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Financial Services

With the growth in the economy and higher disposable incomes in the hands, the money available needs to be invested. Here comes the role of financial services which are responsible for managing money in a certain manner that generates maximum benefit to the company and at the same time fulfilling all the statutory obligations.

GST filing, advisory and registration

Goods and Services Tax has been the biggest reform in the history of indirect tax regime of India. This tax puts an end to the several indirect taxes levied earlier which had cascading effect and were increasing inflation the country. Keeping in view the conditions and needs of certain territories the threshold limit for registration of an entity varies. Some hilly states have a threshold limit of 20 lakhs while others have 40 lakhs. As per the recommendations of GST Council tax rates of different commodities range from 0% to 28%.

We at Enterslice shall provide full assistance in terms of:

  • Evaluating monetary impact of GST on businesses
  • Aligning business operations to increase tax efficiency
  • Protecting businesses from anti-profiteering provisions
  • Litigation services related to GST
  • Generation of E-way bills
  • IT related services relating to GST
  • Assisting in GST audits
  • GST training services
  • GST advisory services

Income Tax Return filing and advisory

Income tax is the direct tax that is assessed and levied by the government on the basis of residence of the person under several heads of income earned by the assessee in the last financial year. Income tax is levied on the income of an individual to legal entities like LLPs, companies, partnerships etc.

Important aspects of taxation are assessment and computation. In calculating and computing if any mistake or fault is committed, it can result into an unending chain of litigation which can adversely impact the conduct of business.

Be it individual or a company we at Enterslice shall provide full assistance in terms of:

  • Advisory on tax planning
  • Filing of the Income Tax returns within due date.

Tax Optimization

Every person doing business has heard about tax planning where one evaluates the tax liability, tax deductions and then make informed choices whereas Tax Optimization is the process of devising a strategy that provides minimum assessment of tax on the entity within the existing regulatory framework of law. Tax optimization is the next step forward in tax planning where the entity’s business strategy is devised in a certain way that minimum levy of tax is imposed.

Tax Optimization can help businesses and individuals with more savings at the end of the financial year. This saved money can be used by the business for the purpose of increasing profits and make investments at other required places. Moreover, tax optimization acts like a second line of defence for the businesses and individuals facing cash crunch.

Our team at Enterslice will provide you with assistance in the following manner:

We shall provide full assistance in terms of:

  • Opportunity for cost reduction, co-sourcing, and outsourcing and streamlining
  • Shifting of focus from compliance to value-adding or strategic activities
  • Achieving efficient and high-quality tax compliance.
  • Providing insights into data in an automated process

International tax advisory

In this globalised world every business wants to take its business across the borders. However, running global operations is a tedious task when it comes to engaging with the complexities of multiple tax jurisdictions. An important reason in the success of any business running globally is the manner in which the tax planning is done. If the existing corporate tax strategy is not aligned with the global tax strategy, the operations of the business can land in such pitfalls which will make it unfeasible to run global operations. Therefore, it is advisable that batteries of dedicated tax professionals devise an international tax strategy and synchronise it with the existing corporate tax strategy in order to run global operations in a feasible manner. But engaging a battery of tax professionals having expertise is a costly affair for any business.

This is where Enterslice pitches in with the professionals having relevant experience, resources and competency to help businesses in the following geographical networks:

  • EU Direct Tax group
  • Latin American Tax group
  • International Tax Desks

We shall provide full assistance in terms of:

  • legal compliances,
  • cross border needs
  • Transfer pricing transactions etc.

Auditing services

A number of audits have been mandated by the Indian regulatory framework under various laws that may belong to aspects related to taxation, secretarial, cost, stock etc. The accounts, policies, framework, compliances are checked by the mandated standards and professionals authorised by the statute alone have the mandate to conduct such audits. Discrepancies committed during the conduct of audit can result into huge complications and even threatens the existence of the business concern.

Therefore, it is advisable that a business concern engages the services of a service provider that has the expertise to conduct audit in diverse areas and also sets up their internal functioning in a manner which makes it compliant with the existent regulatory framework to save the company regulatory pitfalls in the future.    

We at Enterslice shall provide full assistance in terms of:

  • All types Audits mandated by various statutes
  • System optimization and audit support mechanisms in place among others.

RBI related registrations

The Reserve Bank of India is the central bank of India and plays a pivotal role in the money supply, money changing, foreign currency etc. activities in India. Therefore, it keeps a close watch on such activities and also regulates the entities that are involved and related to such businesses. For allowing the business entities to engage in such businesses it mandates them to be registered under its roll and keep fulfilling the compliances that it mandates from time to time.

However, getting registrations done with the RBI involves a tedious process and an entity conducting business without proper registration and authorization may result in hefty penalties and in some cases closing of business.

We at Enterslice shall provide full assistance in getting following registrations from RBI:

  • NBFC Registration
  • FFMC license
  • Microfinance Company Registration
  • Housing Finance Company Registration
  • NBFC Account Aggregator License
  • Prepaid Wallet License
  • Peer to Peer Lending License
  • Payment Bank License
  • Payment gateway License

SEBI related registrations

The Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) is the statutory regulatory body that regulates the securities and commodities market of India and at the same time making sure that the investors’ rights and interests are secured. For protecting the interests of the investors SEBI comes with set of regulations which the business entities running business in the securities market are bound to follow failing which penalties will be imposed.

Further, only duly authorized entities which have been registered under the roll of SEBI are allowed to run business. The registration again becomes a cause of concern for businesses because a number of compliances and eligibility criteria they are supposed to meet. This requires a team of experts who have years of experience in getting the registration done for such business entities.

We at Enterslice provide assistance in assisting our clients in getting registration for the following:

  • Alternative Investment Fund Registration
  • Mutual Fund Registration
  • Registration of CIS, CRA, FPI, AMC
  • Depository participant registration
  • Investment advisors Registration
  • Registrar and share transfer agent registration
  • Registration of Underwriters, merchant bankers, venture capital company

Financial Consultancy

Last but not the least, for a business to run effectively, the business needs to fulfil all the requirements of the statute within which the business entity has been established failing which may result in penalties followed by subsequent dissolution of the entity. In order to avoid such situations and smooth working of operations, advisory services of an experienced team well versed in company law, LLPs and other relevant laws is required.  

We at Enterslice assist our clients in the following financial services among others:

  • Financial Modelling
  • Drafting business plans
  • Short term finance
  • Start up financing


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