What are the Benefits of Opening an NBFC

What are the Benefits of Opening an NBFC

Historically benefits of opening an NBFC bank have boosted the financial ecosystem across India as an important financial intermediary tailoring a customer’s portfolio of both savings and investments, especially for small and retail industries as well as areas like underserved and unbanked sectors of the Indian economy. Over the years benefits of opening an NBFC have evolved extensively resulting in stringent changes in the regulatory framework and a high level of regulation framework enhancing the customer experience and meeting the credit needs at low-cost operations as compared to the traditional banks in India.

Additionally, the benefits of opening an NBFC have also gradually become a mechanism to boost the growth and development of entrepreneurs with the launching of various government schemes. Such scheme of the government of India benefits of opening an NBFC bank are Pradhan Mantri Jan-Dhan Yojana has contributed to a significant increase in the number of bank accounts.

The benefits of opening an NBFC bank have also played an important role in combatting the financial crisis or financial duress, thus NBFC bank has been recognised as complementary service provider to banks. Nowadays, NBFCs have become an integral part of financial business services such as loans, credit facilities, retirement planning, etc. Both small borrowers and the unorganized sector received a credit facility easily from the benefits of opening an NBFC bank, unlike traditional banks in India.

With the increasing stress and bad debt in the public sector banks (PSUs) lending of credit in rural areas has reduced the number of lending facilities, thus resulting in benefits of opening an NBFC bank to ensure NBFC presence and opportunities.

Why Consider Establishing a Non-Bank Financial Institution

The success of NBFCs Vs PSUs has been attributed benefits of opening an NBFC banks in India. Some of the most common benefits of opening an NBFC bank are its product lines, lower cost, wider and effective reach across the interior places in India, solid risk management, and a better and thorough understanding of various segments of customers. NBCS bank has also witnessed major success in specific finance segments like passenger and commercial vehicles as well as the personal loan and housing finance sector in AUM. Moreover, improving macroeconomic conditions, higher credit penetrations, and various other digital trends have resulted in the benefits of opening an NBFC. Customers nowadays have preferred NBFC banks due to the Public Sector unit’s stress, underlying credit demands and various other MSMEs and SMEs digital disruption has increased the benefits of opening an NBFC over the traditional bank because of its increasing demand from customers for financial services.

NBFC banks are also playing an integral part in key financing to various MSME schemes sanctioned by the government of India. The economic evolution with the establishment of various startups and entrepreneurial businesses has increased the benefits of opening an NBFC bank along with the dozens of various other government policies or schemes such as Pradhan Mantri Yojana and the National Rural Financial Plan.

How NBFC is Transforming Indian Financial Landscape

NBFCs or Non-banking Financial Companies play a major key role in emerging the financial sectors in India offering a range of diverse financial services to customers both companies and individuals. However, unlike a traditional bank NBFC bank cannot accept a deposit but the benefits of opening an NBFC bank have increased the choice of credit and financial facilities of customers that help them to boost economic growth and promote various other financial inclusion. On the other hand, the benefits of opening an NBFC bank is that customer addresses innovative or unique financial products and services that fulfill the customer’s needs and requirements enhancing their role in the financial market.

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Given below are the key factors in how the opening of an NBFC banks is transforming the Indian banking industry.

  1. The benefits of opening an NBFC or a non-banking financial company have ensured flexibility and innovations in financial services in India. The main objective of an NBFC bank is to meet the financial needs of an underserved category or a niche market. Such characteristics of the NBFC help them to adapt to the constant changing of market conditions and preferences of a customer.
  2. The benefits of opening an NBFC bank are mostly enjoyed by the section of individuals or customers who may not have access to traditional banking services. Non-banking financial companies have less stringent eligibility criteria unlike traditional banks ensuring that credit facilities are easily accessible to a wide range of individuals and companies across the Indian states.
  3. With the advancement of technology, NBFC bank has also embraced the digitalization procedures for effective working of the NBFC banking operations and for better customer services. Some of the major technologies adopted by the NBFC transforming the Indian banking sectors are digital lending platforms, online payment, and AI-driven credit evaluation tools.
  4. In India the regulatory framework is quite favorable for non-banking financial companies, thus the benefits of opening an NBFC bank in India get fair support from the regulatory body to grow and expand their financial business. Reserve Bank of India is a concerned authority that provides guidelines to banks and NBFC to follow for efficient financial service.
  5. The benefits of opening NBFC banking allow the customers to have options on various complementary financial services like vehicle financing, housing loans, microfinance, etc.
  6. Lastly, over the years benefits of opening an NBFC bank in India have achieved a strong track record in meeting the financial requirements and its performance. This has also boosted the confidence of investors in NBFC banks. Moreover, it has also increased the number of fund options through various channels like equity, debt, and securitization.

