Company Registration In Bhutan

Tap into your business potential by registering your company in the iconic hill- nation of Bhutan. To know more about company registration in Bhutan, visit us today!

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Company Registration In Bhutan

The "Land of Happiness," Bhutan, offers investors and entrepreneurs many business options. Even though Bhutan may have economic prospects, establishing a firm there can be time-consuming and difficult. Market research, legal compliance, and competitiveness are just a few things new businesses need to pay close attention to. Enterslice fully supports foreign investors, facilitating a speedy registration process and helping them achieve the dream of company incorporation in Bhutan. Although company incorporation is not simple, our experts have the potential and connections to ensure a seamless company registration procedure. Our comprehensive services work to your benefit, allowing you to concentrate on another essential element of running your business while we handle all the formalities. 

Overview of Company Registration in Bhutan

The tiny landlocked nation of Bhutan, situated between China and India, is well-known worldwide for its unique approach to development known as Gross National Happiness. Bhutan has a rich cultural heritage in the creation, promotion, and retailing of handicrafts for both domestic and international customers. Because of its focus on education and skill development, Bhutan provides career training, language instruction, e-learning, and curriculum construction opportunities. The country's growing urbanisation and economic development offer real estate, building, architecture, urban planning, and information technology opportunities. Bhutan has business opportunities in the fintech, banking, insurance, and investment advising sectors of the expanding financial industry. As a result, Bhutan's economy is getting the boost to grow faster from being a member of SAARC.

Enterslice Company Registration Services Will Make Your Business


We will give you future insights into your plan and strategies for your business development by enabling our professional expertise in the financial process.


We provide customised packages that can be adjusted to match your unique requirements and corporate objectives.


We will perform and function in the best possible manner without wasting your time and effort. With Enterslice, make your business prudent and efficient.

Embrace your corporate Journey with Enterslice

Market research - With specialised data and insights, Enterslice research and information solutions help clients achieve greater heights of corporate growth. We provide accurate and comprehensive industry knowledge to assist customers in identifying opportunities and challenges, realigning business strategies, and for business incorporation in Bhutan.

Legal compliance - Managing the ever-increasing corporate risks with the continuously changing compliance rules is the firms' most significant challenge. Our team works together to minimise risks for our clients and execute their plans with seamless alignment with specific business goals.

Competitive Analysis - By analysing the industry and identifying a competitive advantage for you, Enterslice assists in advancing your company with the ease of company registration. The more you understand about your rivals, the more equipped you will be to launch a new business and defeat them.

Proper Set-up - As part of our business set-up services, we guide the type of business structure you should select when forming a company in Bhutan. You can get assistance from our team at Enterslice with business registration, corporate bank account establishment, and post-registration compliance.

Types of Business Structures in Bhutan

For entrepreneurs interested in launching a business in Bhutan, various business structures are available, each with specific needs and advantages. The following are Bhutan's business options:

Sole Proprietorship - This is a primary type of business where a single person owns and runs the company. The owner bears personal liability for all business-related matters, including debts and obligations. Although a sole proprietorship can be simple and inexpensive, the owner's responsibility is limitless.

Partnership - A partnership is an economic organisation in which two or more people or organisations band together to manage a company. As per the partnership agreement, partners are responsible for sharing the business's obligations, earnings, and losses. There are two types of partnerships: limited and general, with varying degrees of liability for each partner.

Private Limited Company - The public cannot purchase shares from private corporations. A personal business must have at least two directors. A private corporation must take the following actions to become a public company: Every prerequisite should be satisfied, and as necessary, the articles of incorporation should be revised. Passing a special resolution and observing any relevant extra requirements is essential. After that, businesses ought to re-register. A company name must have "Private Limited" appended to the end.

Public limited company - Public companies are allowed to sell shares to the general public if they adhere to the guidelines established by the Stock Exchange and Regulatory Authorities. A publicly traded firm must have a minimum authorised amount of allotted share capital. A public business needs three directors, at the very least. A general business must have a company secretary. Publicly traded corporations must conclude their company name with "Limited." Let's say a publicly traded company wants to reapply to be listed as private. If so, before re-registering, it needs to amend its articles of incorporation, pass a special resolution, and fulfil any other obligations.

