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Employee Provident Fund Registration Procedure

Employee Provident Fund Registration Procedure

Employee Provident Fund (EPF) is a benefit for the employee during the retirement. It is a social security fund created for the purpose of providing financial security and stability during retirement. PF scheme was started before the enactment of the Act. The Government in 1952 established for the benefit and welfare of the employees. EPF is one of the best platforms for savings in India who are engaged in government sector or private or public sector.

Who has to register under EPF Act?

  • Every establishment with 20 or more employees should register under EPF office. With the amendment to the rule of Employee Provident Fund, the limit of a minimum employee is 10 employee. The establishment has to register if it has 10 or more employee under EPF.
  • Establishment voluntary going for PF Registration
  • In the interest of administration connivance establish can take the different code for different branches.
  • The establishment where the provisions of the EPF & MP Act 1952 applies.
  • Any establishment who has already granted a code will not require getting an online code but it has to file Form 5A online.

Documents Required:

  • A scanned copy of PAN card.
  • A details of the bank statement or canceled check.
  • The activities engaged by Establishment. The same can be selected from the list given under the Act.
  • In case any previous code is granted under ESIC the copy of same.
  • The documents as evidence of address proof along with the list of branches and address with a number of an employee at each branch.
  • Consent letter from the employee with details and signature and date of the agreement.
  • Date of establishment of an establishment with proof thereof.
  • The details of ownership along with proof.
  • For factory: details of managers and license details.
  • The details of all employee engage with Establishment.
  • Wages disbursed for the month.
  • Income Tax Permanent Account number.
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Online Registration Process:

  • Fill the application form under E-SEVA portal and submit it along with required documents.
  • After submitting the CAPTCHA code will display. Enter the name and hit “Get PIN”.
  • Enter Generated PIN and tick the declaration mentioned.
  • One PDG file will get generated download the same and submit it with the EPFO.

Once you submit the online application, following the instructions below:

  • You will receive an SMS notifying you about the allotment of the code number, along with a login ID and password.
  • Login to the Employer Portal with the login credentials provided and create a permanent login ID and password.
  • Start remittance by uploading the ECR text file generated through Quiche “Forms” section.
  • The Provident Fund Code Number Intimation Letter will be available for download once you log in.
  • The letter contains a code will be allotted and the documents will be mentioned in a letter. The code letter will be treated as incomplete without Form 5A.
  • The letter with required documents shall be sent to EPFO office and a copy of a complete application.
  • The owner may receive rejection letter if failing in verification of Pan.
  • An error while filling out the PAN or name correctly will require a re-submission and a repeat of the process.
  • And final verification will be done by the authority.

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