Recent Updates of New Functionalities on GST Portal

Updates on GST Portal

There is a new update on GST portal to make it more user-friendly. The government adds these new functionalities to make the GST portal more responsive cater to the needs and project less hustle to the users of the portal. Let’s take a look at all the changes and updates on the GST Portal one by one.

Recent Updates on GST Portal

The Functionalities are added to the official GST portal, as well as the official CBIC-GST portal. These additions were introduced in the month of January 2019.

Let’s see how government improve these web portals by adding the updates on GST Portal-

In the latest update on GST portal, the government has added new functionalities on GST Portal. These new functionalities are benefitting the taxpayers and tax officers by bringing in the ease in the fields of GST registration, taxes, offences etc. Below are the latest updates of functionalities on GST portal-

Inclusion of Form GST ASMT-05

With the help of a new Form GST AMT-05, taxpayers are able to provide information about security/ surety of provisional tax. It means you can furnish the amount that bank guarantees as per the provisional assessment order.

When you are done submitting the online form, you need to provide the hard copy to the concerned officer that shows the original bank guarantee or surety or security.

If the taxable person is not able to determine the value of goods or services or is not able to calculate the tax on goods or services or both. Then, as per the Section 60 (2), a person may request the proper officer to pass an order (Within the period of 90 days, from the date of receipt of request), that allows the provisional payment of tax at such rate or such values as may be specified by that person.

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But for the application of the above, a person needs to execute a bond, in which one needs to follow the provisions available in Section 60 (2) in the Form GST ASMT-05

Inclusion of Form GST CPD-1

In the Form GST CPD-1, now applicants can raise an issue through an application if there is a compounding of offence-

  • You can either file the application before the institution of prosecution
  • Or you can file the application after the institution of prosecution

-Before the institution of prosecution points out

In this, an applicant files an application CPD-01 for compounding of an offence. There is a possibility of receiving an order from the tax office to file an application of compounding of offence.

-After the Institution of prosecution points out

In this, the institution of prosecution already initiated an order against the taxpayer. The tax officials also issue a notice regarding the same issue of compounding of offence. When you receive a notice or order from the appellate authority, you have to resort to the following-

File an application for rectification of order passed by the appellate authority

As per section 161 of the CGST Act, whether you are a taxpayer or a tax officer you can file an application of rectification for the order passed by the appellate authority.

Use Form RFD-01A to file the refund Application

In the new functionality updates on the GST portal, you will be able to upload five supporting documents and notified statements when you apply for a refund with the help of Form RFD-01A

Scrutiny of application for compounding of offence in the form CPD-02

As we know that recent updates on GST portal allow the taxpayers to file an application for compounding of offence in CPD-01. Once the applicant submits the application, the tax officer takes a close look at the application and decides whether to accept the application or not. The tax officer accepts or rejects the application in the form of CPD-02.

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Let’s take a look at the recent updates on CBIC-GST portal.

Functionalities update on CBIC-GST portal

Below are the following updates in the functionalities of the CBIC-GST portal, tax officer can avail. So if you are a tax officer-

  • You can download the document or paper which are attached to the CBIC-GST portal to file a refund application
  • You can see GSTR 2A on credit admissible, which was not available before
  • Tax officers can look at ITC 04 for the goods sent for job-work
  • You can access the MIS report (Management information Centre) on NIL return filers for different reports
  • You are allowed to access MIS report on formation wise number of taxpayers for a specified period of time.

Above are all the recent updates on the GST portal. It is a great move by the Government of India[1]. I give a voice to the common man of your country to raise a voice before the Income-tax department. And it definitely simplifies the working and caters to the needs.

Keep in touch to stay updated for goods and service tax registration & Notifications.

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