Overseas company's branch office - In Bhutan, a firm incorporated outside the nation is considered foreign. The beneficial owner records, in their name, the ownership and transfer of shares in a foreign corporation. Such ownership and transfers are examined and registered by the Registrar of Companies. International businesses can operate in Bhutan either as a Permanent Establishment (PE) or as a joint venture with Bhutanese local organisations.

Requirements for Starting a Business in Bhutan

Businesses must adhere to the proper protocols if they wish to establish a presence in Bhutan. The following are the prerequisites for incorporating a company in Bhutan:-

Selecting Company's Name - Choose a distinctive name for your firm that isn't already registered or held by another Bhutanese entity when incorporating a business there. The name must abide by the rules the Registrar of Companies set forth, including refraining from using derogatory or deceptive names. With Enterslice's help, you can select your company's proper structure and name. 

Minimum Members - Two people are needed; three people are required for public companies (not including government-owned public companies). For Bhutanese new company incorporation, private companies are restricted to a maximum of 50 individuals, but public companies have no upper limit on the number of individuals.

Tax Registration - In Bhutan, forming a new company requires completing the tax registration process. The Department of Revenue and Customs (DRC), a division of the Ministry of Finance, is where the new business must receive a Tax Identification Number (TIN). To obtain the TIN, the company must fill out the form and submit the pertinent data as requested by the DRC. Complying with all tax registration requirements and continuing with ongoing tax duties is crucial to guaranteeing the new company's seamless and lawful operations in Bhutan.

Cost of Registering a Company in Bhutan

For every BTN 10 invested in capital, a legal stamp fee of BTN 60 is added to the cost of incorporating a firm in Bhutan. Registering the business's name involves a BTN 2,000 name reservation cost. Public firms are required to pay a BTN 7,000. Large-scale industries must pay a registration cost of BTN 8,000 when starting a company in Bhutan. Large-scale industries must additionally pay a BTN 4,000 business licence charge if their authorised share capital exceeds BTN 100 million. Prospective investors and entrepreneurs should consider these fees since they are a component of the total cost of establishing a business in Bhutan.

Company Registration Process

Businesses need to fulfil specific requirements to register their firm in Bhutan. The procedures to write a business in Bhutan are as follows:

Reservation of Business Name - Selecting a distinctive name for your business and reserving it with the Companies Registry Office is the first step in the company registration procedure in Bhutan. Either an online or offline process can be used for this.

Getting the Incorporation Documents Ready - Once the company's name has been reserved, you must contact the required incorporation paperwork ready. These include the Articles of Association (AOA) and Memorandum of Association (MOA), which set forth the business's goals, ownership structure, and operating guidelines.

Notarisation and Legalisation of Documents - The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Bhutan or the Bhutanese Embassy/Consulate in the company's nation of origin shall notarise and legalise the MOA and AOA Documents.

Document Submission - The Companies Registry Office must receive the notarised and legalised MOA and AOA and other Documentwork, such as the application form, director and shareholder identity verification, and address proof.

Examination and Approval - The Companies Act and other pertinent legislation are checked for compliance by the Companies Registry Office when reviewing the filed Documents. The Registrar of Companies issues a Certificate of Incorporation if all the paperwork is in order.

Payment of Registration Costs - The Companies Registry Office must receive the necessary registration costs after you are approved to register the company.

Business Licence and Tax Registration - To finally launch a business in Bhutan, you must register for value-added tax, corporate income tax, and other relevant taxes and obtain a business licence from the relevant local government bodies. This is done after receiving the Certificate of Incorporation.

