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Is Bet365 Legal In India? Read the Complete Story

Is bet 365 Legal In India

An online betting site called Bet365 has been popular. Users of Bet365 are able to wager on a variety of sporting events results. Using the Bet365 app, many Indians bet online on sporting events. However, a lot of people want to know if Bet365 is legal in India.

Users increasingly choose to bet online through services like Bet365, Betfair, and Dream11. Therefore, this unique post aims to answer all your questions regarding online betting sites and their legal standing in India.

Bet365 in India

Is Bet365 legal in India remains the pressing query? If not, how are they able to operate freely in India? Let’s look at the regulation of these sites and the betting market in India. While it is against the law to bet in India, this prohibition is not absolute. The fact that gaming is a state subject account for its murky legal status in India. The states are free to enact their own gambling regulations. Let’s examine these gambling laws in India in detail.

Indian laws governing online gambling

Some rules can be applied to this conduct even though there is special online betting legislation in India.

  • Betting and Gambling Laws: Wagering contracts and gambling in public places are expressly prohibited by the Indian Contact Act of 1872 and the Public Gambling Act of 1867. However, the law from the 19th century does not include online betting activities in its list of explicitly illegal activities. As Bet365 and Dream11 are online platforms, let’s examine the Indian legislation governing information technology.
  • Information Technology Laws: The law that governs online activity on Indian soil is the Information Technology Act 2000. However, nowhere in the act’s text does it include the words “gambling” or “betting.” Therefore, this act does not cover online betting sites like Bet365 and Dream11.
  • State Laws for Online Betting: The Indian Constitution stipulates that each state is free to enact its own gaming laws. In truth, states have the authority to tax gaming and betting-related income.

This action aims to provide governments more discretion in deciding whether to legalise or outlaw online gambling within their borders. As a result, each state has its own rules, some of which are rather strict and others which are much less so.

Games of skill are permitted in Karnataka and Maharashtra, but games of chance and luck are prohibited.

Sikkim’s state government has been working to control and legalise internet betting and gambling and has even accepted online companies’ licence applications. Such licencing would apply to a wide range of endeavours, including cricket betting at the top sites.

West Bengal is quickly becoming India’s poker capital. According to the West Bengal Prize Competition and Gambling Act, 1957, it is definitely referred to as a “game of skill.”

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Games of Skills vs Games of Luck

Is gambling online permitted in India?First, We must clearly define the distinctions between games of chance and those that depend on skills to comprehend them fully.

Game of skill – Any game where players can increase their odds of winning by learning more about it qualifies. This reasoning suggests that online sports betting should unquestionably be classified as a “game of skill.” The more closely you follow a certain sport, competition, team, or player, the more likely it is that you will call that bet properly.

Game of chance – Simple. It might be any number of games where the outcome has nothing to do with your skills. It can be seen in roulette, for instance. No matter how much you research the best sites for playing online roulette, you still cannot control the outcome. The little ball can land anywhere once it enters the roulette wheel.

Legal Loophole- Why Bet365 Is Legal In India?

The following factors make it possible for Indians to engage in online gambling:

  • Local laws and Indian laws: Because Bet365 doesn’t operate from Indian Territory1, it is not prohibited in India. The Bet365 and Dream11 servers are situated in nations where wagering on sporting events is permitted.

Only activities that take place inside India’s borders are subject to the laws of that nation.

For instance, it is not unlawful for an Indian to travel to England and wager on a sporting event. The legal system in England recognises wagering on sporting events as a lawful activity, which is the cause.

On the other hand, if someone is caught engaging in the same activity in a nation where wagering on sporting events is prohibited, they will be held accountable under anti-gambling legislation.

Eluding the Foreign Exchange Management Act

Why can’t the government forbid these payments if they are made from India and with Indian currency?

  • Indians are finding online betting to be a smooth experience thanks to the ambiguity of Indian law and the clever strategies used by the owners of online betting platforms.
  • Previously, Indian bank-issued debit and credit cards were accepted on betting platforms. However, they could not do so due to government action. These websites stopped accepting Indian financial cards as a result.
  • The usage of virtual money entered the process to address the issue. While it is unlawful to gamble with Indian bank cards, converting those funds into virtual funds and using them instead is permissible.
  • The currency used to place bets on online betting sites and applications like Bet365, Betfair, etc., is known as virtual money. This service is available from numerous virtual currency wallets.

Can We Ban Wallets from Accepting Gambling Money from India?

Few wallets prohibit the use of virtual money by Indians for gambling activities. To tackle this problem, a multi-layered transaction process solution was implemented. The virtual money was again converted into another virtual currency to make bets.

The use of cryptocurrency was also in place for online betting. However, ever since the government declared that cryptocurrencies are not legal tender in India, the usage of the same has reduced significantly.

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Is Bet365 legal in India?

