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What is Rights and Duties of Promoters, Allottees and Real Estate Agents under RERA Act?

Narendra Kumar

| Updated: Aug 25, 2017 | Category: RERA Registration


RERA has defined the complete functioning of promoters, allottees, and real estate agents. In this article, we will discuss the right and duties for real-estate players.

What are the Functions & Duties of Promoters?

Under the RERA Act, there is compulsory registration of Promotors and every project must be registered with the RERA. In order to protect the interest of allottees, the Act has imposed various obligations and restrictions on the Promoter to ensure fairness and transparency in their dealing with allottees.

Following are the functions and duties of the Promoter:

  • To get the proposed real estate project registered with the RERA;
  • To create a web page and display the project on the website of RERA so as to make the details therein available on the public domain;
  • Not to advertise or make an offer for sale without registering the project;
  • The Promoter shall make available certain documents at the time of booking and issue of allotment letter such as:
  • Sanctioned plans, layout plans, along with specifications, approved by the competent authority, by the display at the site or such other place as may be specified by the regulations made by the Authority;
  • The stage-wise time schedule for completion of the project, including the provisions for civic infrastructure like water, sanitation, and electricity.
  • To obtain the completion certificate and the occupancy certificate from the relevant competent authority as per local laws or other laws for the time being in force and to make it available to the allottees individually or to the association of allottees, as the case may be.
  • To obtain lease certificate, where the real estate project is developed on leasehold land, specifying the period of the lease, and certifying that all dues and charges in regard to the leasehold land have been paid, and to provide the lease certificate to the association of allottees;
  • To refund the amount received in case of failure to give possession on time;
  • To compensate the allottees for loss due to defective title of the land etc.;
  • The Promoter shall not accept a sum more than ten percent of the cost of the apartment, plot, or building as the case may be, as an advance payment or an application fee, from a person without first entering into a written Agreement for sale, in the prescribed form, with such person.

What are the Rights and Duties of Allottees under RERA?

  • To obtain information in relation to the promoter and the real estate project.
  • To know stage-wise time schedule of completion of the project and in relation to various services as agreed to be provided by the promoter to the allottees in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Agreement for Sale.
  • To claim possession once the project is completed by the promoter. Also, the Association of Allottees can claim possession of common areas.
  • To claim refund along with interest at prescribed rate and compensation as provided under the Act in the event the Promoter fails to comply with or due to non-completion of the project as per the terms of Agreement for Sale or due to discontinuance of his business as a developer on account of suspension or revocation of his registration under the provisions of this Act or the rules or regulations made thereunder.
  • To obtain documents and plans, including that of common areas, after handing over the physical possession of the apartment or plot or building as the case may be, by the promoter.

What are Duties of Allottees under RERA?

  • To make payments as per the Agreement for Sale.
  • To pay interest at a prescribed rate in case of delay in payments as specified in (a) above.
  • To participate in the formation of society/association.
  • To take physical possession of the apartment, plot or building as the case may be, within a period of two months of the occupancy certificate issued for the said apartment, plot or building, as the case may be.
  • To participate in the registration of Conveyance Deed. 

Functions of Real Estate Agents under RERA

  • Compulsorily Agent / Broker RERA registration
  • To maintain proper books of accounts and records as prescribed;
  • Not to facilitate sale or purchase of area under an unregistered planning area;
  • Not to engage itself in any unfair trade practices;
  • To provide all documents/information to the allottees required at the time of booking; and

To perform other functions as prescribed.

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