Customs Clearance Services – A Complete Overview

Customs Clearance Services

Custom Clearance Services refers to all the necessary documentation required for encouraging more export or imports in the country. The work involved in the preparation and submission of documentation is referred to as the Customs Clearance Service. Under this process, the client represents customs examination, assessment, payment of duty and taking delivery of cargo from customs after clearance along with documents.

Customs Clearance Services has provided exceptional custom brokerage services for all types of manufacturing companies. It is a new opportunity open in the market of international trade, the requirements and regulations for importing products are constantly changing.

How is Customs Clearance Services managed?

Customs Clearance Services is managed by a team of experts. The team ensures that all requirements are met to expedite the clearance of shipment. This experienced team offers real-time free advice and offer tailored services to suit every requirement when needed.

The aim of this process is to deliver an efficient, professional, timely service, specific for Companies, and individual requirements. The team also closely looks into the arrival and dispatch of shipments and answers all the queries related to all clearance procedures. They also aid to ensure that your consignments clear customs swiftly and efficiently.

The team also assists in completing all the required legal formalities within the specified time period. The services also include hassle-free documentation, customs documentation and brokering, domestic clearance for trouble-free transportation of consignments, warehouse coordination, and others.

What are important documents required for import customs clearance in India?

Some of the important documents include the following:

Required documents for import customs clearance
  • Bill of Entry

One of the major import documents for import customs clearance is Bill of Entry. It is the legal document which is required to be filed by CHA (Customs House Agent) or Importer duly signed. Bill of Entry indicates of ‘total outward remittance of the country’ regulated by Reserve Bank and Customs department. The Bill of Entry should be filed within thirty days of the arrival of goods at a customs location. The goods are carried out only when the Bill of Entry is filed. The Bill of Entry is filing only alongside important documents as mentioned. Prior to this, the goods are also examined and assessed by the officials of the concerned department. Once the import customs formalities are submitted, a ‘pass out the order’ is issued. After receiving this order from the Customs officers, the imported goods can be moved out of customs.

  • Bill of Lading / Airway bill
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Bill of Lading / Airway bill is the documents which are required for import customs clearance. The Bill of lading under sea shipment or Airway bill under air shipment is the carrier’s document. It is required to be submitted with customs for clearance purpose. This is an important document which provides all the necessary information as well as the details of the cargo along with their terms of delivery.

  • Import License

An import license is another important document which is required for importing procedures and formalities under specific products. This type of license is mandatory for importing specific goods as per guidelines provided by the government. Time to time Import of such specific products may have been being regulated by the Government. So the government has insisted on a license as the documents required for import customs clearance to bring those import materials from foreign countries.

  • Insurance Certificate

Insurance certificate is also required for import customs clearance procedures. Insurance certificate is a supporting document for importer’s declaration in terms of delivery. Insurance certificate is under import shipment. It helps customs authorities to verify, whether selling price includes insurance or not. This finds the assessable value which determines import duty amount.

  • Purchase order/Letter of Credit

The purchase order is also required for import clearance purposes. It reflects all terms and conditions of sale and contracts that help the customs officers to come to a common point on confirmation of the value assessment. In cases where there is any import consignment on a credit basis, in that case, the imported is required to provide a copy of Letter of Credit along with all the necessary documents for import clearance.

  • Technical write up for any specific goods, if required

Technical write-up or any document of any similar nature which is relevant for import-export is required. These documents are for import clearance under some specific goods. For example, if machinery is imported, a technical write-up or literature explaining with its function can be attached along with importing documents. This document helps customs official to know the market value of such imported machinery, in turn, helps for value assessment.

  • Industrial License, if any

For some specific goods importing, an industrial license copy may be required. If any Importer asks for benefits related to imports as per the guidelines laid down by the Government, in such cases the Industrial License can be shown or procured to get all the benefits. A copy of Industrial license shall be submitted to the customs authorities as this document is of great importance.

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Where are these service provided for custom clearance?

Places where these services are provided for custom clearance:-

Service provided for custom clearance

What are the advantages of Customs Clearance Services?

The importance of having a custom clearance services through Companies enables us to guide through the process of shipment with respect to their clearance process. It is important to ensure that the goods exported and imported on a daily basis reach their destination safely and on the expected time slot. Through this clearance services, it helps in accelerating the process quickly.

Some of their advantages are:-

  • Works according to the needs

It builds long-standing relationship with our customers through excellent and personalized customer service. This gives a clear picture of all the cost and expenses incurred in the whole process and give a rough idea about the whole process in a nutshell before it gets to their final destination.

  • It can provide advising

It is required to know, such as import licenses, classification, valuation, duty reliefs, and end-use. Agents are required to handle import and export cargo by either air, ocean & land transportation.

  • Analyzing all the documents

It scrutinizes all the documents and if they are meeting with that specific country’s requirements. By this means it delivers solutions which ensure reductions on the duty imposed and tax liability hence after.

  • Avoiding delay in deliverables

Considering that having timely deliveries are an essential point for any international trader. This is one of the major reasons to have a custom clearance services outsourced.

  • Information regarding complex administrative necessities

Many organizations face problem to manage the cost of workforce versed in the complex administrative prerequisites representing the shipping of products overseas. In this situation, they can outsource this business impedance and opt for custom clearances services.

  • Skills for facilitating customs clearance

Customs specialists have the right stuff to encourage the whole process, irrespective of the port of entry.

  • Helps in avoiding unnecessary expenses

There are many regulations and rules in cross-border exchanges. By specializing in the prerequisites on the varieties of products, the customs clearance agents protect from getting any defaults or any expensive deferrals, reallocation of the stock, fines and different penalties.

  • Verifying customs clearance services like declarations

The Custom clearance services are responsible for all the declarations which have been made for the benefit. They try to free you from all the defective revelations for which can bring about sanctions, audits, and fines on the business as an ultimate consequence. One can ensure their assertions confirmed by an Authorized customs agent.

  • Convenient paperwork
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Paperwork is the best way of communication in any field. This facilitates the speed of the work by having all the easy and convenient steps. This is the direct outcome of the accommodation in investing in all the printed material

  • Suitable identification of the goods

Every item gets a particular order number. They are isolated into significant gatherings as well as sub-gatherings to permit right and simple identification for purposes of obtaining customs duty.

  • Easy clearance with formal entry

Basically this applies to pharmaceutical & food items, beauty care products, chemicals, natural materials for medical & research use, and additionally horticultural and dairy items. The Customs Clearance services include -Import customs Clearance i.e. HSN classification. HSN stands for Harmonized System of Nomenclature. The World Customs Organization[1] (WCO) developed a vision of classifying goods all over the World in a systematic manner. HSN contains a six-digit uniform code. It classifies 5,000+ products and which is accepted worldwide.


The Custom clearance services are of great use. They have an Urgent checklist which is be completed and reviewed within 90 minutes. On the Same day, clearance is granted provided that all the documents are available with him. This is subject to the document’s availability. They have a well-trained staff who knows about all the technicalities with respect to the documentation and customs clearance. The goods are sent off for clearance using minimum forms and paperwork. They are available there 24*7. In some cases, the importer needs to submit Registration cum Membership Certificate along with import custom clearance documents.

To assess the value and quality of goods, the customs officer may take a sample for imported goods and the same goes to the laboratories affiliated by the Government for testing purposes. After getting the test report, it is documented along with the remarks made on the basis of the test. The schemes like DEEC/DEPB/ECGC etc availed by an importer for a duty exemption has to be produced alongside other import clearance documents.

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