Government Support for Companies Owned by Foreigners

Various incentives are offered to foreign investors who intend to launch a business in Bhutan. Tax exemptions for five to 10 years, depending on the economic sector, exemptions from sales tax and customs duties apply to importing machinery, critical packaging materials, and raw materials. Businesses providing manufacturing and IT/ITES services have been excluded from paying taxes on their convertible currency earnings for ten years. Companies can maximise the value of their investments by taking advantage of tax rebates of 15% on the improvement of environmental sustainability, reinvestment allowances, and business predictability.

Important Documents

Aside from a name clearance form, overseas investors must possess the original copies of the following Documents:-

  • The incorporation of articles
  • Directors must sign an authentic consent form with a legal stamp.
  • A declaration of compliance
  • A copy of the CID card for domestic promoters' security (police) clearance. 

Include all the names and addresses of the company’s first directors and CEO in this list. All the Documents need to be in two original sets.

Are Foreigners in Bhutan on Certain Passes Allowed to Start a Business in Bhutan?

The following criteria must be met by foreigners to conduct business in Bhutan:-

Business Visa - Foreign investors may require a business visa to establish a company in Bhutan. With this visa, foreign nationals can go to Bhutan for business, including starting and operating a company. Usually granted for a set amount of time, the business visa may need to be renewed.

Work Permit - A work permit may be required for foreign investors who intend to run their firms actively and operate in Bhutan. This permit is usually necessary for foreign nationals that the enterprises want to hire in Bhutan and conduct business with. In Bhutan, work permits are officially granted by the Ministry of Labour and Human Resources, and they come with a list of requirements that include proof of experience, education, and other appropriate credentials.

Other permits - To lawfully operate a business in Bhutan without fear of being raided or arrested, you must formally apply for economic development permission from the government. You must submit a business plan to the government after obtaining the permit. In Bhutan, various permissions are provided for several types of enterprises. To avoid problems when incorporating a business in Bhutan, get those permits.

Next Step After Registration

You need to do a few more actions to complete a full register after we've completed all the registration requirements.

Get the required authorisations and licences - You might require extra licences or permits based on the nature of your firm. For specific requirements, check with industry regulators and the appropriate authorities.

Create a Corporate bank account - After registering your business, you must open a corporate bank account in Bhutan. Contact your local bank to find out about account options and requirements for creating a business account. The required Documents are articles of incorporation, certificates of incorporation, and identity Documents for the account signatories.

Register with the Department of Labour - If your business intends to hire employees in Bhutan, you must register with the Department of Labour. This will guarantee adherence to labour laws and guidelines. You can register in person or online through the website.

Perks of Registering Company in Bhutan

The benefits of conducting business in Bhutan are numerous. Here are a few advantages if you're thinking about establishing a business in Bhutan:-

Economic Stability - Bhutan's economy is growing steadily and is stable. The nation adheres to the "Gross National Happiness" theory, strongly emphasising social progress, environmental preservation, and equitable and sustainable economic growth. 

Favourable Government - Bhutan's government actively encourages and supports foreign investment and entrepreneurship, creating a good economic environment. The Bhutanese government has put specific measures to draw in foreign investment.

Strategic Location - Bhutan's location between the two economic superpowers, China and India, may benefit companies trying to enter these sizable markets. Bhutan can reach a sizable consumer base and promote trade and business.

Opportunities in a Unique Market - Bhutan's market is distinct due to the country's expanding middle class and rising demand for products and services. The hydropower, tourism, agricultural, and manufacturing sectors dominate the Bhutanese economy. 

Business Tips to Attract and Retain Customers in Bhutan

Be prepared for the bureaucracy - Bhutan is a relatively conservative country, so you may need government cooperation to get your firm off the ground. This can involve registering with the government, setting up financials, and obtaining permits. Before launching your firm, it's critical to identify a resource that can assist you, as there may probably be obstacles in your path.

Be patient - Lack of patience is one of the main obstacles to beginning a business in Bhutan. The nation moves very slowly, and it can take weeks or even months for a new company to start making any headway. It's critical to exercise patience and keep working on your company until you start to see benefits.

Use social media - Social media is a beautiful technique to draw attention from prospective clients. This will help you increase brand recognition and provide you the chance to have direct conversations with potential clients. This will help you grab prospective clients' attention and trustworthiness, which will draw them to your company.

