advantage of chances for growth and expansion.

Provide advice on all trades and future trends of the market- The CFO consultant will be responsible for managing the budgeting process and developing a company's financial plan. Predicting revenue and expenses, allocating Capital, building financial models, and analyzing financial metrics are some of the steps of planning and budgeting. Throughout the budget-to-actual process, the CFO consultant makes sure that all the attributes are in place at the right time.

Need for a CFO consultant in the PayTech Industry

The changes in the PayTech industry are endless, but so are the opportunities to embrace these progressions and make the best. A CFO consultant will work closely on financial assessment and forward-looking skills. A CFO consultant will be like the pilot driving the company through turbulence. Here are some of the ways a CFO consultant can help

Regulatory Compliance

There’s a good reason why the PayTech industry is so heavily regulated. Compliance measures are in place to protect customers and prevent fraudulent activities. Failure to comply with regulations can result in hefty fines and, legal action and serious reputational damage. When you're looking after other people's money, or you hold a financial license of some type, there's a very small margin of error for your business finance. In a startup, it is not easy to build the robust and well-organized finance function needed to maintain compliance. This isn't the kind of situation where you can wait until there's a problem. Proactive monitoring, reporting, and measurement is the only solution. This is where an outsourced finance team like Enterslice's CFO consultant can step in. We at Enterslice are across the constantly evolving regulations and compliance requirements, and we can ensure that you meet them. Our CFO consultants know the red flags and what to do about them to save you a lot of stress and money.

Laying a strong footing

It’s easy to get wrapped up in the provocations of compliance, but at the end of the end, meeting your regulatory duties starts with laying rock-hard accounting foundations. Robust accounting foundations are laid when the basics are streamlined. When the basics are clean well-organized, and someone is accountable for the finance function. If you're chasing accounts payable, there's no capacity to address the business's more composite accounting issues and requirements. Even in a business where there are bigger problems to solve, we can start with the basics. That's the value an outsourced CFO consultant adds to an organization. Creating a finance function that can handle the complexities of the business's accounting needs as you scale into the future. You'll have insights about the business's financial performance at your fingertips to make informed decisions about operations, strategy, and growth. By hiring a CFO consultant, you're freeing up internal resources to focus on the core aspects of the business.

Access to higher-level Expertise

You can obviously build an in-house finance function within your PayTech startup. But by hiring a CFO consultant, you gain access to a whole other skills that you simply cannot get with an in-house team. What we bring to the table is collective decades of experience. You aren't just getting one mind; and you're getting access to a whole team and diverse skill sets and potential related to that. Enterslice's CFO consultants will bring insights from the PayTech industry and broad industry perspectives from across our client remit. We at Enterslice are well-versed with the latest and upcoming trends, best practices, and emerging issues that will help you stay ahead of the curve and remain competitive.

Partnership for advancement

Expanding into new markets can be a thrilling adventure, but it can also be a daunting task. Along with new opportunities come new challenges, particularly when it comes to managing the finances. As your business grows, so do your financial needs, and navigating these can be time-consuming and overwhelming. An outsourced CFO consultant provides flexible and scalable options that can be bent according to the size of your team and support your business expansion and changing financial functions, providing the right level of support at every stage of your growth so you can focus on your core business growth. Our financial expert CFO consultants have experience dealing with businesses and organizations of all sizes. We integrate seamlessly with your operations and offer insights and specialized talent when you need it.

Responsibilities of CFO consultant in the PayTech Industry

The PayTech industry is fast-paced and constantly shifts in nature, making it difficult to plan the future and manage upcoming/anticipated risks. Our CFO consultant will contribute massively to the growth and productivity of the organization. As the PayTech industry continues to expand and change, the CFO consultant's role in the company will be important, and some of the key responsibilities of a CFO consultant are listed below-

Open Financial course

The first benefit of hiring a CFO consultant will be that they will create a detailed financial forecast to guide the long-term strategy, which acts as a blueprint to help the company know exactly what performance metrics it needs to hit to achieve its short and long-term goals. A CFO consultant will develop dashboards and KPIs to monitor financial performance and provide real-time information on revenue streams. The result is both effective and efficient to achieve a profitable path.

Direct Financial Functions

Having a precise understanding of the business's financial place and goals, the CFO consultant will help regularly review finance Documents with company stakeholders and adjust strategy as required. Enterslice's CFO consultants will play an important role in the company's proper functioning, including accounting, tax planning, and financial reporting.

