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General Agreement

Learning ยป General Agreement

Apr 20 2020

A Brief Overview on Rental Agreement

Introduction If a person is planning to rent out a property or if someone is planning to let out a property on lease, then they must have an understanding...

Apr 16 2020

Everything You Need to Know About Gift Deed

Overview The transfer of a property to someone can take place either for a consideration or without any consideration. Where no monetary transaction is inv...

Apr 16 2020

Basic Overview of the Concept of Sale Deed

All of us have heard about various ways through which transactions take place like mortgaging of land, leasing out land and buying real estate's or renting...

Feb 15 2020

Sales Deed Registration: Process

According to Section 54 of the Transfer of Property (TP) Act, 1882, a sale is defined as the transfer of ownership in exchange for a price paid or pro...

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