Company Registration in Greece

Greece is one of the most promising country in the sphere of business. You can also turn your dream into reality by setting up your company there. Connect with Enterslice today and get cost-effective company registration services. Company Registration Advisory Paper works Support Liaising w..

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Company Registration in Greece

Want to take your business to the next level by expanding your footprint in Greece? Enterslice is a one-stop destination to help you with your business setup and expansion services. We provide quick and hassle-free business setup services. We provide legal advisory services to ensure the expansion complies with all relevant legal requirements. We support registering and obtaining necessary licenses for the new business operations. We guide you in choosing the appropriate legal structure for the business. We also do financial planning and budgeting for the expansion and provide tax advisory services to optimise tax implications and ensure compliance.

An Overview of Company Registration in Greece

Greece is a popular destination not just for staying and vacationing but also for doing business. It offers an excellent location, abundant resources, a thriving economy and a supportive business environment. You can get an incredibly satisfying and exhilarating experience irrespective of whether you’re a resident or a foreign investor. This guide provides valuable suggestions to ensure you begin on the right path. It delves into the legal and regulatory framework, market opportunities, funding options and other essential factors entrepreneurs should consider before setting up a company in Greece. This will be a complete guide for individuals interested in company incorporation in Greece, offering valuable insights, suggestions and practical advice to help them make reasoned decisions and sail through the complex landscape of entrepreneurship in Greece.

With Enterslice, Embrace Your Company Registration in Greece

Start With Purpose and Mindset

Let us start the journey of your company's incorporation in Greece with support and determination. Let us help you create purpose for your business with a sustainable business model. 

Co-Create the New Culture

Let us create a healthy space within your company to let innovation breathe and give Enterslice a chance to make a humane-friendly business space. 

Think outside the Box

Enterslice, with its innovative approach, could bring diversity to your business by aiding experiments and intrapreneurship culture within your organisation.

Eligibility Criteria for Company Registration in Greece

Tax Identification Number (TIN)

A company needs to acquire a valid TIN and utilise the TAXIS system credentials to start a business in Greece. These credentials are used as the electronic signature of the holder.

Minimum Capital Requirement

A private corporation can be formed with just one euro in share capital, whereas a partnership firm may be formed with as little as EUR 1000.

Registered Office Address

One must have a registered office address to form a Greek company. All the notices and relevant information will be sent to that address.

Directors and shareholders

A company must have a minimum of one director and shareholder to start a business in Greece.

Procedure to Register a company in Greece

  1. Registration of the Business Name in Greece

    To initiate the company registration process in Greece, one must first decide on a name for the firm. After that, you must check availability and legitimacy by contacting the Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

  2. Request for Tax Identification Number (TIN) for the founders

    A local must be employed as the tax representative to secure the TIN if the main shareholder is a non-resident. The tax office issues a TIN to businesses in Greece.

  3. Register Office Address

    It is necessary to have a physical office in Greece where all communication and notices are sent to register a company. The Greek Companies Registry completes the formalities related to the registered office address in Greece.

  4. Create the Company’s statutes

    The National Printing Office must summarise the AOA before printing it in the Greek National Gazette. One must collaborate with a qualified tax accountant to obtain the business’s articles of association.

  5. File a General Commercial Registry registration form for the new company (GEMI)

    The next stage is company registration in Greece with the General Commercial Registry (GEMI) after all the necessary Documents, including the business’s statutes, have been completed. After acquiring all required Documents will take approximately 1 to 5 working days.

  6. Join the EFKA (National Insurance Corporation)

    The other IKE members may choose not to register with EFKA (National Insurance Organisation). However, the director of IKE is required by law to do so. EFKA offers individuals who have ceased working, whether through termination or other reasons, the choice to cover their pensionable service through either optional insurance or self-insurance procedures. Directors must be Greek citizens or members of the EU with active work visas.