Probe Financial Processes

A CFO consultant will be responsible for providing insights into the company’s current financial performance. Attributes like revenue, expenses, and cash flow are some of the major aspects a CFO consultant will look into on a daily basis to ensure proper efficiency. By developing and implementing domain-related tools, the CFO consultant will ensure that the company receives timely, accurate, and actionable information to inform wise decision-making.

Fund Administration

A CFO consultant will manage the company's treasury and cash management, including prediction and observing the cash flow. Managing working Capital and ensuring that the company has access to ample capital resources. Efficient cash flow management will lead to ignoring any financial storm and taking advantage of opportunities for growth and expansion.

Stakeholder Value and Profitability Approaches

Enterslice's competent CFO consultants will guide the company on what attributes to pull and when to implement them. They will analyze the sales revenue funnel, cash flow needs, customer acquisition cost (CAC), vendor contacts, profit margins, and staffing needs to make the best strategy. Our CFO consultant will be responsible for identifying the areas of your business that are not generating a positive return on investment and recommending changes accordingly.

Pricing Strategy Development

A CFO consultant will be responsible for developing and implementing the strategy that ensures the business sustainably monetizes its offerings. They will work closely with marketing as well as the sales team to understand the market demand and other factors affecting the price component.

Threat Control

A CFO consultant will identify and omit the risks that could hamper company growth and profitability. Ensuring the company has the right insurance and coverage and sales tax policies. Reducing exposure to regulatory risks is also an essential duty of Enterslice’s CFO consultants.

Raising Capital and assets

A CFO consultant will help in raising Capital for early-stage and growth companies. They will help prepare necessary reports and models to present to lenders and investors, determine valuations, and help seek and interact with potential investors to secure the funding a company needs. By maintaining a good relationship with the investors as well as maintaining a working financial plan, Enterslice's CFO consultant can help the company attract funds from secondary investors and creditors.

Drafting and Budgeting

The CFO consultant will manage the budgeting process and develop a company's financial plan. Predicting revenue and expenses, allocating Capital, building financial models, and analyzing financial metrics are some of the steps of planning and budgeting. Throughout the budget-to-actual process, the CFO consultant makes sure that all the attributes are in place at the right time.

Advantages of Hiring a CFO Consultant in a PayTech Company

Some of the major benefits of hiring a CFO consultant are listed below-


A robust and well-put plan ensures that the business maintains a healthy profit. Budgeting is one of the primary responsibilities of a CFO consultant will do. Our CFO consultants have hands-on experience in the tools and skills required to do this task correctly.

Avoid Full-Time overhead

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) will benefit from the lower costs of outsourced Chief Financial Officer Consultants as opposed to hiring a full-time in-house CFO. This is primarily due to the flexible arrangements with virtual ones that allow them to scale their services upwards and downwards as needed by the client. As a result, their services are provided at a lower cost.

Extensive Experience

Enterslice’s CFO consultants have worked with a variety of companies, gaining experience and insights into the challenges and opportunities of various industries. As a result, they can present a unique perspective as well as a vast amount of knowledge that is put into action.

Structure in Hierarchy

Our CFO consultant will also suggest changes in the organization’s authoritative system whenever required for the growth of the business.

Increased Cash Flow

It is a dream of every organization to increase its cash flow. This is the primary reason why a majority of companies want to hire an outsourced CFO. A CFO consultant will make everyone understand and aware of the business areas that need improvement and implement recommendations and solutions.

Dynamic Integration

One of the advantages of outsourcing a CFO consultant is their ease of integration into the already existing team. Our CFO consultants work for multiple units simultaneously; hence, they easily get involved in a new group.

Expert Finance Advisory

Based on the situation, our CFO consultants provide financial guidance. Appropriate financial planning paves the way for business growth. Senior administration can focus on the critical areas without worrying about budgetary issues.

Analysis of Break-Even Points

In break-even analysis, the final cost is compared to the income, which determines the point at which the business makes no profit or loss. The CFO consultant will assist in deciding break-even analysis, which will allow the organization to control its costs.

Organizational Accounting Functions

Accounting services take up a sizable portion of the association's revenue. It's a model that aids in assessing an organization's monetary booking in health checks.

Audit Assistance

Our CFO consultants provide audit support from start to finish by answering auditor questions.


Corporate governance refers to all the rules and regulations that a company must follow. These rules aid in balancing the interests of stakeholders, shareholders, management, and clients.

