Manufacturing Sector

Manufacturing Sector

Manufacturing is crucial for both developing as well as for advanced world. In various countries this sector is in transition state where it is growing in emerging economies but shrinking yet productive in advanced economies. Markets across the world compete on cost, technology and innovation. Primary focus is given to lean manufacturing techniques that eliminate waste and improve quality.

Package inclusions:
  • Offering solutions that can help in reducing costs
  • Increase efficiency
  • Enhance profitability
Manufacturing Sector


Overview of the Manufacturing Sector

Today with digital revolution, industrial manufacturers need to adapt and develop leading edge operations and supplier collaboration ecosystem. This involves the requirement of developing smart products, originating platforms for collaboration which helps in reducing the costs and raises service capability. Further, with evolving complexities in the buyers' behaviour and competitive pressure, it becomes imperative for industrial manufacturing companies to look into opportunities of incremental revenue enhancement.

This differs from traditional interaction with customers which happens only at the point of sale and service and relates to a consistent customer experience over the whole buyer lifecycle bringing forth customer discovery, evaluation and loyalty. We assist industrial manufacturing companies to navigate through the present dynamic landscape and deploy advanced solutions which offer innovation and ensure profitability. Through our digital consulting and analytics, we deliver solutions that helps manufacturers to provide value to their customers.

We offer industry specific solutions and services to our industrial manufacturing clients which helps them to get improved visibility in their traditional supply chains and optimize processes. This ultimately leads to reduced costs, improved productivity process transformation and more remarkable customer experience. With our expertise in the digital technologies, customers stay ahead in today's competitive marketplace.

Digital Transformation in Manufacturing Sector

Cut throat competition in the manufacturing industry has put pressure on companies to reduce costs, improve customer experience and maximize profitability. Those Organizations that are laced with digital forces are disrupting business models with new value propositions. This disruption may pose a challenge for manufacturing organizations, but it can be a chance to adopt digital themselves.

Use of Advanced Technologies in Manufacturing Sector

The Advanced manufacturing companies are using new technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), Data and Analytics to boost growth and profitability. However, in order to ensure more tremendous success, there is a need to go beyond the hype of new technologies and develop future-ready strategies to manage change and make the most of the opportunities.

Use of Big Data Analytics in Manufacturing

Big data solutions have provided great assistance in the manufacturing space as it is challenging to cater to volatile customer demands and then to continuously minimize costs, optimize the use of resources and still maintain high product quality in all. There is a need to sync orders, purchases, production and then meet customer service expectations.

Benefits of using Big Data Analytics-

  • Better product accuracy, quality, and production;
  • Quick integration of IT in manufacturing and operational systems;
  • Improved forecasts on requirement of product and production;
  • Constant improvement across framework with advanced manufacturing analytics like Big Data;
  • Good visibility in quality levels and improved accuracy level in predicting supplier performance;
  • Compliance measurement;
  • Strategic services contributing to customer objectives by monitoring products;
  • Marking and selling of profitable customized products that have less impact on production.

How can manufacturers benefit from this?

  • With big data, manufacturers can save money by reducing the costs of material and system capacity recovery.
  • With big data, resources can be better equipped to know and remove the causes of product risk.
  • Manufacturing analytics can remove overlap costs.
  • It gives macro view of information which helps in closing the gap in management and resources.
  • In manufacturing, big data has allowed organizations to go beyond revenue generation and focus on the actual business.

Blockchain in Manufacturing

Blockchain is the technology that is being used by cryptocurrencies. In case of blockchain technology, transactions are recorded on a public, distributed ledger. It is deemed to be more safer and faster and it is now being tested for many industry use cases including finance, health records etc.

It has practical use cases and various new applications of the technology are continuously being introduced. As per a prediction, 10% of the GDP would be contained in the blockchain after 2027. This technology has found its attention in finance industry, but the interest in blockchain technology in the manufacturing industry is gathering steam across countries. There are many start-ups that have started analyzing the use of this technology for supply chain management and auditing. There are various practical use cases that are tested for joining blockchain with IoT and 3D printing to ensure smarter manufacturing processes.

How does Enterslice help?

  • We help clients in the design and implementation of the operational strategies that can withstand testing times while forming agility and a product portfolio that is optimized operationally and commercially.
  • Taking insights from commercial, marketing, and digital, and product design, we help clients to attain next-level productivity gains.
  • We not just digitize operations but also leverage digital and analytics to rethink and innovate manufacturing.
  • We help organizations to enhance productivity and effectiveness of the core processes by offerings that include order management, asset productivity, digital diagnostics etc.
  • By partnering with clients we build foundational enablers and enhance skills to create immediate and long-lasting impact.
  • We assist our clients in meeting and exceeding customer expectations by benchmarking, developing quality and compliance strategies and remediation services.

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