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Shivi Gupta

She holds extensive experience in content development and research in the finance, economics, legal and business domain. A stickler for detail, she curates her content putting her financial and legal acumen to use and conducting a detailed analysis of latest economics, business and financial trends.

May 21 2020

Applicability and Impact of GST on Healthcare Services Sector in India

India has one of the largest Pharmaceutical Industries in the world, with the country’s healthcare service sector slowly becoming the medical tourism destination in the global arena, owing to the...

May 15 2020

Applicability and Effects of GST on NBFCs in India

The advent of Goods and Services Tax or GST has been a monumental milestone in the history of the tax regime in India. With GST replacing the old indirect tax...

Jan 30 2020

Why Businesses Need Climate Change and Sustainability Services?

We are in the middle of extreme environmental crisis - climate change has emerged as one of the most serious threats to the human survival. The rapid increase in greenhouse...

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