Risks of Not Hiring a CFO Consultant in the PayTech Industry

Working in a sector where accountability and security are crucial comes with some or many risks. Let's read about the risks that can arise without a CFO consultant-

  1. Unexpected Market Occurrences- According to reports, the financial system can overreact to news, and unforeseen market occurrences can cause a significant operational risk simply because they are unexpected. Procyclicality, excess volatility, and other risks may arise in the market, which can significantly disrupt services.
  2. Noncompliance with Regulatory Requirements- Risk is the PayTech business's primary emphasis regarding regulations and compliance. Regulatory standards are constantly changing, making standardization of compliance practices the PayTech industry is susceptible to risks like carelessness, service failure, fraud claims, and other financial services jeopardy. PayTech Companies usually overrun their operational capacity and cannot standardize new operational procedures, resulting in additional mistakes.
  3. Personal and Professional Liability- the PayTech industry is susceptible to risks like carelessness, service failure, fraud claims, and other financial services jeopardy. PayTech Companies usually overrun their operational capacity and cannot standardize new operational procedures, resulting in additional mistakes.
  4. Data theft and Cyber assaults- There is no one-size-fits-all cyber security framework in PayTech due to the diversity of business and operational structures. Having the correct security assessment somehow doesn’t eliminate the everyday anxiety of cyber incidents.
  5. Increasing Global Rivalry- Every national jurisdiction has its own set of rules and financial circumstances. With the fast emergence of the PayTech business, many businesses have started offering their services worldwide. In return, many companies have to choose between collaboration or competing head-on. This flexible vs. orthodox dynamic has created a global competitive environment. A PayTech firm that wants to win the race must carefully select its strategic relationships.

Types of Business in the PayTech Industry

Payments are becoming more instant, frictionless, and embedded within customer experience- hence invisible. PayTechs will continue to drive modifications, but mandatory PSPs also have a major role in shaping this industry. Here are some of the leading industries in the PayTech industry-

  1. Card Networks- Companies like MasterCard and VISA that enable transactions between businesses and customers comprise this group. They build the infrastructure and charge interchange fees to process the payments.
  2. Payment Gateways- This software is used to carry out transactions between the user and the bank.
  3. Electronic Money Institute(EMI)- is a company whose business is to issue electronic money. It is an advanced and digitally-enabled system that offers global financial services.
  4. Payment Service Providers (PSP)- These companies provide links to the acquiring bank and act as a third party between the merchant's and customer's accounts. They offer payment management from end to end.
  5. Mobile Payments- These mobile payment services are more secure, reliable, and convenient, making it easier for the user to make transactions at their disposal.
  6. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML)- PayTech companies are using AI-powered and ML-based products to make the user experience more seamless and reliable.
  7. Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL)- It is a newer player in the market that offers instant credit checks and payment options via instalments during the time of sale. Retailers use credit points to drive sales, and customers enjoy the option of flexible payments.
  8. Blockchain- It is distributed ledger technology (DLT) that enables transparent, secure, and fixed transactions without the need for any negotiator.
  9. Cryptocurrency- As the acceptance between individuals, regulators/government, banks, and merchants increases, digital currencies like Cryptocurrency provide instant settlement through DL.
  10. International Money Transfer (IMT)- Now, banks have started to provide a service that has enabled users to send money internationally from the comfort of their homes. The solution is instant and fast.
  11. Digital Wallets- These companies have been significantly helpful to users by reducing the cost of transactions and giving customers a single destination to manage their finances.
  12. Embedded Payments- Embedded Payments are related to the business models where a non-financial service provider offers payment process facilities to their business customers, e.g., Uber, Swiggy, etc.
  13. Real-Time Payments- RTPs use new real-time payment rails to move money from end to end.
  14. Regulatory Tech- RegTech uses technology to comply with regulatory requirements. In RegTech, they're automating the compliance processes, hence cutting down the cost associated with compliance and improving regulatory reporting.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are many tasks a CFO performs in the PayTech Industry; some of them are-

• Regulatory Compliance

• Accounting duties

• Risk Mitigation

• Fund Allocation, etc.

The role of a CFO is unique in a PayTech company as not only do they have to perform their usual run-of-the-mill duties but also come up with strategies to control the risks of the business, at the same time having an in-depth knowledge of the technological advancements made in the industry.

The role of the CFO is important in a PayTech company as they are the ones who are responsible for everything that's related to the cash flow and compliance in the company. When the CFO performs their tasks successfully, the business grows, and the higher-ups can focus on other tasks instead of worrying about filing regulatory compliances and other tedious tasks.

