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Online Trademark Registration in India

Online Trademark Registration


In this world, competition is rising day by day as different sectors of businesses are there to do. And many peoples like small/big businessman try to preserve their earned reputation and identity which is not an easy process, you have to take appropriate guidelines of professional securing your brand name, fame, symbol, logo, etc. for this one of the powerful defense is Online  Trademark registration.

What is Brand name Trademarking?    

Online Trademark registration is an intangible asset which people are invested their all skills to create a well-established brand and its reputation, for securing its brand, logo, symbol trademark registration has to be done with the help of professional and can save himself by the registration of Trademark which is valid for10 years and after that renewal can be done from time to time.

Now trademark can apply online through a registered agent, who qualify the exams which have been conducted by Trademark department. Trademark agent can file an application through online and get acknowledgment immediately.

Trademark involves:

Letter, word, symbol, number, logo, sound mark, and the combination of words and picture logo, etc.

What are the steps to be followed for applying for Trademark Registration in India?

Following steps are required to be followed by trademark registration process:

Step 1.Deciding What to Trademark: Before filling trademark registration application firstly has to decide what thing should be registered with trademarks like the logo, words, symbol, number, name or any of the combination and check its availability at http://www.ipindia.nic.in. And in which class it falls as government specifies the 45 categories of classes for goods 1 to 34 classes are specified and services lie between 35 to 45 class and it will help you to avoid trouble in future.

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Step 2. Filing Trademark application:you have to take help of professional who is registered himself as Trademark agent with the Trademark department and login id and password generated by the department and file the form on behalf of owner in form number TM A with applicable fees along with supporting documents to Trademark office and acknowledgment is issued immediately and you are eligible to use your trademark as brand name.

Step 3. Examining the brand name: After the application received by the concerned department, it will be checked and seen by the registrar that it does not conflict or harm with registered or other pending brands.

Step 4. Publication of your brand in Trademark Journals: After the inspection, the brand name or symbol, the logo will be published in Indian trademark journal for getting any objection or any person has any issued related to same can raise opposition within 90 to 120 days, if not received within such time then the name proceeds to acceptance

Step 5. Issuance of Trademark registration certificate: If the opposition is not received within the aforesaid period then Registrar will accept the trademark application and a certificate of registration under the seal of the trademark will be issued.

Step 6: Trademark Renewal: As the validity of the trademark for 10 years. Consequently, it shall be renewed further from time to time so, that brand name can be protected and you can earn your brand name continuously.

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