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How to apply for FSSAI certificate in Tamil Nadu?

FSSAI certificate in Tamil Nadu

Apart from other cultural things that Tamil Nadu is known for, food is something that’s unique out there. This is why the food business has an enthralling prospect there.  If you wish to set up a food business in Tamil Nadu, then do apply for FSSAI certificate and enjoy the returns of a flourishing business. In this article, we shall discuss about FSSAI certificate in Tamil Nadu.

An Overview on FSSAI

It is crucial that the food served at any place or food sold in any of the supermarkets or retail shops should maintain the requisite safety and hygienic standards. Therefore FSSAI has been bestowed with the responsibility of regulating and governing the standards for food products in India.

Food Safety and Standards Authority of India was established under the Food Safety and Standards Act of 2006[1]. It is a compilation of various Acts pertaining to the food sector. The prime objective of FSSAI is to establish science based standards for food articles to regulate the manufacturing, storage, sale, distribution to ensure the availability of safe food for human consumption.

FSSAI also issues FSSAI License based on food safety and standards, which means it is mandatory to operate your food business only after obtaining FSSAI Registration or License regardless of which state your business is located in India.

When is a FSSAI Certificate in Tamil Nadu issued?

A FSSAI Certificate/License/Registration is only issued on compliance with the following:

  • The licensing authorities should be granted the access to the business premises of the FBO for inspection purposes;
  • The concerned authorities should be informed of any changes in the way of operations;
  • Only the food products mentioned in the licence/registration should be produced in the unit;
  • Standards of hygiene and sanitation should be maintained as per the prescribed standards;
  • Raw materials used must be standardized  with optimum quality;
  • The premises should be installed with a clean in place system for the cleaning of machine and equipment;
  • Food business operators involved in the sale of cooked food should display a notice board of the nature of articles sold; and
  •  FBOs are not allowed to engage in the sale or distribution or offer for sale, dispatch, or delivery of edible oil that is not packed or marked, or labelled in the prescribed manner.
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Procedure for applying FSSAI Certificate in Tamil Nadu

The procedure of applying for FSSAI Certificate in Tamil Nadu has been provided in step by step manner below-


Eligibility criteria

Firstly the applicant is required to verify the eligibility criteria provided in the FSSAI portal and then initiate the application procedure.


Sign up to register

If the applicant is eligible to proceed, then the applicant may avail the registration for license issued under FSSAI. There are three forms of FSSAI License/registration that one can apply for- Central, State, and Basic Registration. The license or registration may be applied for as per the annual turnover of the applicant’s business.


Enter Details

Key in the necessary details as required on the page.


Login and complete the application

Once the registration is done, the user may log in to the portal for completing the application in Form B.


Upload Documents and Fee Payment

The final part of the procedure involves attaching the documents required and paying the application fee. In the next segment, we have discussed the documents required.

Documents required for applying FSSAI Certificate in Tamil Nadu

The documentary requirements may vary as per the nature of the license issued.

Documents required for grant of new license/certificate

  • List of directors, partners, proprietors with their addresses and contact;
  • List of equipment/machinery;
  • Proof of identity and address proof of the partner/proprietor/director;
  • List of food category to be manufactured;
  • Proof of possession of premises;
  • Food Safety Management Plan;
  • Details of the source of raw materials for meat and details of the source of milk;
  • NOC from the municipality; and
  • Declaration form.
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 Documents required for renewal of license

  • Application in Form B signed by the proprietor/partner of the authorized signatory;
  • Annual audit report;
  • Details of persons nominated by the company, combined with the Board resolution; and
  • Declaration form.

Documents required for modification of license

  • Any change in documents or information provided before the issue of license;
  • A certificate stating the adoption of food safety management system;
  • A list of details about technical personnel designated for the operation;
  • Proof of identity and address proof of the partner/proprietor/director;
  • Details of the source of raw materials for meat and details of the source of milk;
  • NOC and copy of the license issued by the manufacturer; and
  • Declaration form.

Fee for the Issuance of FSSAI Certificate in Tamil Nadu

The fee is as mentioned below:

  • If the production capacity ranges above 1 MT per day- Rs. 5000
  • If the production capacity ranges between 10000 to 50000 LPD of milk- Rs. 5000;
  • If the production capacity is below 1MT of production- Rs. 3000;
  • Hotels rated 4 star or below- Rs. 5000; and
  • Food service providers- Rs. 2000.

The renewal fee is determined by the number of years opted by the applicant. A duplicate license can be issued on payment of a fee that is 10% of the applicable license fee.


If you are planning to open a food business in Tamil Nadu, then getting a FSSAI license/registration certificate is mandatory. Operating without it can invite penal consequences. You may consult a professional for assistance in filing the application for FSSAI Certificate in Tamil Nadu.

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