Compliance Calendar for Listed Companies in BSE

compliance calendar

Listing of a company has been regulated by SEBI. If you list your company in the stock exchange, then you need to comply with the listing requirement of SEBI. In this article, we will have discussed the compliance calendar for listed companies in BSE.

Quarterly / Half Yearly / Annual Compliances under SEBI Listing Regulations 2015[1] (LODR).

Quarterly Compliance Calendar for Listed Companies in BSE

Regulation 27 (2)Corporate Governance.
Not Applicable to :


  1. the listed company having paid up equity share capital not over and above rupees ten crore and net worth not exceeding rupees 25 crores, as on the last day of the previous financial year:
Within 15 days from the quarter end.
Regulation 13 (3)Statement of Investor complaints.Within Twenty one days from the end of each quarter.
Regulation 31Shareholding Pattern.Within 21 days from the quarter end.
(SEBI- DP Reg.55A)Reconciliation of Share Capital Audit.Within 30 days from the quarter end.
Regulation 33Financial Results.Within 45 days from the quarter end. And in case of Annual Financial Result, within 60 days from the end of Financial Year.

Half Yearly compliance calendar for listed companies in BSE

Regulation 7 (3)Compliance Certificate certifying the
Maintenance of physical and electronic transfer facility
Within one month of the end of each half of the financial year.
Regulation 40 (9)Certificate of
Practicing Company Secretary.
Within one month of the end of each half of the financial year.

Annual Report

Regulation 34Annual Report of the CompanyWithin 21 working days of it being accepted and adopted at the annual general meeting of the company.
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Other Compliance Requirements under SEBI Listing Regulations 2015. (LODR)

Regulation 7Appointment of New Share Transfer Agent.Within seven days of entering into the agreement.
Regulation 14Listing Fees & Other charges.Manner specified by the Board or the recognized Stock Exchange(s).
Regulation 29Need to call board meetingThe company shall communicate to exchange within 5 days advance before declaring any financial results.
The Company shall give an advance notice of 11 working days in case matter related to alteration in i) Securities; ii) date of interest or redemption of Debenture/bond
Regulation 30Disclosure of Price-Sensitive Information.Not later than twenty-four hours from the occurrence of event or information.
Regulation 30Outcome of Board MeetingWithin 30 minutes of the closure of the meeting.
Regulation 42Notice for Record Date \ Corporate Action.For any corporate action, the company will have to give 7 days’ prior notice to stock exchange about the record date


The dividend must be declaring 5 days before the corporate actions or record date.

Regulation 43Declaration of Dividend.As per mentioned
Regulation 43 ADividend Distribution Policy.May disclose their dividend distribution policies on a voluntary basis in their annual reports and on their websites.
Regulation 44Voting Result.within forty-eight hours of the conclusion of its General Meeting
Regulation 46Company Website.Any update on the website content has to be communicated to stock exchange in 2 days advance
Regulation 30(1) and 30(2)SEBI Takeover Regulations 2011It Will disclose their aggregate shareholding and voting rights as of the 31st day of March.
The disclosures in writing are required under sub-regulation I & II of the takeover norms. It will be communicated within 7 working days from the end of each financial year too;


  • every stock exchange the place where the shares of the target company are listed; and
  • To the target company at its registered office for disclosing the same.
Regulation 7(2)SEBI (Prohibition of Insider Trading) Regulations, 2015.
  • All insider trading of securities acquired or disposed of must be communicated to stock exchange within 2 days.
  • Every company shall let know the information and other details of such trading to the stock exchange on which the securities are listed within 2 trading days of receipt of the disclosure or/and from becoming aware of such kind of information.
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