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Why Investor Pitch Deck Is The Need of The Hour & How to Purpose of a Pitch Deck


Investor Pitch Deck or Pitch Deck is a quick overview of your business created using PowerPoint, Keynote, or Prezi and keeping the customers in mind. The function of a pitch deck is to brief the audience about your business. Generally, it is used during face-to-face meetings, online discussions with potential investors, customers, co-founders, and partners.

Purpose of a Pitch Deck

The primary motive of any pitch deck is to influence investors, customers, and partners. It is used during face-to-face and online meetings. An investor pitch deck is a representative tool for the external audience which explains the thought process of your business model and structure for better understanding.

Purpose of a Pitch Deck

The pitch deck is used to:

  • Represent your idea to the external audience
  • Make a great first impression by showcasing your idea, structure, and metrics.

Pitch Deck: What to Include

Pitch Deck: What to Include

The amalgamation of abundant slides with a couple of bullet points and with the hope of receiving millions of dollars in startup capital may not sound challenging. But competing with thousands of startups for capital is complicated. One-shot at pitching and presenting to the investors that are the best match for your venture is vital to get this asset right.

Design and content play a crucial role in acing the pitch deck. Designing of any pitch deck includes nailing the right number of slides and style. And content is the most confusing and important part which talks about what to include in your deck.

To make your pitch sound appealing doesn’t forget to incorporate the following items in it:

Your Company Information

This information includes your logo, company name along with your contact information so that investors can follow up and set a meeting.

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The Concept

Tell your viewers about your business. Show them what it is all about so that they will know it is something that excites them.

The Problem

Focus on the problem that your startup will help in solving. Make sure during the deck you have the answers to the question like why, why now, and why you have the team to accomplish it.

The Solution

How is startup solving this problem? What are the techniques you will follow to overcome the problem?

Market Size

Make sure your every pitch deck talks about the potential size of the opportunity. It should incorporate the size of the market you intend to cover. This slide is important as it talks about the potential outcome to investors that express interest.

The Competition

If you are not aware of your competitors in the market then you haven’t done adequate research. Pause everything and find out and add the slide of competitors in your deck as well.

The Product

What is your product? What are its benefits and features? Why is it unique and how it can benefit the consumers?


Every investor wants to know what traction you have so far. What testing you have done? What is the trajectory of your growth? What kind of feedback you are receiving from user engagement?

Business Model

What business model you will follow to acquire customers and generate revenues? Convince your investors with your thought process. Make sense while delivering your idea to them.

Use of funds

How will you use the funds? Spend it on rent or buy up customers and squeeze the competition out of business.

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What makes a pitch an appealing pitch?

makes a pitch deck

No matter how audiences shy you are but at one point or the other, you have to present your ideas in front of investors or the audience. Keep the following insights in mind while preparing a pitch:

Consider Your Audience

Draft your pitch as per your final audience. Take into account who you will address: potential partners, corporate representatives, students, investors or entrepreneurs. Draft your Investor pitch according to your audience.

Visual Aids

Make your pitch as attractive as possible. Often a pitch with plain slides tends to distract the audience. Many investors find a poorly prepared pitch boring. Therefore,

  • Handouts
  • Whiteboards or flipcharts
  • Artifacts
  • Signs, posters

could make a difference to your pitch.

Make it interesting

You want the audience to entertain your ideas instead of getting exhausted out of it. Skip the idea of presenting a pitch in an analytical manner and make it creative and enjoyable enough. Use metaphors to explain your abstract ideas. Your goal is to make the audience understand your concept in the simplest manner.

Grab Attention

Obviously you want to stand out from the crowd and make a difference. Make your presentation catchy by adding quirky words.

Call for Action

Closing a strong pitch abruptly can result in blunder. The maximum you can do is to close it with a simple ‘Thank you’. This is your time to leave a mark behind. Make the most out of it and intrigue your audience.  

When You Need A Pitch Deck?

  • When you are looking for equity funding

A pitch deck is must at the time of funding from venture capitalists, angel investors, family or savvy friends. You need a clear and precise pitch that depicts your idea.

  • When you want to standout from the competitors
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In the startup world, multiple pitch events are organized to give competitors exposure and opportunity. These events are an opportunity for you to learn and grow. You definitely need an interesting pitch that will attract the audience.

  • When you are communicating with investors

Remember the first impression is the last impression. Draft a catchy investor pitch deck keeping in mind that it will provide you the opportunity to get linked with the investors.


Preparing a good pitch deck is crucial because many companies face rejection due to poor quality pitch deck. It gives a marketer an opportunity to communicate with the investors in a clear and concise way. It is your once in a lifetime opportunity to convince the investors that you have the determination to work hard on the vision and execute it.

If you are planning to invest your time in drafting an investor pitch deck then it is wise of you to contact a pitch deck expert. We at Enterslice are well-versed in penning down the thought process of an aspiring entrepreneur and convert it into a catchy pitch deck.    

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