  7. Design a seal for your company

    The company seal must include the tax registration number and the office of taxation’s address. Also, corporate practices require the development of a company seal.

Qualities you will find in the Services provided by Enterslice

Client Focus

Enterslice puts great emphasis on client focus. We prioritise the needs and complaints of our clients when offering any business service.


Enterslice is particular about time management as it is vital on the road to personal success and even more critical in the management of any business. We attend to all client’s needs to surpass the agreed timelines.


Enterslice has a unique quality of adapting to different levels of management and business environments. We believe that the synchrony created by business services catapult an organisation to great success.  

Tax Structures of Companies Registration in Greece

Greece has a corporate tax system that applies to companies that are incorporated. Greece's standard corporate income tax rate is 24%, used for companies' taxable income. Dividends distributed by Greek Companies to their shareholders are subject to a dividend tax. The rate can vary based on the recipient’s tax residency. The dividend tax rate for residents of Greece is 5%, and for non-residents, it is 15%. Like other European Union (EU) member states, Greece imposes VAT on goods and services. The standard VAT rate in Greece is 24%, and there are reduced rates for certain goods and services. Capital gains procured from the sale of shares are subject to a 15% tax rate in Greece. However, there are exemptions in some instances, such as the sale of shares listed on the Athens Stocks Exchange. Greece has introduced various tax incentives to promote certain investments and economic activities. These incentives may include reduced tax rates, tax credits and other benefits.

Different Types of Business Structures in Greece

  1. Limited Liability Company (EPE)

    The EPE can be established by one or more individuals who are regular or legal as long as they meet the minimum base capital requirement of €4,500. This company can engage in almost any business except banking and insurance. The partner’s liability is limited to their respective investments in the company. The company must have one or more directors accountable to the organisation. Directors are responsible for paying company taxes and insurance contributions to the Greek state and the Greek private worker’s fund. The company is subject to a Greek corporate income tax rate of 22%, and the partner’s distributed profits are subject to a withholding tax of 25%. A foreign parent company in another EU country may be exempted from withholding taxes under the “parent-subsidiary directive.

  2. Societe Anonyme (AE)

    This type of company can be formed in Greece by at least one natural or legal person with a minimum base capital requirement of €60,000. An AE can engage in any business and offers anonymity for investors if the partners hold anonymous shares. The incorporation process can be completed in 5-6 working days through a one-stop-shop service such as a Greek notary public. Shareholders have the highest authority in the company and can make decisions on any matter. The company’s administrative body is the board of directors, consisting of at least three individuals. In most cases, the board of directors appoints a managing director who may be given some or all of the board’s powers. This type of company is particularly effective when investors may have conflicting interests. The company is subject to a Greek corporate income tax rate of 22%, and profits distributed to shareholders are subject to a withholding tax of 25%.

  3. Branch Office

    In addition to the company types mentioned earlier, a branch office is also a way to start a business in Greece. To set up a branch office, the foreign company trying to incorporate in Greece must apply for approval from the competent surveillance authority in Greece. The foreign company must provide a certificate stating the amount of its share capital abroad. The share capital must be equal to or more than the minimum share capital required for the equivalent Greek company type. The branch office is subject to a Greek corporate income tax rate of 22%, and profits remitted to the branch’s head office abroad are subject to a withholding tax of 25%. The “parent-subsidiary directive” does not apply to branches.

  4. General Partnership

    A general partnership in Greece consists of at least two partners whose liability is limited. There are no requirements for minimum capital. If specified in the agreement, the partners can decide who will manage the company and agree on how losses will be covered, and profits will be shared.

  5. Limited partnership

    A few partners create a limited partnership in Greece with no minimum capital requirement. A minimum of one partner has a limited liability, which depends on their contribution, and who has no management responsibility. Another partner must be the general partner responsible for managing the company.