Ways in which a CFO plans for the growth of a PayTech are-

• Using the latest technology to make the work easier

• Making financial strategies

• Foreseeing any approaching risk

• Filling all the required compliances, etc.

Risks faced by PayTech CFOs are-

• Unexpected Market Occurrence

• Cyber security-related issues

• Data theft

• Business-related liabilities, etc.

A CFO is in charge of handling all the compliance-related issues in a PayTech company. A CFO associated with the PayTech industry makes sure that the operations carried out in the business are legal and according to the norms set by the regulatory authority.

Some of the technologies a PayTech CFO must know are-

• Finance software and algorithms

• Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine learning (ML)

• Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

• Cyber security-related tech tools

CFOs ensure that the data is secured by constantly making sure that there’s no leakage in the system. Data security is the biggest task a CFO has to make sure in a PayTech company.

The CFO plays an important role in maintaining investor relations as the CFO is aware of all the financial ongoings of the company and can inform the stakeholders about it whenever required. The CFO is the person who is also associated with cash allocation.

Yes, a PayTech CFO does collaborate with teams to ensure all the resources needed to ensure smooth sailing in the business are there. The tech team also informs the CFO about real-life problems associated with cyber security to the CFO so that suitable actions are taken towards it.

Innovation is the key in the Fintech business space; a PayTech CFO must also be up to date with the latest trends and technological shifts to make their business more efficient.

The PayTech industry is fast-paced and constantly evolving, making it difficult for the CFO to track and manage any future financial risks.

To eliminate the risk, a CFO first assesses the risk level and then looks for prevarication strategies, such as options, forwards, swaps, etc.

• Bachelor's Degree in Accounting, Finance, Economics, Business, Management, etc.

• Master’s Degree of MBA in Finance

• Certifications like CFA, CMA, CFP, CA, etc.

A CFO ensures financial clarity by creating a precise financial report so that stakeholders of the firm understand the business needs working in a better way.

Certifications required for a PayTech CFO are- CFA, CMA, CA, CFP, etc.

Financial changes are happening on a daily basis. A CFO adapts to financial changes by using a strategic and collaborative approach. They also include all the stakeholders in the process to minimize any resistance.

A CEO is the Chief Executive Officer and the leader of an organization responsible for overall strategy, mission, and direction. However, a CFO is a person who heads the finance department of a company and is responsible for overseeing all the financial operations, budgeting, and financial reporting.

The CFO plays an important role during any merger or acquisition. The CFO comes with strategies that are in the company's best interest so that a company can make maximum profit in a merger or acquisition.

The CFO leads the team, which covers both finance and accounting. A CFO's team comprises VPs of Finance and operational staff, accountants, data analysts, bookkeepers, tax specialists, etc.

Financial audits are managed by making sure of the following steps-

• Documentation of accounts and transactions

• IRS Paper works

• Internal policies and procedures Paper works

• Financial commitments reports

• Financial Statements

A CFO is directly responsible for customer acquisition because they maintain a report on a customer's prevailing CAC lifetime value.

The analysis done by a CFO is very important because it includes detailed reports on business progress and upcoming goals. The report contains in-depth knowledge about the workings of the business model in the form of finance.

Ways in which PayTechs can boost profits are-

• Introduction and integration of tools in the finance value chain

• Increasing user retention

• Building loyalty

• Satisfied and engaged user base, etc.

Competitions are handled in a PayTech in the following ways-

• Identifying the competition

• Evaluation of services and offerings

• Analysis of marketing and sales strategies

• Analysis of Growth potential and fiscal performance

• Monitoring innovation

• Research on their strength and weakness

Pricing strategies are laid out by the CFO of a PayTech firm. A user-based pricing model is used in the PayTech industry, which means that the customers are only charged for the used services or offerings of the company.

The CFO makes a predictive analysis. By leveraging technology and data-driven insights for sophisticated scenario planning

A CFO’s deep understanding of the business and ability to convert that understanding of the business and ability to convert that understanding into financial outcomes. A CFO leads the risk management and litigation of the crisis at hand.

Yes, CFOs do network in the industry to understand and learn from other experienced CFOs and prepare themselves for the challenges they are to face in the future.

Ways in which a CFO ensures ethical practices are followed are-

• Drafting the company’s code of conduct

• Conflict of interest policy

• Delegation of authority

• Separation of duties

• Timely reporting, etc.

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