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How to get FSSAI License for Food Trucks

Narendra Kumar

| Updated: May 15, 2017 | Category: FSSAI Food License

Food Truck FSSAI License

In recent times, there are a number of restaurants opening up by offering a range of popular gourmet cuisines and regional fast food from around the world. In India, the fast-food trucks are becoming quite popular, especially in the metro cities across the country. The reason for the increasing popularity of the food truck is because of the initial low start-up cost, lower than a restaurant or any other format. The food truck is a new startup the concept, but if it is done in the right manner, it can prove to be a profitable business option. FSSAI registration for Food truck as well you need Trade license or Permission from Local MCD.

What is the FSSAI License requirement for setting up a food truck business?

A lot of the Food Business Operators are opting for food trucks and they are finding a better opportunity to start a business in the food industry with a little investment. The food truck concept is growing at an alarming rate, and the competition makes it just a better option for the customers to have the pleasure of enjoying different culinary delight on-the-go at affordable prices.  However, there are several points to be considered before planning to start a food truck business. As Food truck operation you may apply for FSSAI License if your turnover is more than 12 Lac in a Financial year. For each food truck VAN, you need to apply for one FSSAI License.

How to get a Food Truck with Minimum Investment?

In the market, there is an exhaustive range of the food trucks available whose cost may vary on the features, modification, and the space required. When buying a food truck, one must consider getting a truck that has enough space, allowing mobility and it must have enough space to accommodate all the kitchen equipment in a proper manner. Also, there are many manufacturers that can customize the food truck as per your requirement; however, it may elevate the price a little more for customization. Also one can opt to buy a second-hand food truck to save money.

Kitchen Installation

It is imperative that the food truck is installed with all the essential kitchen equipment and gadgets like a freezer, refrigerator, microwave, griller, steamer, working table, burner, exhaust, generator and other equipment that is required for cooking and serving food.

Raw Material

It is important for the food trucks to make use of quality and fresh raw material for cooking food and ensure serving the quality food that is prepared to maintain hygiene standards.


For any business, location is one of the imperative factors to be taken into consideration. Choose a location that has a regular flow of traffic and invites a maximum number of customers. Also, make sure there are not many vendors selling similar foodstuff in the area.

License and Permits for the Food Truck

In India, the Food Safety and Standard Authority of India (FSSAI Registration ) has started the FSSAI License for food trucks and other street vendors. For all small Food Business Operators, it is crucial to obtain the FSSAI registration and license to run the food truck business. The Food Business Operator who wants to get the registration can apply in accordance with the procedure that is laid down by the statutory authority in their cities. The Food Business Operating Registration and License is the first and most important step, which required to commence the business.

Food truck businesses have to abide by very strict laws for commencing the business. With the increasing number of food trucks, there are stringent regulations and guidelines laid down by authorities that the Food Business Operators have to follow. The Food Business Operator needs to maintain the hygiene of the place and must ensure to sell food that is free from contamination and safe for human consumption. Failing to comply with the Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006 the food business operator is liable for penalties and also the license may get cancelled. For that reason, it is advisable to have the required set of the legal documentation so as to ensure that there is no problem in running the business or you may face penalties later on.

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The Food Business Operating License is the first and it is the most important license which a business needs in order to commence their business. The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) issue this license. You can also opt for the Shop and Establishment or Trade license.

How to get FSSAI license for a food truck Business?

In the present time, the FBOs can easily register their business by submitting the registration and license application through the online application system. Now the FBOs are not required to send the application physically or by visiting the registration centre. FSSAI provides a user-friendly platform for the food business operators from where they can easily apply and obtain the License/Registration Online. The FBO requires having a valid mobile number and emailing IF for registration. After providing the mandatory and relevant details, the FBO can apply for FSSAI registration of business. On the successful submission of the application, a acknowledge receipt or reference ID is generated by the system for the reference.  If the food business operator fulfils all the requirements and rules, they are provided with the license and the registration certificated by a statutory authority.

The FBO can also check the status of their application online and can make their payment online. After obtaining the license or registration certificate, the FBO can also apply for the renewal of a new license, modification, or request a duplicate license.

The rules and regulations for the Food Business Operator registration application are very elaborate and stringent, and the FBOs need to fulfil all the requisites laid out under the regulations. Therefore, it is wise to obtain the assistance of a professional. There are many professional consultant companies offering their services to help the FBOs in the procedure of the application for the food License.

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