What Registrations You Need to Open an Aerobic Center?

Aerobic Center

The aerobic center is a fitness regime that combines rhythm with stretching exercises and strength training. The concept is to pump more oxygenated blood from the heart to the body. More and more Indians are getting [1] now. With rising income and awareness of lifestyle-related problems and diseases, the Indian market has realized that a fitness regime is pre-requisite to wellness and well-being.

Opening a Fitness Center or an Aerobic Center Involves Deciding:-

  1. Whether it will be a personal training studio or Pilate’s studio or a group aerobic center?
  2. What is the market that you wish to cater to – niche, sportsperson, aged senior citizens, women only or youngsters?

As an entrepreneur, once you are clear on the above two points, you can start work on looking for a suitable venue. The main thing about the location is that it needs to be strategically located –a mall or an area with lots of high-tech offices around that has a younger crowd are ideal places for opening an aerobic center. As per the government’s rule, fitness centers are no more allowed inside residential areas. Also important is that it needs to have good parking space around, is easy to locate and is easily accessible.

The next important investment parameter is the staff and trainers. Since aerobics is connected directly to health, it is pertinent to hire trainers with professional certification and experience. A good aerobic center also needs a set of polished customer-friendly staff that will be able to guide the customers on the correct program so that the customer is able to feel the difference after participating in the aerobic fitness training.

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How does the Aerobic Market Look at the Present in India?

The fitness market in India was worth $ 0.76 billion in 2016 and was growing at the rate of 17-18 % annually. The industry overall has the potential to grow at the rate between 22-30 percent year on year. More and more men are registering for bodybuilding courses and women in strength training and aerobics. The typical age group for fitness training is between 20-40 years.

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What are the Licenses and Registrations that are Mandatory to Start an Aerobic Center in India?

  1. As per the rules of the land, the first and foremost license that is required is to when opening a fitness center or an aerobic gym center is to get clearance from the local police department. The application form can be filled online or by approaching the local police station.
  2. Business Registration depending upon the scale and structure of the organization. It can be registered as a One Person Company or a Limited Liability Partnership or an Ltd. Company.
  3. MSME Udyog Aadhaar or SSI registration that is provided by the Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises. All entities registered for the Udyog Aadhaar get special benefits from the Ministry to facilitate easy working.
  4. Trade license from the municipal corporation. The corporation is authorized to carry out surprise audits and checks to ensure that the center is working as per laid norms. It is mandatory to maintain high standards of hygiene; have clean drinking water and have toilets for use. To get this license, owners need to submit the health certificates of their employees too. This is a renewable kind of license.
  5. GST Registration has its own benefits. Though it is mandatory for business houses that earn Rs. 20 lakh or more annually or 10 Lakh in case of special category states, getting the GSTIN number helps as the studio gets legal recognition as a supplier of aerobic services.
  6. ESIC registration if the studio hires 10 or more staff members. For all employees whose wage is less than Rs. 15000 per month, the studio owner needs to contribute 4.75% to ESIC against the employee’s health and sickness benefit.
  7. Professional Tax registration is the onus of the employer hiring staff members who are eligible to pay the professional tax.
  8. Employees Provident Fund registration is the obligation for all establishments in India that employ 20 or more employees. The employer deducts EPF contribution from the employee’s salary and contributes an equal amount to the fund.

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