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What are the Required Documents for Private Limited Company Registration?

Narendra Kumar

| Updated: Oct 30, 2017 | Category: Company Registration

documents for Private Limited Company

The entrepreneur is superior in the startup ecosystem as they are having brilliant ideas of doing business. A fast, confidential and secure process which assists them in doing the same is imperative for the security and success of the business. in this article, We will discuss the Checklist and required documents for Private Limited Company Registration in India.

How to Register a Company in India?

For the same reason, it becomes the responsibility of the government to extend their support towards the businessman in keeping their unique business ideas safe and secure. Hence, the government has been taking a lot of efforts in helping the businessman grow as well as develop innovative ideas.

In 2018, India is currently ranking at the 100th position out of the 190 nations as far as the ease of setting up and carrying out a business is concerned. The present ranking is just one place higher than the previous year.

The registrar of companies or ROC is extremely particular about the documents that you send for the filing of the private company registration process. For the efficient registration process filing with the ROC, you not only need to know which documents should be filed, but you also need to know that what these required documents should contain.

For instance, you are sending your voter ID card as a proof of identity and your name on the passport is different than that on the voter ID, then your application for the registration will be rejected. A slight mistake can cost you a lot. So, it is important for you to understand the documents required for registration of a private limited company.

Essential documents that are to be submitted by the Directors and Shareholders (only for the Indian Nationals)

Private Limited Company Registration

The following documents are necessary, and they must be filed for Private Limited Company Registration-

    • Memorandum of Association.
    • Articles of Submission.
  • Affidavit and Declaration by the first subscriber as well as the director.
  • Permanent Office Address Proof
  • NOC from the associated/sole proprietor/ partner of the existing company.
  • Proof of Identity and residential address of the members, directors, and subscribers.
  • Proof of identity of the directors as well as their residential address.

Further, it is essential to understand the benefits of the digital market for making the process of company registration very easy. As a first time online user, you need to take the following steps to a Private Limited Company Registration online.

  • Application for the digital signature certificate– All the directors of the concerned proposed business have to apply for the digital signature certificate.
  • Applying for the DIN- The application can be made by a maximum of three directors for the same when filing the form INC32 itself.
  • Finally, the necessarily required forms are filed with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs, along with the required documents.

Now it is easy to understand how online filing of the documents for a private company registration helps the businesses in the long run.

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