How to Start a Flex Printing Business with Small Investment

Flex Printing Business

Business in any industry is a profitable venture if done diligently with a solid plan. Most people today want to set up their own shops, be an entrepreneur, some get good at it, some fail, but they only fail to re-build and re-strategize. So any business people do, hardships are always going to be there, the keen motto, determination and passion works and all the things fall at its place automatically. If you are looking to start flex printing business then you are in for a surprise that it can definitely be started making small investments. People usually think that to start a business, one must have a big budget and big investments to be made. But have you ever noticed that the biggest of empires today started with small and over a period of time and years of working, they stand today where they stand?

If you are planning to get into flex printing business, it is one of the best choices you have made. Flex printing is much in demand today because outdoor advertising is popular means to get across the people. That’s the only method through which one can do offline and physical marketing. Any person wishing to start this kind of business can start doing this business with a small capital investment amount.

How to Start a Flex-Printing Business

Flex printing is a profitable business venture and there are two ways through which you can do flex and banner printing business. You require a business project report before you start doing the project.

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The first option is to secure a retail space having sufficient area to do your business; this is the place where you will set up your entire business. The next, you can do is secure a comparatively small space where you can make it as your designing area. Leave a separate place for keeping your machinery or rent a place especially for machinery that is not too expensive.

Both of the above two options are good; if you do not have your own business space then it is best to rent the place to do your business. If you are comfortable, you can even set up a printing unit in your house itself.

The Market Potential for Flex Printing Business

Flex and banner printing is increasing in India, the growth is happening at a steady pace due to the heavy rise in demand. It is the mode of advertisement that will never go out of fashion. Outdoor and indoor advertising both require flex printing. There is growing demand from major metro cities across India such as Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, and Hyderabad.

Most of the customers for flex printing business are from regional and national political parties. These banners are required by these parties for setting up programs and rallies on a regular basis.

Flex printing is the only way of outdoor media advertising that is similar in lines to digital signature. Apart from bigger companies and educational institutions, sports organizations, etc. also require political parties, flex banners there is huge market demand for such banners. They are cost-effective means of advertising for companies with fewer budgets. Other institutions like schools, sports organizations, and educational universities schools require flex banners for their events and activities. There is a good amount of domestic market for such products.

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The Business Plan for Flex Banner Printing

Doing flex banner printing is a good business and if you are having your own funds to start this business, its good. Other methods are procuring some funds or apply for a loan. You will have to apply for the total project financing as well. Your business plan should contain a detailed overview of the whole plan, if you are not able to craft your plan, you can take help from the experts and determine the budget and the execution of the whole plan.

Registration and Licensing of the Flex Banner Printing Business

Register your flex banner printing business, you can check with your state rules for procuring different licenses for your business. Different places and establishments may require different licenses to do the business. Some machinery requires special permission too, that can be taken from government officials of the concerned department. You will have to consider the size of the machinery that you are willing to buy. Manpower is needed to do the designing and printing of the flex banner printer. So hire skilled and experienced staff to do your work, because eventually your business goodwill highly depends on the work that will be delivered to your client.

The following can be the basic registrations required to be done by the business;

  1. Registration under Shop and Establishment Act/ Gumasta License for the shop set up. This registration is to be applied at least within 3 months from the date of start of business.
  2. Business can be registered in a form depending on the size and requirement of the setup. If it is started on a small scale them the owner can opt for a sole proprietorship or one person company registration. However, if the business is set up with the collaboration of more than one person then they can opt for LLP Registration of Company Registration under Companies Act, 2013.
  3. They must also apply to the Municipal Corporation of the area for Trade license.
  4. If applicable then acquire NOC from State Pollution control board.
  5. MSME Registration can also be applied for. Though it is not a mandatory registration it makes the business eligible for various subsidies and concessions.
  6. GST Registration should also be applied for if the annual turnover crossed the threshold limits or any other mandatory conditions are invoked. This indirect tax registration can also be applied on a voluntary basis for benefits like claiming the input tax credit.

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