Know Your TAN: How to Get Tan Number and Download TAN Certificate

Know Your TAN: How to Get Tan Number and Download TAN Certificate

The Income Tax Act’s Section 203A mandates that all individuals or any business required by the government to withhold or collect TaxTax must get a TAN. The primary goal of TAN is to make source-based tax collection and deduction easier. The processing charge for TAN applications is to be paid. All assesses who must deduct TaxTax deducted at source, which is TDS, on transactions must register for TAN. By completing Form 49B at TIN facilitation centres, you can submit an application for TAN.

What is TAN?

Tax Deduction and Collection Account Number is referred to as TAN. It is an alphanumeric ten-digit number provided by the Income Tax office. A TAN can be obtained by anyone who collects or keeps TaxTax at source (TCS and TDS). All individuals obliged to deduct TaxTax at source or who are legally bound to collect TaxTax at source are required to obtain a TAN. Any TDS/TCS return, TDS/TCS payment challan, TDS/TCS certifications, and other paperwork as may be required in contact with the ITD must include the TAN. A person who must deduct TDS in accordance with Section 1941A, Section 1941B, or Section 194M, however, can replace PAN for TAN when quoting.

Structure of TAN

TAN is an alphanumeric 10-digit number. The TAN is structured as follows:

DUTR 74585 F

As a result, the first four characters are alphabets, followed by five numerals, and finally, one alphabet. The first three alphabets of the TAN number stand for the city in which the TAN has been assigned, and the fourth character of the TAN number stands for the first letter of a person’s name. The last letter and all five digits were created automatically by the algorithm.

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Importance of TAN Number

Anyone who needs to get a TAN will have trouble filing tax returns if they don’t get one. An Rs. 10,000 fine will be assessed for any returns or documents that do not include the TAN number. The following documents ought to cite TAN:

  • Statements or refunds for TCS or TDS.
  • TDS or TCS payment challan.
  • Certificate submissions from TCS or TDS.
  • Collection or submission of numerous forms with an IT focus.

What is the objective of a TAN?

According to the tax regulations of our nation, everyone who deducts TDS or TCS must put it into the treasury under a certain time frame and submit a return outlining the relevant information as requested by the government. Therefore, in every communication with the department, TAN serves as a special identification number. This enables the deductee (the individual from whose TDS was deducted) and the government to credit the TaxTax received and grant credit. The 26AS, or tax credit statement, includes this credit.

Online TAN Application

  1. Visit the NSDL TAN’s official website.
  2. Select ‘Online Application for TAN.
  3. Select the type of the deductor after choosing the ‘Apply for new TAN’ option.
  4. The application form for TAN will now open.
  5. To complete the form, fill in all the compulsory fields, which are marked with *s. Any information entered that does not adhere to the format validation requirements will show up as an error on the screen. In such circumstances, you must review the inaccuracies and complete the form once more before resubmitting the application.
  6. If your form is free of mistakes, a confirmation page will appear before you. On the following confirmation page, use the Edit option to change any data.
  7. Select ‘Confirm’ after carefully reviewing all the data provided.
  8. Make the necessary online payments. You can pay using a credit/debit card, a cheque, or a DD.
  9. Upon successfully completing the payment process, you will be sent an acknowledgement slip. This acknowledgement slip should be saved, printed, and sent to Protean eGov Technologies Ltd. together with the other necessary paperwork.
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Offline TAN Application

Get Form 98 by going to the closest TIN Facilitation Centre. Additionally, consider getting it from the Income Tax portal1. Form INC-7 must be completed if your company has not been registered under the Companies Act. Fill out the form and turn it in together with the processing charge of Rs 63 to the TIN counter. You can pay with a cheque, money or DD. You are able to reach the TAN call centre at 020-27218080 or send an SMS with the keyword “NSDLTAN” to the number 57575 to check the status of your TAN application.

How to download the TAN Certificate

Here are the steps to follow to download your TAN certificate online:

  • Step 1: You can visit the link – to download your TAN certificate online.
  • Step 2: in the ‘Application Type’ option, select ‘TAN-New/ Change Request’.
  • Step 3: After that, you have to enter your ‘Acknowledgement Number’ of, which you would have received when you applied for TAN
  • Step 4: Enter the captcha code and click the ‘Submit’ button.
  • Step 5: The TAN status will be displayed on your screen.
  • Step 6: You will find ‘Click here to download your TAN Allotment Letter’ on the screen. Option. You can also click on the button that says download your TAN certificate.


Every single tax deductor across the nation is expected to have access to the crucial TAN information. It is simple to apply for it online. For the verification procedure, applicants must submit the required information on the relevant online portal to pay the processing fees and deliver the acknowledgement form. The TAN information is also always accessible and available online for any use in future.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How can I download Tan certificate by TAN number?

    You can visit the link. And follow the below-given steps:
    • Application Type’ >>‘TAN-New/ Change Request’.
    • After that, you have to enter the 'Acknowledgement Number.'
    • Enter the captcha code >> ‘Submit’ button.
    • The TAN status will be displayed on your screen.
    • Choose the 'Click here to download your TAN Allotment Letter’ option or download your TAN certificate option.

  2. How can I get a TAN certificate by TAN number?

    To get a TAN certificate by TAN number, you can visit the authorized website and download the certificate.

  3. Can we download the TAN certificate online?

    Yes, we can download the TAN certificate online by using the link:

  4. Are PAN and TAN the same?

    PAN is for income tax return filings, while TAN is for TCS and TDS collection in place of the government.

  5. Which document is required for TAN?

    No documents are required for filing the new TAN now. The only thing that is required is an acknowledgement slip, which is signed.



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