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Top 10 Reasons to Invest in Malaysia

Invest in Malaysia

There are so many reasons why one should invest in Malaysia. These reasons include Malaysia’s strategic and geographical location, stable political environment, strong and diversified economy, skilled and highly qualified educated labour workforce etc. Apart from this, Malaysia is also an attractive and lucrative tourist destination. This also makes Malaysia a favourable place and a fantastic hotspot for investors and businesses to come and invest in Malaysia. This article will talk about the top reasons why businesses and investors should invest in Malaysia.

Various Reasons to Invest in Malaysia

In the past few years, Malaysia has successfully attracted and coaxed many foreign investors and businessmen to come and invest there. According to the 2018 World Bank Report on Ease of Doing Business, Malaysia is one of the easiest countries to conduct and do business, especially for foreign investors and businessmen. The legal requirements for forming and incorporating a company in Malaysia are very easy compared to other countries. The company’s registration in Malaysia takes only a week, and Malaysia is also easily accessible to other ASEAN[1] economies because of its geographical and strategic location. There are so many reasons and benefits why businesses and companies should invest in Malaysia. Some of these reasons are mentioned below:-

  • Malaysia’s strategic and geographical location provides it with a great advantage and makes it an ideal place for investment. Malaysia is located in the heart of Southeast Asia. It provides easy access to some of the world’s most dynamic markets, including the nearby and neighbouring countries, including China, India, Japan and Korea. This makes Malaysia an ideal location for businesses to tap into the Asia-Pacific region.
  • Malaysia has a strong, robust and diversified economy. Malaysia’s GDP growth rate was 6.7 per cent in 2021. This makes it one of the fastest-growing economies in the world. It has also maintained a dynamic and positive growth rate for over 60 years. This makes Malaysia a suitable place to invest.
  • Malaysia has had a stable government since the time it gained independence. It has a strong and democratic government that is fully supportive of Malaysia’s income tax and business-friendly tax regime and incentives. This provides businesses and investors with a stable and secure atmosphere to invest in.
  • The Malaysian government is very pro-business and is fully committed to creating a conducive and successful nurturing business atmosphere for businesses to grow and expand in Malaysia fully. The Malaysian government offer so many various incentives to businesses and investors. These include tax breaks, grants, access to strategic industries etc. These incentives are beneficial for foreign investors and businesses.
  • Another major reason why Malaysia is an ideal place for businesses and investors to invest in is because of its highly qualified and highly skilled and educated labour workforce. Malaysian labourers are well-versed in the English language, and they also have a high literacy rate. This makes it easy for foreign investors to communicate with local employees easily and effectively without facing any sort of difficulty or language barrier.
  • Malaysia has a world-class modern and well-developed infrastructure, including a world-class international airport, seaports, highways and well-connected communication networks and roadways. This makes it easy for businesses and companies to transport and import and export their goods from one place to another and also to communicate with clients and customers successfully. This makes Malaysia a worthy and suitable place for investment.
  • Malaysia has a relatively low cost of living and a low cost of conducting business compared to other places and developed countries in the region. Countries like Dubai and other middle eastern and European countries are too expensive to conduct business, and they also have a very high cost of living. This makes Malaysia an attractive and lucrative place for investors to invest and for businesses looking to maximise their returns on investment.
  • Malaysia has a strong and diversified economy. It has a robust economy that includes various industries and sectors such as manufacturing services and agriculture and other tech-related and research industries as well. This provides investors and businesses with various options and opportunities to diversify their portfolios and reduce and mitigate risks.
  • Malaysia has a well-developed and modern financial sector. It also has a high-tech world class banking finance system equipped with all the modern facilities. It also has a strong capital market and an insurance industry. This provides investors with access to various financial products and services. This is also a major reason why businesses and investors look to invest in Malaysia.
  • Last but not least, another major reason why Malaysia is an amazing and major hotspot for businesses and investors to invest and start a business in Malaysia is its rich heritage and culture. Malaysia has a rich and strong heritage culture. This vibrant and vivid culture attracts tourists from all across the globe. It is an interesting and amazing place to live. The country is also known for its savouring and lip-smacking delicious delicacies and cuisines, stunning and antique architecture and friendly and warm people. This is the reason why foreign investors and businesses come from all across the world to Malaysia to buy properties and start a business here.

These are some of the reasons which make Malaysia an amazing destination and a lucrative hotspot for businesses and investors to invest in.


In a nutshell, there are several reasons why businesses should invest in Malaysia. Malaysia offers a stable and robust economy, attractive investment options, especially for foreign investors and businesses, a strong economic growth rate, a highly skilled and educated labour workforce, modern infrastructure, pro-business policies and reduced competitive costs etc., which makes it a fantastic place for investment and also gives it an edge over other countries.

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