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The Difference Between Word, Logo & Logo Composite Mark

Word, Logo & Composite Mark

What is the difference between Word, Logo & Logo Composite Mark?

Every entrepreneur is confused that how he should protect his brand from his competitor, the answer to this question is he should get that brand trademarked. Any word, logo, sign, graphics or sound can be trademarked.

So the difference between word, Logo and Composite Mark are:

S. No. Word Logo Composite Mark
1. The wordmark refers to the name of the brand. Generally, the start-up goes for this type of trademark. In case of a trademark of word i.e. name of the brand if there is already an existing trademark with the same name but in another sector, the trademark will be approved provided the proposed trademark should not confuse the existing public. If your logo is such unique that the existing public notices or identifies you by that logo only then you should go for a trademark of the logo.

The entrepreneurs who trademark their logo don’t even use the brand name the promote their brand through logo only.

Composite Mark can be defined as the logo which includes the name of the brand in itself.

Start-ups generally go for this kind of trademark only if they are of the view that the proposed trademark is too identical or similar to the existing trademark.

2. Example: Parle-G Example: Apple Example: Coco-Cola 3
3. Generally, the trademark for word is done when greater preference is given to words as the word is what purchaser used to refer to or request the goods and services. This trademark can be preferred when there is confusingly refusal of the mark so you may consider the filing of the logo so that that you have something to get registered. This trademark is preferable as it protects the entire mark in one trademark application. It is also preferable to the costing for filing this application is cheap.
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