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Overview of On-Demand CFO Services

The Chief Financial Officer (CFO) is ultimately in charge of the business's finances and, as a result, has complete authority over how the company operates and succeeds financially. A CFO is responsible for ensuring the accounting is accurate and that the organisation adheres to the financial plan and budget. Additionally, a CFO is in charge of continual reporting of significant data and follow-ups, which is sometimes extensive and vital work, especially in growing organisations that get venture capital funding because the board and owners frequently require good transparency.

The best option for growth-stage businesses seeking first-rate financial advisory services from knowledgeable finance experts is an outside CFO. Our services are created to make it possible for our CFOs to work as your strategic partner, freeing you up to focus on growing your company. Since all of our CFOs started their careers at public accounting firms and/or held the position of chief financial officer at one or more growth-stage businesses, we have extensive expertise in assisting our customers with their operational and strategic financial needs. We use this knowledge to support growth-oriented activities like capital raising and M&A deals, as well as assist customers in better articulating their goals, implementing processes and reporting, identifying and managing risk, and more.

Steps involved in hiring an on-demand CFO

  1. When selecting an on-demand CFO, prioritise experience.

Large businesses would prioritise experience when recruiting a specialised CFO. This senior C-suite position calls for a qualified candidate with several years of relevant expertise. You shouldn't settle for anything less for your company, and on-demand CFO services may provide you access to that knowledge at a reasonable price.

As with any recruiting procedure, you should ensure that the company you select to partner with exclusively hires people with substantial CFO experience. Your firm cannot afford to operate without the really skilled and experienced help they provide since the services you employ them for are frequently difficult and involve significant risks.

  1. Select the Appropriate Service Arrangement for Your Company

The flexibility of on-demand CFO services is one of its main advantages. Working with the ideal partner enables business owners to benefit from agreements that are specially tailored to their industry.

Nowadays, one of the most important factors in a company is the capacity for remote operations. Make sure the company you hire can provide the in-person or virtual CFO services you require.

  1. Make certain they offer the particular services you want.

For your company, CFO may offer a wide variety of specialised CFO services. Building your financial system, doing financial modelling, determining valuation, rallying investors, and other activities may fall under this category. It's crucial that you pick a company that offers the precise services you want.

Different businesses might aim towards particular niches. Hiring a CFO from such a corporation might leave you without the help you require if you aren't in that specific expertise. Before you begin your search, be sure you know what you want from the on-demand CFO arrangement.

  1. Select a CFO who has industry expertise

Depending on the business's industry, its requirements might change significantly. Since there is no one-size-fits-all solution, you should look for an on-call CFO with specialised industry knowledge that is pertinent to your company.

Numerous factors, such as costing and pricing, calculating bank covenants, cash flow, and various regulations, will differ based on the industry. A CFO with industry knowledge can help your company and give it better outcomes and more security.

  1. Work with a CFO company to furnish your business goals

Because hiring a full-time CFO wouldn't be feasible, small and medium-sized organisations frequently employ CFO services. That does not imply, nevertheless, that all CFO service providers work with small organisations.

Find a company that offers services to companies with yearly sales similar to yours. Different CFO services may be needed at different growth sizes and phases. The greatest outcome for your company may be ensured by finding an on-demand CFO who has experience working with small enterprises.

What are the services offered by a CFO on Demand?

  1. Sourcing, Implementation, and Reporting of Accounting Systems: Accounting software solutions have simplified and consolidated over the last ten years, improving flexibility, speed, and connection. Nowadays, a lot of systems are "cloud-based" SaaS (Software as a Service) solutions, which are affordable and cut down on internal IT expenditures. It's possible that switching systems will pay for themselves in a very short time when the IT costs of maintaining your present system are combined with the manpower costs needed to prepare manual Excel reports week after week or month after month.

Every business depends on information to succeed. Are spending plans being met? Why not, then? Are there enough resources to carry out the plan? These inquiries cannot wait for the publication of quarterly or even monthly financial statements in today's real-time, fast-paced business environment. Administrative staff may keep reports that focus on Key Performance Metrics (KPIs) daily or weekly and make them accessible for viewing from any web-enabled device by combining easily available and affordable cloud-based technology with correctly structured internal systems.

As your CFO On-Demand, we keep up with technological advancements and how to use them to benefit your company. Whether you run a startup using QuickBooks or an established company using mainframe technology, our aim is for you to get the most out of your technology investment in terms of both the costs associated with purchasing, operating, and maintaining your technology as well as the advantages you gain from more advanced business intelligence technology.

