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May 10 2018

How to get FCRA Registration in India

Why is FCRA Registration Required? FCRA Registration in 2010 Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Act, 2010 was enacted with a view to regulating any kind of...

Jan 31 2018

Procedure for Registration of Venture Capital Funds...

NGO Registration of Venture Capital is regulated by SEBI (Venture Capital Funds) Regulations, 1996. Any Company or trust proposing to carry on an activity...

Jan 24 2018

A Detailed Procedure for NGO Registration

In India NGO i.e. Non-Profit Organisations / public charitable organizations i.e. Non-Profit Organisations shall be formed as trusts, societies, or a pr...

Jan 23 2018

What are the Types of NGO Registration in India

What are Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs)? A non-governmental organization (NGO) is an organization that is not a portion of a government & was no...

Jan 09 2018

Can NGO Founders Draw Salary?

The NGO founders can also be its trustee in accordance with the Indian Trusts Act, 1883. Can NGO Founders draw a Salary as Trustee? NGO stands for Non-Gove...

Nov 15 2017

FCRA Registration Process for NGO

Getting permission for Foreign contribution in an NFO is strictly regulated and in recent years, large no of the old license has been canceled and renewal...

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Procedure Society Registration India Step Wise Analysis...

A person or entity has the vision to work for not for profit generally prefers to register as Society under the act, the main motive of society registratio...

Nov 15 2017

Checklist and Documents Required for Trust Registration...

Registration of trust for a non-profit is well known and Trust can be formed by 2 or more people for a social cause. In this article, we will discuss the.....

Nov 11 2017

NGO Registration Process in Mumbai

In India registration of NGO (non-profit organizations)/public charitable organizations i.e. NGO can be registered as trusts, societies or section-8 comp...

Oct 23 2017

Trust Registration Process in India

For social or welfare work you can register your NGO under trust Registration Act. In this article, we are going to discuss Trust Registration process and...

Oct 18 2017

Checklist of Section 8 Company Incorporation

While incorporating an NGO with broad vision and working for the community at large the section 8 company incorporation is the most proffered mode of NGO R...

Sep 25 2017

NGO & Section 8 Registration in Delhi

An NGO is a not-for-profit organization or the voluntary citizen’s group working to social causes & various interests. NGOs perform the variety of se...

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