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Secure your business with Enterslice! From data privacy to cybersecurity, our experts transform vulnerabilities into strengths.

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Data Privacy and Cybersecurity Service

Today, companies pivot more towards digital business structure, resulting in the generation of excessive data sharing among organizations across the world. Moreover, digital information is the lifeblood of the interconnected business ecosystem and is more valuable for the Organization. Rapid increases in digitalization push companies to enter a new era of digital vulnerabilities. Therefore, it becomes necessary for companies to build an effective approach to data privacy and cyber security. Experts at Enterslice help businesses transform into value protectors, promote resilience, and enhance their capability. Our experts will help you transform your business and drive growth by staying updated and preparing for unexpected attacks.

What is data privacy and cybersecurity?

Cybersecurity is understood as a procedure where security systems are used to protect systems, servers, emails, cloud storage, and emails. Cybersecurity is not just security for devices but also security for programs, software, and devices. Data Privacy, also known as data protection, is the terminology used to protect users' sensitive data. Data privacy is a branch of IT security that is concerned with the management of data. At Enterslice, our cybersecurity and data privacy professional gives you the information and confidence to manage such risks and make informed business decisions. With innovative technology and legal advice, we assist you through the complex web of data privacy and cyber security regulations to strengthen your database and compliance process and support you in securing your business objectives. Our multidisciplinary support enables you to tackle and look over data challenges from all angles and helps you to secure your crucial information, including trade secrets, databases, analytics, etc., with other data-enabled advantages that really matter a lot for your business operations.

Shared Data Privacy and Cyber Security for Business

Transform to gain trust.

Our experts will assess your business and help you transform to build your confidence in the business ecosystem. Our Strategy will aligned with the innovation, determined to deliver value to keep you competitive in an ever-evolving landscape.

Promote Resilience

We enable you to stand, prepare, respond and emerge as a strong player to eliminate unexpected events and help you protect your valuable records or assets vital for your business, employees, clients and reputation.

Secured Security

We help you build secured cybersecurity to eliminate your unexpected digital events, keep you on top of cyber threats, and help you avail the benefits of digital transformation in your business.

Our Tech-enabled business, Minded Solutions

Efficient Data Protection Program Solutions

Data Protection management solutions possibly lower the exposure rate and help speed up your working efficiency. We assess your business to provide appropriate guidance on privacy-minded solutions for your business operations and evaluate or help implement a third-party product in your business. We have a vast network and good relationships with various leading software companies.  

Uncover your business's Potential Weaknesses.

Our experts are well-versed and equipped with innovative tools. We will assess your business data activities and helps you spot potential weakness or irregularities in your data activities. At Enterslice, we will support your business with legal tech tools to safeguard and protect your company's sensitive information and personal database. We will establish standards which allow you to evaluate third-party solutions or programs.

Train and prepare your Organization.

Our expert will effectively and efficiently train each member of an organization on cyber security and data privacy compliance. We will conduct training sessions and seminars and initiate an awareness program using advanced and innovative tools to keep your Organization at the forefront of visualizing and understanding the exposure or risk of data privacy and cyber security. We will provide virtual training programs, online campaigns, and many more.

Manage Crisis for Minimal Impact

Our industry professionals will help you respond quickly and effectively to data breaches or any security incident. We will help you to implement innovative data protection tools in your business. At Enterslice, our experts will help you to navigate the data breach situation with the least impact and help you be aware of the appropriate measures to safeguard your business database. We help you get information on high-priority data breach problems in real-time so you can easily respond.  

Our Approach to Secure Your Business Data Privacy

Our professional approach to data protection, with broader lens asses, helps to incorporate preventive measures in your business operations with an appropriate legal structure, Paper works and policies. We will work closely to keep you sufficiently aware of data breaches and initiate risk assessment into actionable insights and charts, which allow you to visualize and lower your data breach risks.

Policies, Standards and Procedures-

Our experts will work closely and prepare practical, easily accessible and understandable legal policies, standards and step-wise preventive measures and procedures suitable for your business. Our experts are tech-driven and well-versed in data privacy, and the cyber security landscape will possibly work to advise on lawful data processing, retention and data deletion processes. We will make the process more efficient and effective, which can easily managed using data protection software. 