  1. Tax and Financial Planning: The decision-makers are "on the record" and committed to accomplishing the specified goals and targets by including key management staff in this process. These goals can also be used as benchmarks for incentive pay plans that reward goal achievement and, in turn, support management's efforts to meet those goals.

We can direct and organise this process as your CFO On-Demand with little disruption to other areas of your organisation that require daily attention.How precisely do we do that? Even if the precise timing in your business cycle is somewhat different, we support the following cycles in accordance with your unique company demands. We customise it for you.

  1. Services for mergers and acquisitions: Putting together a team to handle such transactions is essential to the transaction's success, regardless of whether a firm is merging for cost-saving, diversification, expansion, or competitive reasons.

Target company evaluation, financial due diligence, operational due diligence, systems integration, HR integration, employee communications, financing, tax implications, valuation, and pro-forma statement preparation are just a few of the tasks and challenges that must be managed regardless of whether planning is being done from the buy side or the sell side.

As your CFO On-Demand, we can assist and/or coordinate one or all of these tasks at affordable fees while working to reduce other third-party costs that may be necessary to CPA firms, attorneys, and valuation specialists. We have experience in these areas due to participation in numerous buy-side and sell-side transactions.

  1. Financial modelling, forecasting, and business plans: More than simply a spreadsheet should be included in a successful business strategy. In the meanwhile, you may continue to do what you do best by using CFO On-Demand.

It is necessary to do analysis and research to determine;

  • Market Opportunity
  • Competitive environment
  • Legislative problems
  • Requirements for personnel
  • Capital costs, such as purchasing new machinery or equipment
  • Need for inventory.

This study is necessary to ascertain the amount of monetary resources needed, profitability, and return on investment. If done correctly, the business plan turns into a flexible necessary paper that can be quickly changed as new information becomes available. The same instrument serves as the cornerstone for obtaining any loan or equity finance that may be required to carry out the strategy.

We've been creating company strategies for over 20 years. This procedure may be carried out quickly and affordably by your CFO on-demand, frequently using templates we've created for related company models.

  1. Finance for Capital Acquisition, Including Debt and Equity: Debt vs equity decisions, price, structure, length, security, and other choices all have a big influence on the firm, the business plan, and the value.

Additionally, there are growing numbers of new chances to generate money through crowdfunding platforms like KickStarter.com, Indiegogo.com, and Crowdfunder.com. We anticipate these new markets will expand and gain more significance in the capital acquisition market. Therefore, we keep up with the most recent changes and laws that may affect this fresh source of funding.

We can offer recommendations for partners in all categories of lenders and investors who would be appropriate for the transaction under consideration. We can help you find the correct solutions to the difficult problems.

Services Offered by Enterslice

  • We offer outsourced CFO services to assist business owners in expanding their enterprises.
  • By utilising cutting-edge business technologies, we act as a sounding board to enable business leaders to make better strategic decisions.
  • Our fractional model offers a flexible workforce solution that is a more affordable option than recruiting full-time employees too soon.
  • We are more than just a CFO and accounting outsourcing company. We are your long-term partner in growth because we have skilled individuals in specialised areas and the adaptability to change as your demands change.
  • Our solution is built on a top-notch technological platform that also includes unmatched data and process optimisation capabilities, providing you with the insight and assurance you need to make wiser choices.
  • Our CFO consulting services practice is dedicated to assisting owners, investors, CFOs, and their teams in addressing changing vital demands over the course of their organisation. The crew at Enterslice is diversely skilled and meets the requirements of the CFO office.

Frequently Asked Questions

The appropriate talent must be attracted, the proper expenses must be lowered, profitability must be monitored, and forecasting must be improved as the top issues for CFOs in 2023.

For organisations today, good financial management is essential. Gathering, thoroughly assessing, and managing vital business data, aids in developing and carrying out a growth strategy and spotting possible dangers to the organisation. An organisation needs a chief financial officer (CFO).

In addition to looking for integrated tools that can assist with FP&A, treasury and capital structure and allocation, regulatory compliance, corporate portfolio management and modelling, CFOs also require fundamental financial reporting, audit, and compliance capabilities.

You may use the money you save on a CFO to fund the expansion of your company. You will get CFO services from highly trained professionals through an outsourcing solution. The only difference is that you won't be responsible for paying the bill.

CFOs are strategists who take an active role in the company. Budgeting, forecasting, and tax-saving techniques are used to match the company's objectives, which are often growth and profit optimisation. The CFO is in the best position inside the organisation to generate financial success.


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