High-Quality Logistics and Communication Infrastructure in Greece

Greece is strategically located at the crossroads of Europe, Asia and Africa, making its ports essential for international trade. Athens International Airport (Eleftherious Venizelos) is a major international airport in Greece which serves as a hub for domestic and international flights. Greece has an extensive network of roads and highways connecting major cities and regions. Efforts have been made to upgrade and expand road infrastructure to improve connectivity and facilitate the movement of goods. The rail network in Greece is being modernised to enhance transportation efficiency. Improvements include the upgrade of existing rail lines and the development of new connections. Greece has been working on establishing logistics hubs to streamline the movement of goods and improve overall supply chain efficiency.

Documents Required for Company Incorporation in Greece

The specific Documents required for company incorporation in Greece are: i) Copies of a Valid Passport; ii) ID Proof; iii) a Genuine copy of the Memorandum of Association iv) a Genuine copy of Articles of Incorporation; v) Evidence to prove the payment of corporate capital, where required by law, for the establishment procedure; vi) Complete details of directors; vii) Complete details of shareholders; viii) Bank Certificate ix) Tax Number (AFM) for Shareholders and Directors x) Decision of the Competent Body xi) Declaration of deposit of shares xii) Appointment of a Legal Representative.

Benefits of working with Enterslice that you can’t miss

  1. Highly Professional and Reliable Team

    When dealing with professional services, having a professional and reliable team is essential for a smooth and successful experience, whether for company incorporation, compliance or other business-related services.

  2. In-depth knowledge and understanding of local rules and regulations

    Enterslice has a profound experience and knowledge of local rules and regulations in company incorporation, compliance, and business consulting.

  3. Strong Connection with Greece Authorities

    Enterslice has a strong connection with Greece and is a valuable asset for businesses in Greece. The connection facilitates smoother interactions, enhances regulatory compliance and contributes to positive relationships with relevant government agencies.

Benefits of Company Registration in Greece

  1. Highly educated, skilled and talented workforce

    Greece boasts a highly educated, skilled, and talented workforce, making it an attractive destination for businesses looking for qualified professionals to work on their projects. A highly skilled workforce can help companies achieve their objectives by providing high-quality products and services. Greece has a pool of experienced professionals in various sectors, including IT, engineering, finance, healthcare and tourism. These professionals often possess internationally recognised qualifications.

  2. Strong Entrepreneurial tradition

    Greece has a strong entrepreneurial tradition with a culture that values innovation and creativity. This makes it an ideal location for startups and small businesses wanting to start in Greece and seeking to take advantage of this culture to develop new and innovative products and services. The Greek government has introduced initiatives to support entrepreneurship, including financial incentives, funding programs and regulatory reforms. This creates a more conducive environment for startups and small businesses.

  3. Low cost of Labour

    The cost of labour in Greece is relatively low compared to other European Union countries. This is one of the significant advantages of doing business in Greece for entrepreneurs who intend to start a business in Greece. Therefore, companies of every size paved the way to do business in Greece with minimal hiccups.

Challenges of Registering a Company in Greece

  1. Economic Challenges

    Greece has faced economic challenges in recent years, including a financial crisis. While there have been efforts to stabilise the economy, businesses may still encounter uncertainties and fluctuations.

  2. Access to Financing

    Obtaining finance, especially for SMEs, can be challenging. While there are initiatives to support businesses, securing funding may still be a hurdle for some.

  3. Labour Market Condition

    While the cost of labour may be perceived as relatively lower, there have been challenges in the labour market, including high unemployment rates and occasional labour strikes.

  4. Bureaucracy and Administrative Processes

    Greece has been criticised for a complex bureaucratic system; administrative processes can sometimes be time-consuming. Navigating various company registration and compliance procedures may require patience and persistence.

Company Registration Services provided by Enterslice

  1. Company Registration

    Enterslice assists with registering different types of companies like public limited companies, private limited companies, and limited liability partnerships.