Specify roles and responsibilities-

Our expert will help you specify the roles and responsibilities within your organization. We will work closely to mention and decide your employee role and immediate actions to be taken in case of a data crisis. At Enterslice, we are capable of delivering expertise in respect to your jurisdiction within your own language. 

Security Breach and Crisis Management-

Our experts will help you manage potential data and security breaches by developing a complaint process that helps identify, assess, and execute data breach events. We regularly advise you on such incidents to keep you aware and enhance your ability to manage data breaches. We will draft contracts to manage your database transfer using third-party software.

Our Strategy on cyber security and data privacy

Strategically reduce your Cyber risks

We know that to grow in a challenging environment, it is mandatory for businesses to access transparent and accurate visible insights on cyber risks that enable them to have the full clarity to make informed business decisions. Our industry professional will work closely with you to develop a Strategy to reduce your cyber risk and streamline your operations through an internal assessment of your cyber security in your business. Our professional approach to measuring your cyber risk and reporting will possibly help you to get appropriate actionable insights to support your business goals.

Establish Efficient Cyber Security Operations

It is crucial for the organization to implement and operate effective and efficient cyber security and privacy measures in its business operation. Our experts will help them to implement and ensure it is managed and cost-controlled. Our professional, experienced experts will operate, enhance, and ensure industry-leading cyber security and data privacy functions are implemented in your business to help you tackle industry challenges in real-time.

Support to Respond Cyber Security Events

It is common in challenging environments to be trapped in cyber security incidents or any crisis. It seems that Organizations that are fully prepared in advance can easily respond quickly to such cyber security crises. At Enterslice, our technical experts will help structure and prepare you to respond quickly to a cyber incident and ensure you keep your business database safe from such an unexpected cyber security crisis.

Our Expertise defines Standards to manage your database Agreements.

It is mandatory for businesses, prior to engaging with any third parties or with other business partners, to have a good understanding of their business agreements and how the data will be processed and controlled. Our industry experts are experienced and support you in establishing appropriate standards and procedures for third-party data processing agreements. Our intent is to safeguard your business interest through the entire life cycle of your relationship. We work closely to develop clear instructions and procedures that will help you understand which party will be the data controller or processor and help you secure the data procurement process. Our expert will draft a standard agreement based on your business interest, which can be further used with vendors and other businesses. We are determined to guide you and assess and negotiate individual contracts as per the regulatory norms and applicable laws. Moreover, we will offer you efficiency and speed in your business and help you leverage advanced innovative tools to facilitate your database. We will assess your business partner and verify whether they are complying with the required obligations regarding database management. 

Our Litigation Support to execute an effective Cyber Practices

How you manage your business database is important. Our expert will develop an effective strategy to execute good cyber security and data privacy practices in your business. We will work closely with you and support you in communicating and defending your position before the regulators, the public, and groups. Our expert is experienced with good industry understanding, helps in communicating, keeps you ahead of regulatory changes and avoids litigation and sanctions. In case your business requires litigation support, our experts will offer you pre-litigation assistance in administrative proceedings. We will assess the alleged misconduct and create a legal strategy to manage the communication with the concerned regulators. Our experts are well-versed in court proceedings and assist you accordingly to defend your position to avoid unnecessary sanctions or fines. We will offer you an internal IT structure and appropriate legal assistance, which you require necessarily to respond to legal proceedings effectively. Our expertise in competitor litigation can easily represent your matters in a court of law where data and unfair competition law, including the allegations of data protection breach, are involved. 

We help to overcome the Worst Conditions.

 It is possible that cyber-security and a data breach can push you to extreme risk with very little time to respond. It is necessary for businesses to take preventive measures and correct actions to mitigate such unexpected risks and proceed accordingly. We have a team of experts who will work closely with you to help you plan for the worst conditions and mitigate such risks accordingly.

Our professional experts will help you develop a risk response strategy that enables you to access the process to report and manage a breach. Our experts will assess the situation and help you to get it resolved immediately and proceed legally. We will offer real-time insights on cybersecurity and data breaches, which will help you make informed decisions.

We assess business risks to enhance cybersecurity.

We have a team of trained IT professionals who can carry out effective IT and systems security audits to ensure your organization is free from cyber and data threats. Our experts will help design and implement a robust risk strategy to assess your data processing and identify risks that arise from changing legislation or trends within your business sector.

