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How to check GST Registration Status?

GST Registration Status

The government has introduced GST as the only indirect tax applicable in the country. In order to make the registration process easy, a person can apply GST online and then rack the status online as well. Thus, it has become easy to track GST registration status as everything is now online.

The GST portal makes it easy to register a company under GST and track the status of the application online. ARN is generated after the successful submission and usually it takes 15 days for GST registration. ARN can be used to login and check the status of GST registration application.

In the article, we will study how to trace GST registration application.

What is ARN number and how it helps in tracking GST registration application?

ARN number is the application reference number which is a unique number allotted when the GST registration application is only submitted. The applicant can use this number to track the GST registration application.

How to check GST Registration Application Status?

The GST registration application usually takes 7 working days for the provisional GSTIN number to be allotted and 10 days for a final GSTIN number to be allotted along with the GST registration certificate.

The GST registration application can be checked online by following these steps:

  • Go to the GST Portal[1].
  • Then select registration under the services tab.
  • Then click on track application status.
  • Enter the ARN Number and complete the Captcha.
  • The GST registration application status will appear on click search.
  • The portal will display at which registration status aGST application is.

How to check Existing GST Registration Status?

Where a person would like to check the status or validity of an already existing GST registration, then these steps must be followed:

  • Go to the GST Portal.
  • Select user services from the services tab.
  • Then search for the taxpayer.
  • Enter the GSTIN number and complete the Captcha.
  • The GST registration status along with the status will appear, after clicking search.

What is the GSTIN number and what is the format of GSTIN?

GSTIN or Goods and Services Tax Identification Number is a 15 – digit unique alpha – number PAN based code, obtained by all types of companies to have a unique business identity with the Government of India.

There can be a multiple GSTIN for a single person, because he has multiple businesses running in different states. It is compulsory to obtain a GSTIN in case the person crosses threshold limit for GST registration.

Format of GSTIN

GSTIN is a 15 – digit alpha numeric code based on the PAN details and it has to be interpreted correctly and in a certain manner. Let us see, the structure of GSTIN and what constitutes it.

For example,

GSTIN Number –‘33BBBBB0000A1Z5’

  • The first 2 digits represent a unique state code, according to the Indian census 2011. The list of state codes is mentioned on the website. For example, the state code for Delhi is 07.
  • The next ten alpha – numeric characters represent the PAN number of the taxpayer.
  • The 13th digit is theregistration number of the taxpayer with the same PAN number.
  • The 14th digit is ‘Z’ by default and it does not intend anything.
  • The 15th digit is merely a check digit that can be a number or a digit.

The above mentioned is the GSTIN structure and it helps to determine the authenticity of the GST registration.

What is meant by each registration status?

The applicant receives a written status of the GST application at every stage of its registration. By understanding the various registration statuses it will be easy to determine the status of the application.

The stages of registration status are:

  • Provisional status: As the name suggests, it means that the GST application has not been filed. Once the applicant submits the application, a provision number or ID will be generated.
  • Pending for verification status: The GST application in this case is successfully submitted and the verification of the application is pending.
  • Validation against error status: This means the details that the applicant entered does not match with the details provided with the Income Tax department. The applicant needs to rectify the application as soon as he sees this status.
  • Migrated status: This means that the GST application has been successfully migrated.
  • Cancelled status: This means that the application is rejected or has failed. The applicant needs to re apply by rectifying the errors or problems in the GST application and in accordance with the GST laws.

Based on the above mentioned stages of registration status, the applicant can determine the status of his GST application.


After the submission of GST registration application, ARN is generated and usually it takes 15 days for GST registration. The applicant can login using ARN and check the status of GST registration.

Thus, it is important to keep in mind the process laid above while checking the GST registration status.

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