  2. Business Structure Advisory

    Enterslice guides clients in choosing the appropriate business structure based on their needs, including ownership, liability, and compliance requirements.

  3. Name Reservation

    Enterslice assists with reserving and approving the proposed company name, ensuring it complies with regulatory guidelines.

  4. Draft of Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association

    Enterslice assists in preparing essential Documents outlining the company objectives, internal regulations and rules governing its operation.

Investment-friendly Incentives

Greece has implemented various investment-friendly incentives to attract foreign direct investment and promote economic growth. Greece has enacted the Investment Incentive Law, providing a framework for incentives to support strategic investments. These incentives include subsidies, tax credits and other benefits. The Greek government has introduced measures to streamline the licensing process for strategic acquisitions. Fast-track licensing aims to reduce bureaucratic hurdles and expedite the approval of investment projects. Investments in sectors designated as “strategic” by the Greek government may be eligible for special incentives. These sectors include tourism, energy, logistics and real estate development.  Greece offers various tax incentives to attract investors. It has reduced corporate tax rates, tax exemptions and tax credits for specific types of investments, especially in research and development (R&D) and innovation. 

Our Commitment to Excellence

  1. Quality Service

    At Enterslice, we are committed to providing our clients with top-notch services, ensuring that their business needs are met with precision and accuracy. Our team of dedicated professionals go above and beyond to deliver exceptional results.

  2. Client Satisfaction

    Your satisfaction is our priority. We aim to meet your expectations by understanding your needs, addressing your concerns and providing personalised solutions. We value your trust and work tirelessly to ensure your complete satisfaction.

  3. Continuous Improvement

    We believe in constantly evolving and improving our services to stay ahead of the curve. Our team is committed to staying updated with the recent industry trends and best practices to provide you with innovative solutions that drive success.

Well-Developed Infrastructure

Greece has been actively working on developing and modernising its infrastructure to enhance connectivity, transportation and overall economic development. The country has an extensive network of roads and highways connecting major cities and regions. Ongoing efforts include the construction and improvement of roads to enhance transportation efficiency. Greece has a well-developed telecommunications infrastructure. High-speed internet and mobile phone coverage are widely available, especially in Urban areas. Continuous investment has been made in the tourism infrastructure, including developing and renovating hotels, resorts and cultural sites. The country has explored public-private partnerships (PPPs) to finance and implement infrastructure projects. PPPs can involve government and private entities collaborating to fund and manage projects.

Liberal Regulatory Environment

Greece has been improving its regulatory environment to attract foreign investment and promote economic growth. The government has undertaken various initiatives to simplify regulatory procedures, reduce bureaucracy and enhance the business environment. The country has introduced investment incentives to attract foreign direct investment (FDI). These incentives may include subsidies, tax credits, and other benefits to facilitate the establishment and growth of businesses. Measures have been implemented to streamline business licensing procedures, particularly for strategic investment

Frequently Asked Questions

“Etairia periorismenis efthinis (EPE)” is the equivalent of an LLC in Greece. 

Yes, you can set up a business in Greece subject to satisfying the criteria laid down by the Greek Company Law.

The cost to register a company in Greece depends upon the form of the company. A Limited Liability Company (EPE) can be set up with at least EUR 4,500 share capital, whereas a public limited company requires a minimum capital of EUR 60,000.

The Greece Company Lax allows foreign legal entities to set up permanent establishments in Greece.

Yes, Greece is an excellent country in which to do business. It is in a decent position regarding the Human Development Index.

Starting a business in Greece usually takes three months to 1 year.

A person should start a company in Greece because it has high-quality logistics and communication infrastructure. Further, Greece's roads, ports and train infrastructure are now being upgraded.  

Total foreign ownership is an option for setting up a company in Greece.

An overseas company can trade in Greece directly or through a branch office.            

IKE is a private capital company in Greece that has capital, and the members are liable for company debts, except for those with guaranteed contributions, which are limited.

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