  • It might be challenging for Indian sports fans to stay current on gambling industry news.
  • Even though Bet365 is one of the biggest betting platforms in the world, many people are unsure if using Bet365 for online sports betting in India is permitted.
  • In India, there aren’t any particular regulations that forbid online sports betting.
  • One of the key guidelines that individuals should be aware of is currency conversion in India. People must be allowed to wager in rupees due to stringent controls over currency conversion.
  • Bet365 is legitimate in India because it allows sports bettors to place wagers in rupees. However, it is worthwhile to review the Indian legislation governing online gambling.

Indian Gambling Regulations

  • There are no rules enacted by the central government of India that permit or prohibit sports betting.
  • Instead, the Public Gambling Act of 1867 is followed by most Indian states, which set the laws. Since these rules were created so long ago and don’t mention internet betting, it should go without saying that Bet365 and other sites are legal in India.
  • The legislation in India forbids gambling in a common gaming house or a public area. Because Bet365 operates an online sportsbook, it does not provide gambling in a common gaming establishment or a public space, so it does not violate this legislation in any way.
  • India forbids playing games of chance as well. However, sports betting is seen as a game of skill rather than chance. Hence Bet365 is acceptable to use in India.
  • Another factor for Bet365’s legality in India is the company has a base outside the country. Sports lovers may now be confident that Bet365 is legitimate and legal in India.

The Future of Bet365 and Dream11 in India

  • The Indian government’s legislators are responsible for this industry’s future. A strict ban prohibiting online gambling companies could put an end to the Indian online betting industry’s operations. 
  • If the parliamentarians become involved in the current situation, it will be interesting to see what happens.
  • Many startups are starting to take advantage of the current loophole. Startups are proliferating in both the online betting platforms and the virtual wallet market to support the former.
  • Online gambling today allows Indians to wager on anything and everything, not just cricket or a few specific sporting events.

Future of Online Betting in India

  • So, is online gambling permitted in India? Unfortunately, the answer is not as obvious as we would want. However, it is realistic to anticipate that as time goes on, things will become clearer. It is hoped that India’s gambling laws will be changed in the upcoming years to make what is permitted and what is not more apparent.
  • There are a few signs that the national government is interested in regulating internet betting. Despite this, it appears that no one is motivated to put in the necessary political slog for such a significant transformation.
  • The government has been urged to create a self-regulatory commission to standardise laws relating to internet betting by the online gaming sector and its supporting specialists.
  • A sizable portion of people may always be conservative and unwelcoming to the idea of legalising internet gambling and betting. However, Indian youth, who are undoubtedly the future, are more tolerant. A regulated internet betting system may soon be available if they continue to advocate for legalisation.
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No one in India has been charged with a crime as of yet for playing at an internet casino or putting bets on sports online. It is clear why this is happening. When it comes to the subject, Indian law needs to be more specific. It is now neither unlawful nor allowed to place bets with a foreign gambling site like Bet365. 


Is online betting permitted in India?

Yes, in India, it is acceptable to bet online. There is no legal restriction on online betting for Indian gamblers. Each state has its own rules, some of which are stricter than others.

Which online betting sites are permitted in India?

Any betting site that is headquartered outside of the nation is legitimate and permitted to take Indian players. But that is the point that any operation must be run from outside of India in order to be seen as legitimate and secure. Because of this, you won’t find an Indian betting site with a local base of operations.

Are online gambling/betting winnings taxed?

Yes, internet gambling winnings are subject to taxation under the “Income from Other Sources” category at a flat rate of 30% plus a 4% cess, or 31.2%. Additionally, earnings from online betting or gaming are not subject to the minimum exemption threshold of Rs 2.5 lakh.

Is Bet365 legal in India?

Yes, Indian sports fans who wish to wager on tournaments like the Indian Premier League may do so with confidence because Bet365 is authorised to operate there. It is due to the fact that there are no particular regulations prohibiting internet gambling in India, but Bet365 permits gambling in rupees and has a base outside of India.

Does Bet365 allow players from India?

Yes, Bet365, one of the most well-known betting companies in the world, does welcome players from India. At Bet365, sports bettors from a variety of nations can legally wager on sports.

How do I make a withdrawal from Bet365 India?

To get their hands on their winnings, customers who play at Bet365 India must learn how to withdraw money. Fortunately, withdrawing money from Bet365 India is a simple and quick process that only requires consumers to visit the cashier page and adhere to the on-screen instructions.

Why is Bet365 not banned in India?

Betting websites like Bet365, betway, and others are not blocked in India because their servers are in the UK, and they are not based there. Additionally, only domestic laws are covered by the Indian gambling laws.

Can I bet on Bet365 from India?

Making a deposit on this betting site is simple and legal because Bet365 enables Indian users to bet in rupees. Users in India have a number of great local payment options to choose from when depositing money into Bet365.

Is Bet365 real or fake?

Despite being headquartered outside of India, Bet365 is categorically not a scam. One of the world’s strongest regulatory bodies for sports betting, the UK Gambling Commission, has granted them a licence.

Can Bet365 take money back?

Any bonuses, free bets, credits, refund amounts, or enhanced payments that were given in error may be reclaimed by bet365.

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