How Society Benefits from Opening NBFC

Non-banking financial institutions help society in various ways, given below are the significant ways in which society benefits from NBFC openings:

  1. With the establishment of NBFC banks various segments of individuals and companies who could meet the eligibility criteria of traditional banks can now obtain credit facilities through NBFC banks. Thus, playing an important role in expanding financial services to a various section of society such as undeserved and unbanked segments.
  2. The benefits of opening an NBFC bank help small and medium-sized enterprises to meet their financial credit requirements or needs. NBFC establishment has also played a vital role in uplifting the Indian economy by generating employment for the Indian public.
  3. Any individual willing to buy a vehicle can now directly approach NBFC banks as This non-banking financial company has played a significant role in providing loans for buying cars.
  4. NBFC has also made it easier for the Indian public to secure a housing loan for constructing their dream project thus enhancing better living facilities.
  5. The benefits of opening an NBFC bank is that it provides microfinance facilities to low-income individuals and communities in India. However, such microfinance loans are mainly used to meet income-generating activities like small businesses and various other agricultural activities.
  6. NBFC also contributes to developing the infrastructure facilities in India by providing long-term financing services for constructing infrastructure facilities. Such infrastructures include roads, bridges, power plants, etc. Thus, this infrastructure development boosts the economic growth of India and improves the quality of life for the Indian public.
  7. Another major benefits of opening an NBFC bank in India is that it has created jobs by supporting businesses by providing financial capital and various other business infrastructures. Therefore, such financial support for establishing small industries has reduced unemployment in India among the public.
  8. The establishment of NBFC in the financial industry has increased the choices in financial services thus increasing the competition among the financial sectors.
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Why Choose NBFC Business Loans Over Others

There are multiple differences between the business loans sanctioned by the NBFC banks and various other business loans. Given below are the key reasons why NBFC business loans are way better than other business loans:

Minimum Requirements of Documentation

Customers applying for business loans with an NBFC involve an easy process of documentation and procedures. This advantage saves time and thus reduces the complications and hassle for customers or entrepreneurs making the journey of obtaining a business loan smooth and convenient as compared to the traditional banks.

Absence of Collateral Requirements

NBFCs usually do not seek collateral for securing business loans, unlike traditional banks. This absence of collateral requirement results in benefits for the companies without a significant asset to keep collateral for withdrawing capital. Therefore, businesses can still obtain a business loan without risking their valuable possessions.

Quick processing Time

NBFC banks are famously known for the quick processing time in sanctioning loan amounts to customers. Businesses in need of urgent capital finance can opt for NBFC for quick disbursal of the capital.

Higher Loan Amounts

NBFCs may also offer a higher loan amount as compared to traditional banks meeting the company’s financial needs for growing and expanding their businesses. The higher loan amounts also result in benefitting the businesses looking for substantial funding for expanding the businesses and various other projects.

Major Benefits of Opening an NFC Loans

Explore the advantages of choosing the NBFC loans over other traditional banks:

Flexible Eligibility

Unlike a traditional bank, NBFCs do not have stringent requirements on the various eligibility criteria such as demanding high credit scores, substantial business turnovers, long years of business vintage, etc. One of the most significant benefits of the opening of NBFC is the flexible nature of banking solutions ensuring a relaxed mode of approach for customers. The benefits of opening an NBFC bank is fulfilling the needs of individuals and businesses having a low credit score not qualified by traditional banks.

Quick Disbursal of Funds

NBFC banks understand the essence of time, thus streamlining quick disbursal procedures ensuring customers meet the capital requirements promptly without any delay so that individuals or companies meet their requirements before it’s too late.

Competitive Interest Rates businesses

The benefits of opening an NBFC are its competitive interest rate since NBFCs are not bound by the RBI (Reserve Bank of India) Prime lending rate (PLR) hence, granting flexibility in deciding the rate of interest in the loan amount. Additionally, NBFC attracts broader customers across the nation also the NBFC processing fees and various other charges are much lower than a traditional bank.

Digital Loan Processing

With the advancement of technology, NBFC has also adopted digital trends by introducing paperless processing of a loan. Now customers can apply for loans through fintech platforms without wasting time visiting a branch physically. Therefore, this user-friendly approach saves time and effort for the customers enhancing customers’ experience.

Pre-Approved Loan Limits

Most of the NBFC banks provide a facility of pre-approved loans to customers with a specific limit, a unique feature where the customers can withdraw the funds whenever they require ensuring that interest rates are charged only on the amount utilized. Moreover, pre-approved loan limits provide customers with a safety net, helping businesses to withdraw such funds when unprecedented situations arise.

