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What is the Significance of Business Growth Strategy in the Success of any Business?


It is commonly said in the business world: if you are not growing, you are dying. Growth is the head objective businesses dream to achieve. While many companies achieve it in the initial days of their career others find themselves stuck in the growth process and achieve the target once they are mature. Generally, businesses around the globe deal with two outcomes: either they become a victim of their own success and shut down soon after, or they remain comfortably in that range, and never try to step out of their comfort zone.   

In order to succeed a business needs to grow. A proper growth strategy gives opportunities for businesses to expand. Growth can be achieved in various ways such as- investing in customer acquisition, adding new locations, or expanding a product line. 

Let’s deep dive into the significance of business growth strategies.

What is a Growth Strategy?

In laymen term, the growth strategy is a plan which is designed with the aim of increasing the profit of the business. It helps businesses capture a larger share of the market, even if it comes at the expense of short-term profit. The type of growth strategy a company implements will depend heavily on factors such as their finances, target market, and the industry they occupy.  

How growth strategy helps business to evolve?

The growth strategy gives the business a direction. It is more than simply envisioning long-term success. Your business cannot grow if you don’t have any tangible plan for it. The key to any growth strategy is to be deliberate. Companies like Nike, The Coca-Cola Company, Facebook are the result of a successful growth strategy. 

Growth Strategy
Growth Strategy

Reasons why business need a strategy

Strategic planning is the backbone of any company and is much needed to succeed. It has become an essential tool for a company aiming to achieve success. Simply put, it does not define the company’s future planning instead of strategic planning to help the company function correctly. It makes growth sustainable and long-lasting. The company flows in a productive direction with the help of strategic planning.    

Business Required Strategy
Business Required Strategy


You will not find a roadmap while working on the path of growth and success. Every move you make towards growth has no predefined endpoints. The concept of direction is more important than creating a more comprehensive roadmap. Employees and departments of the company will fail to touch the eventual endpoints of the company without a proper direction.

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Recently the recruitment industry is experiencing an increased rate in the number of people moving between companies. Even people at the senior level change their company. With this shift in labor and knowledge from company-to-company, it has become the need to have a plan that is understood throughout the company. 


Without a proper strategic plan often the long-term goals of the company face a slow growth down the road. A thoughtful strategic plan focuses on the long-term goals of the company. It constantly focuses on bigger gains. It means that the sustainability of the company is always in the mindset of those operating within it.


With no strategic plan, the company operates in an individual manner. Company growth becomes their second priority. Every department of the company set their own individual target and its sole motive become is to achieve those targets instead of the company’s growth. Lack of communication sometimes can be misleading.

Crucial elements of a successful business growth strategy

Robert Price, executive director of the Global Entrepreneurship Institute wrote in an article, ”Business planning helps entrepreneurs work smarter, stay alert for roadblocks, test new ideas, stay motivated, help align expectations with stakeholders and investors, and even reduce stress. Writing a business plan forces you into disciplined thinking if you do an intellectually honest job. An idea may sound great in your mind, but when you put down the details and numbers, it may fall apart.”

  • Detailed Records
  • Scrutinize Business Competitors
  • Understanding the Pros and Cons of Business
  • Fuel Your Vision With Perseverance
  • Marketing and Sales
  • Organization and Management
  • Funding Request
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These are the few key points that the company considers while drafting any business growth strategy. Let’s deep dive and understand the purpose of these points.

  • Detailed Records

Write down the background of your company and what you are looking forward to achieving. Keep a complete record of your previous work; it will help you in figuring out in which domain your company is growing and in which domain you need to work harder.

  • Scrutinize Business Competitors

Having awareness about the competitors available in the market can yield great results. You can achieve the surreal target of growth if you know how your competitors work and what market gimmick they follow. If possible you can also implement their skillful strategy in your business and can make it even more profitable.   

  • Understanding the Pros and Cons of Business

Learning is a constant process and no business can grow without learning something new. Starting a new business without considering its pros and cons can put you in a lethal scenario. Focusing only on delivering good quality products and on growth and keeping negative things away, will help you to make accurate decisions towards the calculated risks that can generate tremendous rewards for your business.    

  • Fuel Your Vision with Perseverance

What should go hand-in-hand with the big vision is the perseverance you’ll need to keep moving forward. No matter, what challenges you are facing as an entrepreneur be determined enough to move forward, regardless of the discomfort, and fear surrounding the next step. 

  • Marketing and Sale

It may be your best idea in the world but it will go unnoticed if you won’t let potential customers know what you have. How are you going to promote your idea amongst the customers? What marketing and promotional strategy you will follow will decide the fate of your product in the market.

  • Funding Request

The ways you plan to pay borrowed money to creditors (if you opt for debt financing) also decides the growth rate of your business or, alternatively, generate returns for investors. Both will keen to know how you will invest their money, when they’ll see a payoff, and how much profit they can expect. 

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Being an entrepreneur is not everyone’s cup of tea. The road entrepreneur chooses to travel is full of challenges with no guides, counselor or roadmaps. You’ll have to make it up as you go. The fact is it’s not easy to make money through business. You cannot succeed without adopting the right policy.  

If you are a newbie in the market and have no clue how to begin planning a growth strategy for your business then you have us. Reach out to us and we will help you in formulating an effective business growth strategy for your business.  

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