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FSSAI Food License

FSSAI Food License for Schools and College Canteen

FSSAI Food License for Schools and College Canteen

It is essential to maintain standards for food provided in schools and college canteens. FSSAI is an autonomous body which includes a license for the different kinds of categories of food operators on various food products in India. The FSSAI provides Canteen License, to the canteens in schools and colleges.

School and college canteen comes within the definition of the food business in India. All those businesses which fall within the category of ‘Food Business’ under section 3 (1)(n) of the Food Safety & Standard Act 2006[1] needs FSSAI license/ certificate, to function legally in India.


According to the Food Safety and Standards (Safe Food and healthy diets for school children) Regulations 2019;

  • The notification provided that the regulations are based on the FSSAI 10 point charter for food sold, supplied to children in school.
  • The notification primarily, held that foods which are high-fat foods, sugar and salts cannot be sold in the school canteens, mess premises, hostels, or within the 50 meters of the school premises.

Aim of 2019 Regulation

To provide nutritious food for school children and ensure standards are maintained. It can be summed up as:

There are three categories which have been laid down:

  • Eat adequate quantity which includes 70 to 80% of items in the food menu
  • Eat a moderate quantity which includes packaged food
  • The third category which includes high fat salt and sugar food.

10 POINT CHARTER – Food Safety and Standards (Safe Food and healthy diets for school children) Regulations 2019

10 Point Charter - to be followed by Canteen - FSSAI License Holders
  1. Section 4 of Food Safety and Standards (Licensing & Registration of Food Business) Regulation, 2011

The FBO is required to obtain a registration or license as applicable to them. They must fulfill with the requirements of sanitary and hygienic practices to the foodservice establishments

  1. No consumption of High Fat Salt and Sugar Food

Strict adherence to the rule for the foods which are given as foods high in fat, salt, and sugar. Such foods cannot be sold to school children in school canteens/ mess premises/ hostel kitchens or within 50 metres of the school campus.

  1. Balanced meals to be provided

The school authorities must encourage, and according to the regulation 2011, the schools have to adopt a strict programme for promoting safe food and healthy diets amongst school children. To convert school campus or college canteen into Eat Right School. Where the focus is on safe and nutritious food, local and seasonal food and no food waste as per the specified benchmarks.

  1. Follow guidelines by NIN

As per the guidelines issued by the NIN-national institute of nutrition School Authority have to encourage consumption of a balanced diet in the school.

  1. Follow guidelines by Food Authority

According to the direction it is necessary that the School Authority shall ensure that Food business operators who are preparing or supplying meals within the premises are based on general guidance provided in the regulation.

  1. Appoint a dietician

There should be strict adherence to the advice of the Nutritionists and dietitians who are attached to the school authority to assist them regularly, in the preparation of menu for the children.

  1. High fat and salty food is banned

Food business operators in India who are manufacturing HFSS –high fat salty and sugar food products are banned from advertising such foods to children within school premises or within 50 metres of the school campus.

  1. Promote Healthy Eating

Food business operators in India should encourage healthy eating in schools. They should not aim a market within a school to sell, or sell low nutrition food anywhere on the school campus, in the form of logos, brand names, posters, textbook covers etc.

  1. Inspection

There should be regular inspection of premises, to ensure that safe, healthy and hygienic food is served to students.

  1. State-level committee to be formed

The school must create a sub-committee by the State Level Advisory Committee to monitor the implementation of this regulation and to ensure availability of safe and wholesome food to school children.

Registration Procedure

  1. FSSAI Certificate
  • In cases where the annual turnover is less than or up to Rs 12 lakhs rupees, they are eligible for canteen license/certificate under FSSAI License.
  • These are small and medium-sized business units.
  • FSSAI certificate is granted to such businesses who gets the business an audit and food safety inspection conducted by a Food Safety Inspector.
  1. Canteen License/ FSSAI license
  • Where the annual turnover of the food business operator is 12 lakhs to 20 crores.
  • They have got audit and food inspection done by the authority Food Safety Inspector.
  • They are eligible for the canteen license under the state Authority.

3. FSSAI Central- Canteen License

In cases where the annual turnover is more than 20 crores rupees and above.
The food business operators have got inspected and audited by the food authority.
They are eligible for canteen license under central authority.
They can operate at PAN India level.

Necessary Documents for FSSAI- Canteen License

These are necessary documents which are required for the registration of the Canteen owners in school or college are required to submit these documents, to obtain the license under FSSAI or FSSAI License or Canteen License.

Necessary paper documents which are required as follows:

  1. An FSSAI Registration Number
  2. A copy of identity proof which has the photograph of the owner
  3. A State or Central License\
  4. Proof of address
  5. A list of directors or partners
  6. Copy of incorporation certificate
  7. Memorandum of association and article of association
  8. NOC-no objection certificate from the local authority, in this case from school
  9. List of all food categories


It can be concluded that today the students are dependent over food in the school and colleges. The license under FSSAI for the canteen owners as canteen license becomes a necessary document for the business / food operators. It is essential to maintain health and hygiene over the quality of food. This FSSAI License to canteen owners is the proof authenticity over their products sold.

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