How can International Tax Advisory Services Help your Business?

International Tax Advisory Services

Legislative and Regulatory developments in tax significantly affect multinational businesses. Understanding the impact of such developments and computing tax liabilities in several countries may prove to be difficult for both MNCs and people working across borders. International Tax Advisory Services help them structure their business in a tax-efficient manner by providing strategies and structures in line with the needs of the taxpayers. It provides support to taxpayers to meet their inbound and outbound tax requirements. Further, International Tax Advisory Services include international tax planning, compliance, advisory services, etc.

How International Tax Advisory Services help businesses?

International Tax Advisory Services help businesses in the following manner:

  1. International Mergers and Acquisitions
    Global Transactions like mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures, equity investments, etc involve complex tax issues and risks. These transactions require practical strategies to improve tax efficiency. So companies need experts having deep experience across multiple jurisdictions to advise them. These experts providing international tax advisory services not only advise on tax but also assist in accounting, regulatory, cultural, and labour issues that arise out of the transaction.
  2. Intangible Property Tax Planning Services
    Most MNCs have their finances and brand value built over Intangible property (IP). Intangible property such as registered patents, trademarks, and copyrights as also unpatented technology, know-how, brands, etc are of high value for the MNCs. IP Tax Planning service involves a combination of skills, experience, and effective practices in International Tax, Transfer pricing, M&A, etc. These services align with the business goals and strategies and address risk management[1] and compliance.
  3. International Strategic Tax Review
    International Strategic Tax Review assists the MNCs in understanding what drives an effective tax rate, assesses risks, and helps align tax management with future business models. International Strategic Tax Review helps avail foreign tax credits, income repatriation, ETR forecasting, risk management, and post-merger integration. It lays the foundation for the discussion, design, and implementation of global tax and treasury strategies for the future. Under this, the previous facts and data help to objectively and methodically build tax strategies and manage upcoming risks.
  4. International Tax Compliance
    MNCs face a formidable challenge in fulfilling the compliance requirements imposed by different countries in which the MNC operates. Numerous rules and rigorous enforcement by tax authorities only make it worse. Experts who provide international tax advisory services also provide tax compliance services such as co-sourcing and outsourcing options. International tax compliance helps the MNCs gain confidence over their compliances through improved data management and by determining data integrity and accuracy. It helps manage risk and provides timely reports improving overall compliance.
  5. International Tax Qualitative Consulting Services
    International Tax Qualitative Consulting Services removes barriers while executing international tax processes such as tax provisions, tax compliance, and tax planning. These barriers arise due to poor, mismanaged, or inaccessible data, and complex calculations which when compounded with legal structures, and inter-company transactions create a difficult international tax environment. This increases the need for high-quality international tax personnel providing international tax advisory services.
  6. Inbound International Tax and Transfer Pricing Services
    Inbound investments are often subjected to tax in the hands of the receiving company to figure out suspicious transactions if any. Experts providing international tax advisory services also focus on inbound tax planning. Based on the company’s objectives, they frame the overall structure of an investment and the transfer pricing implications to it.
  7. Value Chain Alignment (VCA)
    Assessing a multinational global business model has become a necessity today. It is due to the dynamic global economic environment and legislative changes. The International Tax Advisory Services include Value Chain Alignment service which includes high-quality customized tax and business model transformation services. These services aim to align business objectives with tax minimization by sustainably integrating operations and tax planning. Thereby enabling the business to take effective decisions.
  8. Global Strategies
    As a business expands globally, its tax strategies become more integrated, flexible, and sustainable. International Tax Advisory Services help understand and plan global strategies. It helps to formulate, implement and monitor the new approach to ensure that the global tax strategies align with the business objective.
  9. International Core of Excellence
    The experts who provide international tax advisory services include senior tax specialists knowing major jurisdictions. They provide insight into foreign tax jurisdictions for efficient tax planning. They understand the technical issues in the tax structure concerning the foreign country and provide their expert opinion to resolve them.
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Following are the benefits of International Tax Advisory Services:

  1. A better understanding of International tax legislation
    Any business operating across the border must keep itself updated with the tax regimes of the countries in which it operates. Having updated knowledge of the tax regimes ensures tax compliance. Frequent amendments in tax legislation are made by tax authorities, to ensure that tax contributions are made timely and tax evasion is mitigated, tax advisory services are important to keep a track of tax legislation, and regular review is needed to ensure that the business does not fall under the scrutiny of international tax authorities.
  2. Efficiently performing tax functions
    Due to the growing complications in tax laws and frequent changes in laws, continuous monitoring is required to achieve and maintain compliance. The tax function ensures that the business meets its domestic as well as foreign tax liabilities within the specified period and as per the standard accounting principles. Global tax compliance is ensured rather than just the domestic tax situation.
  3. Helps meet the business objectives
    International tax advisory services have a positive implication in achieving business objectives. Tax strategy and planning are always done keeping in mind the business objectives. The purpose of tax planning is to meet business objectives. Further, understanding the business objectives helps set a path for future tax plans. Professional advice helps the business to consider the tax implications of any change and it also discovers any tax reliefs that can be availed. Such professional advice also highlights the tax position of your business concerning commercial objectives.
  4. Helps avoid legal consequences
    Being up to date with the tax legislation and compliance ensures fulfillment of all requirements and helps avoid any legal consequences in the form of penalties, fines, and litigation. Instead of acting on instincts, tax advisory services help take informed decisions.
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International business is increasing. The business structures are becoming complex and so is the tax structure. The need for professionals who tackle emerging complications and compliance requirements has increased. Undertaking International Tax Advisory Services provide various opportunities for improving tax efficiencies. These services bring together professionals and experts from various fields who advise on evolving inter-related domestic as well as international transactions and their tax implications. These services support businesses across the entirety of corporate functions from advising on international taxation to fulfilling compliance requirements.

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