Challenges in Starting a Business in Bhutan

A few main obstacles to overcome while launching a business in Bhutan exist. Selecting the ideal location is the first obstacle. In Bhutan, many firms are opening up, but choosing the best one for your enterprise is critical. When launching a business in Bhutan, you may also encounter additional difficulties. The expense of doing business is another major obstacle for anyone wishing to establish a firm in Bhutan. Having a clear vision for your company's goals is one of the most crucial things to undertake when launching a business in Bhutan. In Bhutan, a wide variety of enterprises are opening up, so selecting the one that best fits your objectives is critical. Enterslice helps you throughout the process of incorporation. You can quickly start your business when you have Enterslice on your side.

Our Commitment to Excellence 

Reliable Professionals - From opening bank accounts to incorporating businesses in Bhutan, our seasoned specialists produce outstanding outcomes supported by their vast experience and professionalism.

Excellent Service - At Enterslice, we're dedicated to giving our customers exceptional service and ensuring that their financial demands are satisfied precisely and accurately. Our group of committed experts goes above and beyond to produce outstanding outcomes.

Client-Centric Approach - To guarantee that you are always completely informed about the status of your application, our proactive team of specialists prioritises continuous and transparent communication. 

Continuous Improvement - Our services should continuously improve and evolve to be ahead of the curve. Our knowledgeable staff are updated with industry trends so that we can provide you with creative solutions.

Resources Available for the Ease of Starting Business

Bhutan offers a plethora of resources to assist in the launch of a business. Other business incubation and starting programmes are available in addition to government funding. These initiatives help entrepreneurs launch their enterprises by offering training and funding. In addition, there are a tonne of organisations in the business sector that provide resources and assistance. The Bhutanese government encourages entrepreneurship and offers a variety of tools to assist those who wish to launch their own companies. Numerous business-related organisations provide support, and numerous programmes are available for business incubation and establishment. The government offers tax reductions and other benefits to entice companies to establish themselves in the nation.

Design Your Business Future with Enterslice by Incorporating a Company in Bhutan

When starting a business in Bhutan, careful preparation, research, and financial considerations are essential. Working with Enterslice can simplify the process, though. Our knowledgeable specialists can assist in hiring workers from around the globe and promote the expansion of international businesses. Our effective team at Enterslice is aware of the challenges of establishing a company in a foreign location. They also help with the taxation and marketing processes after incorporation. Our comprehensive services work to your benefit, allowing you to concentrate on another essential element of running your business while we handle all the formalities. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, there are limitations on importing and exporting goods while establishing a business in Bhutan. Bhutan has a distinct trading strategy and imposes various limits on imports and exports, as well as duties and taxes, to safeguard its environment, customs, and culture.

International investors are required by the Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) policy to establish a business in Bhutan to have a local Bhutanese partner.

The minimum investment has no fixed amount. The business owner determines this value at their discretion.

As per the applicable local legislation, a company may be registered in Bhutan under the Companies Act of the Kingdom of Bhutan 2000 by two or more individuals who meet the minimum age requirement of 18. According to the statute, to be approved for a Bhutan company registration, an individual must be ready to register an entity as a company under this act.

In Bhutan, individuals launch their enterprises for a variety of reasons. Excellent infrastructure, a highly skilled workforce, and a low cost of living all give firms a competitive edge. Furthermore, the government provides aid and backing to enterprises, simplifying business establishment in Bhutan.

Depending on the intricacy of your application, the entire registration process, from completing the Documentwork to obtaining your Certificate of Incorporation, may take four to six weeks.

Bhutan has a constitution and set of laws. This is called the Bhutanese Supreme Law.

There is no minimum requirement for directors or shareholders. You are free to hire as many people as you desire or not at all.

Registration should be made at the Ministry of Economic Affairs.

In Bhutan, there is no government support available for launching a business. The nation is a tiny and poor country with limited resources. Contact Enterslice for quick company incorporation.

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