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License and Permit Required for Canned Rasgulla Making

Canned Rasgulla Making

India is a land of sweets, on every occasion, people use to wish their near and dear ones with the sweets. Among all the sweets Rasgulla is considered to be the most popular dessert in eastern India, especially, in West Bengal and Orissa. In terms of definition, it is defined as a syrupy dessert prepared from chhena (cottage cheese), semolina and sugar. It is a perishable product.

In today’s era, people are giving more preference to Canned Rasgulla Making during the time of festival season ’s. After preservation, it can be used at any time. People can store it for a long time. Canned Rasgulla Making are available throughout India, Bangladesh, and Pakistan.

History of Canned Rasgullas

In 1860, Nabin Chandra Das came up with a new recipe that had small balls of pure cow-milk casein boiled in sugar syrup[1]. The sweet came to be called ‘rasgulla’ or ‘rossogolla’. After 8 years, his son Keshab Chandra Das has introduced the Canned Rasgulla Making and gave a new identity to this Bengali sweet.

How to Select the Canned?

While selecting cans, it is to be considered that cans should not be rusted, bulging or dented. There should not be any foul odor. Syrup inside the can should be thin and not too sticky.

Benefits of canned Rasgullas


How to store canned Rasgullas?

Transfer the can content into a plastic container or glass along with the syrup and store it in a refrigerator. The leftover should be consumed within 2-3 days. Sugar acts as a preservative.

Effects of canned Rasgullas on Consumer’s health

Point to be considered before starting this business:

  • Market Potential: Canned Rasgulla Making has more market potential in comparison to canned ones. It has good export potential. It has more revenue potential in comparison to the fresh one.
  • Plant & Machinery: Applicant needs to make a decision regarding the plant and machinery. It is important to secure a space in the right location. In the case of small-scale operation, at least 1000 Sq Ft space is sufficient.
  • Raw Material: Applicant must have knowledge of raw material required for making. Basically Fresh milk, sugar, essence, and Citric Acid.
  • Marketing: The applicant needs to make a sound decision on how he is going to promote his product and enter the Indian Market. Social Media can play a vital role in it.
  • Target Market: Decision has to be taken where he is going to sell his product either in the local market, wholesaler, and malls, open his own outlets or any other mode.
  • Supplier: Applicant needs to make a decision from whom he is going to purchase raw material.

The process of manufacturing Canned Rasgulla’s

License and permit required for Canned Rasgulla Business

  • Company Registration: The first step in commencing business to establish it as an artificial legal entity either in the form of the firm, Limited Liability Partnership or company. The applicant needs to determine as per the legal pattern and register accordingly.
  • GST Registration: Under GST, it is mandatory for every business carrying out a taxable supply of goods or services and whose turnover exceeds the threshold limit to get register and obtain GST number.
  • PF Registration: If there are more than 20 employees in the company or manufacturing unit, then it is obligatory upon the unit management to obtain EPF registration.
  • ESI Registration: For all Businesses, it is mandatory in India to obtain Employee’s State Insurance (ESI) registration if they employ 10 or more employees.
  • Trade License: It is mandatory for the applicant to take a trade license from the local municipal authority for operating in that city.
  • FSSAI License: It is mandatory to obtain FSSAI license as it comes under the packaged food industry
  • IEC License: The applicant needs to obtain IEC license if he wants to export the item.
  • Trademark Registration: In order to maintain the uniqueness of its product, it is mandatory for the applicant to get a trademark for its product. It will save him from the worry of copying the product or harming its market by competitors.
  • BIS Certification: Applicant has to apply for the BIS certification, in order to maintain the quality standard specification IS 4079:1967
  • Pollution Certificate: It is mandatory for every establishment before commencing its activity to obtain No Objection Certificate from your local Pollution Control Board.


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