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Difference between Word, Logo & Logo Composite Mark

Composite Mark

Entrepreneurs are often in a tight spot as regards to what Trademark do to protect their product and service. Several brands have trademarked their color combination in the packaging in the case of Cadbury’s, Parle-G, etc.

Nowadays, the companies have trademarked in entirety starting from the packaging, color, name, logo, sign, diagram, picture, writing to even sound and smell. It is very important to be aware of the difference in these three called Word Mark[1], Logo Mark, and Logo Composite Mark. Therefore in this article we shall look at the difference between these three but before that understand the meaning of Trademark.

What is Trademark?

Trademark is an intellectual property in form of a sign that distinguishes goods and services of one enterprise with other. Trademark can be a word, symbol, logo etc. It is a form of identification and it contributes towards building company’s repute.

What is word in the context of trademark?

The word is the brand name. A company may trademark a word. Most of the start-ups would register their brand name within their class. It would mean if there is any existing business under the same but in different sector the trademark shall be approved.

What is Logo in the context of Trademark?

You would want to trademark a logo that you have designed and if its unique. There are many famous and successful brands that are popular because of their logo and make it easier for people to identify. Why they have trademarked their logos is because they have used it in their products in marketing and advertising and in all interactions with their customers.

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What is Composite Mark in the context of trademark?

A composite mark incorporate the name of the brand in logo. It is actually the combination of logo and the brand name. In case of start ups they file a logo composite mark only at the time when they have found that their brand has been trademarked by other entity.

Difference between Word, Logo, Logo Composite Mark

DescriptionWordLogoLogo composite mark
MeaningWhere a mark or identification of the product/service or company is by the use of a “word”, it is called as a word mark.When an owner uses a logo to differentiate its product /service/company, then it is known as Logomark.Many brand include the logo and brand together i.e. a logo contains the name of the brand, known as logo composite mark
RegistrationNew start-ups and entrepreneurs wish to register a word as the brand name or to create identification for a company.The reason to register logo is the wide and extensive use of this logo on their products which even aid in the advertisement, designs, as a symbol of prestige and proud. Also, they don’t need their brand name within logo as logo alone is the mark of their identificationThe Start-ups, however, tend to file a logo composite mark only when they’ve found that their brand has already been trademarked or is too similar to a registered brand name.
ExamplesCompanies like Reliance, Parle –G, Hero Motors have trademarked only the words/brand name, called as a word mark.Various companies such as Apple, Nike, Adidas, and Puma have registered their logo.Coca-Cola and BMW, Levis are renowned examples of composite logo mark.


There are less than 20% companies that have trademarked anything else than their brand name, logo or logo composite mark. Before you go ahead with the trademark registration, make sure to have a proper understanding of word, logo and logo composite mark. 

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