Credit Co-operative Society
Objectives- Advantages-Co-operative-Society
A society is formed with the main object to serve the people and develop the economic condition within the society. What is Co-operative Society? People come together, pool all the...
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Co-operative Society
Checklist for Multi-state Co-operative Society Registration
What is a checklist for multi-state co-operative society registration? Their main objects shall be serving the interests of members in more than one state and their by-laws shall provide for...
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multi-state co-operative society
Rules, Regulation & Compliance of Multi-State Co-operative Society
Managing a multi-state co-operative society is a complex tax. In this article, we will discuss the rules, regulation, and compliance of multi-state co-operative society. Procedure for Amendment in Bye-Laws of...
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Credit co-operative Society Registration
Multi State Credit Cooperative Society Registration! Critical or Easy?
The continuous increase in the need for credit in every section of the society has led to the formation and development of various credit institutions. Amidst the trend has led...
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