Our expert will help you understand innovative technology that can minimize your data protection risk. Our IT specialist will guide you through the complex web and technical aspects of data privacy and cyber security and implement a robust data protection program to enable your business data protection and help you achieve your business objective.

We help you Identify and Access Management

Our IT professional will help to manage the lifecycle by providing a clear view of who has access to resources in your company. Our experts are advanced in using innovative tools and support you in the entire process of digital transformation by connecting technologies in your business. Our expert will work closely to reduce cyber risk by structuring a framework to access your business resources. We will assess your existing business tools, enhance efficiency and find the appropriate opportunities to reduce the costs associated with maintaining identities. We will work to support a comprehensive compliance procedure with the technical standards, laws and specific regulations in your business operations to enhance your experience in accessing and using your data.

We help you stay up-to-date on data protection and privacy norms.

Our experts at Enterslice help businesses protect their data and privacy from threats. We have a team of experienced experts who keep you updated on regulatory compliance. Our IT professional will help you identify the scope and nature of the event of misuse or breach of personal information and help your organization proceed with the steps to report the events. We will work closely to implement effective data protection and privacy measures to reduce unnecessary costs. Our intent is to protect your business brand reputation by assisting you with the appropriate guidance to safeguard your business, customers, and sensitive database.

We Value Data as an Asset to build a secure digital world

Compliance and Counseling

Our legal experts help businesses properly comply with the law and mitigate privacy and cyber security risks. We work closely to assess privacy and security risk assessment and help businesses understand and meet the necessary obligations to stay at the forefront to avoid cyber-attacks. 

Corporate and Transactional

Our legal experts help businesses identify data privacy and cyber security risks that may underline a potential deal and help in due diligence to assess and address risks with respect to private equity deals, mergers, and acquisitions, including other corporate transactions. Our experts provide assistance in reviewing contracts concerning data and other business partner relationships and reviewing investments to mitigate the potential risk in our client business.

Litigation and Enforcement

Our legal experts help companies prepare and respond to breach events related to privacy claim violations or infringements. Our litigation experts advise businesses and represent our clients in all manner before the court of law. Utilizing our extensive knowledge and experience, our experts quickly defend our client's interests and handle their dispute-related matters.

Gap Assessments

Our IT professionals and legal experts work closely with clients and help them understand the scope and applicability of norms in their business. We help develop a strategy to conduct cybersecurity, data privacy, and AI gap assessments to review existing business governance through litigation and support compliance with the business governance in accordance with the specific law and ethical practice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Data Privacy is important for business operations to safeguard their sensitive information, maintain customer trust and help to comply with specific norms and regulations. Data breaches can result in data loss, legal consequences and damage to the brand image of any organization.

Data privacy protects individuals' sensitive information, whereas cyber security focuses on safeguarding the networks, systems and databases from unauthorized external access and damage.

It is mandatory to keep a regular review and update the privacy policies, initiate training sessions for employees, and implement necessary security measures along with remaining updated with the regulatory norms to ensure your business complies with data protection regulations.

Encryption is the process of converting data into a secure code to avoid unauthorized access. It is mandatory to preserve and protect sensitive information and its transmission.

Cybersecurity training must be conducted on a regular basis within an organization or at least annually in order to educate and make the employees aware of the trends of threats to promote a best practice.

You can implement firewalls, access strong controls, keep your software updated on a periodic basis, conduct an internal assessment and monitor your data activities to remove anomalies.

A virtual private network enables difficulties for other connections or third parties to intercept and gain sensitive data. It focuses on enhancing data privacy.

A data breach is restricted usage of sensitive information. In case unauthorized access is found, the organization or individual should report immediately and work to mitigate the damage further by implementing strong and secured security measures. 

Employees stay at the forefront of the line of defence. Increasing awareness of scams, social engineering, and best security practices could possibly ensure the effective implementation of security incidents.

You need to initiate a regular cybersecurity assessment such as penetration testing, vulnerability scanning and risk assessments to find and identify the risks and address potential weaknesses of your Organization.

Yes, you need to implement strong password policies, engage with mobile management solutions, and educate your employees about the risks of using unsecured networks. 

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