Growth Of the NBFC Industry

The Non-banking Financial Companies in India have undergone a remarkable change in recent years establishing a significant position in the financial landscape in India. The benefits of opening an NBFC bank have reached an impressive size of USD 326 billion in the year 2023 resulting in the expansion of influence in the financial domain. This NBFC growth has addressed the substantial increase in the demand for various specialized financial services for Micro, Small, and various other medium enterprises.

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Some of the major key elements that influence the expansion of NBFC banks in India are:

Customised Solution

The Benefits of opening an NBFC solution is that it provides customized solutions aligning with the specific needs and products of distinct consumers. NBFC keeps checking the lending risks and thus modifies the financial service products to meet the specific needs or requirements of customers.

Optimum Use of Technology

With the advancement of technology, NBFC banks have also streamlined the technology software enhancing the client’s experiences. Various technologies like artificial intelligence, and data analytics are adopted by NBFC banks to build strong relationships with potential clients.

Service to the underserved

One of the major benefits of opening an NBFC bank is meeting the needs of underserved and unorganized sections of the economy who are not eligible under the criteria of traditional banks.

Arrangements for co-lending

The growth of NBFC has recently resulted from the partnership buildings with various other alternative lenders and commercial banks working under various digital platforms. Such development has increased the growth of potential customers.

Better connectivity

NBFC’s target audience is mostly from those sections of the economy that are not reachable by the traditional market. NBFC banks render financial services to tier 2, tier 3, and tier 4 markets. 24-hour service facilities are also provided by the NBCs meeting the client’s needs with effectively connected channels of communications.

Better risk Management

Non-banking financial company adopts robust risk management aligning with the regulatory requirements of the concerned authorities in running the business of a financial company.


The benefits of opening an NBFC bank in India offer a wide range of financial service options available to the Indian public leading to promoting financial inclusion and economic growth. NBFC banks are based on a customer-centric approach and innovative services playing a key role in shaping the Indian financial landscape. However, the banking sector is constantly evolving thus the role of NBFC plays a big role in driving the economic growth and prosperity across the overall development of the countries. In the upcoming years, NBFC banks will address a huge growth as NBFC banks are preferred due to their low cost of operations and their registration is also easy, unlike traditional banks.


  1. Is NBFC a profitable business?

    Yes, NBFC is a profitable business, the Reserve Bank of India has recently published a financial stability report on how NBFC business is profitable.

  2. What are the benefits NBFCs have over banks?

    NBFC bank has an easy process of documentation and verification procedure, unlike a traditional bank. It allows individuals and companies to obtain loans as quickly as possible enabling them to seize opportunities for growth without any delay.

  3. Is NBFC good or bad?

    NBFC is a good banking service as it has many advantages attached to it such as its flexibility in eligibility criteria making it easier for individuals and organizations whose credit scores are less than perfect, unlike traditional banks whose key eligibility criteria are based on the customer's credit scores. Therefore, due to several advantages, NBFC has become one of the preferred choices for borrowing capital.

  4. Why NBFC is risky?

    NBFC banks are prone to various inherent risks while operating in a financial business such as credit risk, interest rate risk, equity or commodity price risk, liquidity risk, and various other operational risks.

  5. What are the disadvantages of NBFC?

    The major disadvantages of NBFC banks are no demand deposits facility, no deposit insurance facility and it cannot issue cheques drawn on itself.

  6. What is the cost of an NBFC license?

    Generally, the government of India charges around Rs.3,50,000 as an NBFC registration fee along with a professional fee of around Rs 15 lakhs or less.

  7. Which is the safest NBFC in India?

    The top NBFC banks in India are L&T Finance Holdings Limited, Cholamandalam Investment and Finance Company Limited, Muthoot Fincorp, Reliance Capital, Shriram Finance Ltd, etc. These are the NBFC banks you can choose for the required service for meeting your required expenditures.

  8. Which is better bank or NBFC?

    However, banks offer customers low interest rates due to their low access to cost funds and NBFC eligibility criteria are more flexible as compared to the traditional banks and also a quick processing time on sanctioning the loan amounts. Thus, depending on the customer's accessibility one can choose either NBFC or Banks aligning with their needs.

  9. Who controls NBFC?

    NBFC is governed and controlled by the Reserve Bank of India, RBI as the concerned authority can exercise surveillance, supervise, inspect, issue directions, and lay down various policies and regulations that regulate the operations of a non-banking financial company.

  10. How do I start a small NBFC?

    Firstly, you should fill out an application form before the RBI, obtain a certificate of Incorporation, the latest audited accounts, statutory auditor accounts, KYC details, and PAN card details of the company, etc.

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