Top Startup Idea for Eco-Friendly Entrepreneurs

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Thinking of becoming an entrepreneur? Looking for a startup idea? Also, you think you have the zeal to solve the world’s pollution problems and make a move towards a clean and green environment through your green startup? This blog provides you with numerous startup ideas for the eco innovator in you.

Eco-Friendly Startups: Need of the Hour

What is the need for eco-friendly companies you ask? Now a day, it is significant for every sector and individual to partake in finding and developing methods to reduce pollution in any way they can. A green startup is a method for fighting against pollution and developing various methods to decrease waste generation.

These environment-friendly companies work towards improving current environmental conditions. These companies develop techniques to transform harmful wastes in an innovative usable form or into a way which can be used further.

List of Top Startup Idea for Green Entrepreneurs

The following are some of the startup ideas for entrepreneurs with green minds {in both ways};

startup Idea
  1. Energy Auditing: Many people want to reduce energy wastage, but they don’t know how to. Companies providing energy audit services help such people. Analyzing or surveying the actual total energy consumption of a domestic or commercial building for energy conservation is Energy Auditing. Companies providing such services analyze data through systems and processes to compute actually how much energy a building requires to run its day to day functions. This analysis can reduce energy wastage and cut extra costs.
  2. Urban Garden Planning: Urban gardening or city gardening is a process of growing plants in an urban set-up or environment. Various companies provide services to people who want to grow plants in their houses or commercial buildings.
  3. Environmental Legal Services:  Providing Environmental legal services[1] is also an option. Directing people to follow environmental laws and prosecuting people who violate these rules are parts of this type of business.
  4. Eco Restaurants: Opening a restaurant that only serves locally brought eco-friendly food products can be a very profitable business idea.
  5. Eco Food Suppliers: Otherwise, you can opt to deliver organic/eco-friendly raw food products from local farmers to food businesses which process them.
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  • Wind Power/Geothermal Energy Developer: You can choose to become an entity who harnesses these non-conventional energy developers. Just contact your local/ concerned authorities for the necessary licensing, and you are good to go.
  • Solar Panel Manufacturing Business: In a time like this, when every individual and businesses are trying to become environment-friendly, doing a business of manufacturing solar panels can be a very profitable option.
  • Plant Shop/Delivery Service: You can open a shop that sells or delivers various plants to people or businesses.
  •  Environmental Blogger: Writing about various environmental issues, news about climate change, etc. can become a very profitable option. As a lot of people are interested in reading about the environment and become environment educated your blogs can provide them with the necessary information. Hence this could invite colossal traffic.
  • Eco Travel Planning Services: A lot of people are interested in escaping their busy, polluted daily environment. Your eco-travel planning agency can help these people escape their ruthless, restless lives.
  •  Handmade Clothes: You can consider starting a business that supplies/sell handmade clothes. Also, it will be a bonus if you can make clothes out of recycled materials.
  •  Eco Apps: You can also consider developing apps that remind users to water their plants, or educates people about various environmental issues, or provides environment news, etc.
  • Green Architecture: You can design homes using sustainable methods. You can meet such clients who are concerned about the environment and develop their houses for them.
  • Open an Organic Spa: Opening an Organic Spa can be a good option at a time when everybody is concerned about their body and skin being deteriorated because of the harsh chemicals contained in cosmetic products.
  • Composting Business: Provide a service that picks up people’s composts or provides a plat to drop it off.
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5 Unique Eco-Friendly Brands in India Redefining Sustainable Growth

The coolest environment-friendly companies in India that are re-exploring the true meaning of eco-friendly businesses are as follows;

  • Arture: It is a fashion product manufacturing company. It makes its products from upcycled materials. It manufactures a wide range of products from wallets for men and women, bags, stationery, card cases, laptop sleeves, etc. Arture produces its products out of 100% vegan, cork fabrics. It was started by Shivani and Kesha in 2015.
  • Wallistry: It is a company that focuses on producing eco-friendly products to promote pollution-free lifestyles. It is a company that vouches for sustainable living through their eco-friendly products. The company’s products range from notebooks, coasters made out of raw wood and bottles made from Terracotta. The founder of this company is Anjanakhi.
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  • Zouk: Zouk is a startup that makes possible 100% vegan lifestyles in a world where most of the bags and wallets are made out of leather. The founder is an IIM graduate named Disha Singh. The company manufactures laptop bags, sling bags, and pouches.
  • Goli Soda: it is a startup that makes products from recycled materials. Generally, the company manufactures a wide variety of home décor, stationery, accessories, clothes, bags, and footwear products.
  • Green Paper Works: This company primarily manufactures its products like boxes for packaging, sketchbooks, etc. from grape wines. The company processes grape wines to convert it into the paper. Therefore, it produces paper without cutting trees and hence saves nature.

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If you are thinking of starting a company of your own, this blog can help you in some of the other ways. Additionally, if you are a total environment lover, but you don’t want to harm the environment by doing any business that can damage the mother nature in any way. You don’t need to worry.

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This blog provides you with innovative and refreshing ideas for becoming a green entrepreneur. Also, I have added some information about some of the coolest eco-friendly startups that are currently functional in India. You can also become like them. You also can work for profits and along with working for environmental welfare.

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