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Steps to Register a Company in Ahmedabad

Company Registration in Ahmedabad

Company Registration in Ahmedabad

For Company Registration in Ahmedabad, you can choose to start as an LLP, a private company, Public Company, OPC, partnership Firm or such other form of business. The moment you set a business, you need to survive in the market and face the competition. It is always advisable to safeguard your rights and interest by legal means available in law. The first step in this regard is to get registered you in the applicable law, within which the business falls.

Many Options are available for selecting the type of a business/company registration an individual wish to opt for such as given below:

  • Agricultural Company Registration
  • Aluminium Company Registration
  • Architecture Company Registration
  • Automobile Company Registration
  • Electronics Company Registration
  • Entertainment Company Registration
  • Electronics Company Registration
  • Film Production Company Registration
  • Iron and Steel Company Registration
  • Manufacturing Company Registration
  • Pharmaceutical Company Registration
  • Plastic Company Registration
  • Real Estate Company Registration
  • Retail Company Registration
  • Software Company Registration
  • Travel Company Registration
  • Transport & Logistics Company Registration

The type of company to be registered shall depend on the kind of the business you wish to enter, say in case you want to open a company related to agriculture then preferably a Producer Company is required to be open and apart from company registration certain other registration like trademark registration may be attracted, mostly trademark classes 31, 44 or as may be applicable registration is attracted.

To open up a Producer Company, such company registration procedure is the same as other private company registration, however under companies act there is an additional requirement of having minimum 5 directors, 10 members.

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In case you are opting for establishing a private company then you need to do Company Registration under Companies Act 2013 pursuant to applicable laws. Steps for registration are given below:

Broadly the steps for company registration in Ahmedabad are start with Name approval through RUN (Reserve Unique Name) system. Prepare the documents to be uploaded as given in the information Kit to be downloaded from the MCA portal along with the Form for incorporation i.e. SPICe (Simplified Performa for Incorporating the Company Electronically)

  1. First, you need to get a unique name for your company, hence apply for name Approval by clicking on RUN (Unique) application on MCA portal-give proposed (Maximum 2 Names as per preference)-pay fees of Rs 1000/-.


  • That the fees of Rs 1000/- are valid for only one time only, irrespective of approval or rejection.
  • Reserved name shall be valid for 20 days from the date of approval of Name.
  • Reserved name shall be valid for 60 days in case of allotment of a name for existing Company (Change of Name).
  1. Obtain DSC (Digital Signature Certificate) for the company for attaching a signature to documents, form and meanwhile prepare all the documents to be prepared as per the attachment list is given in help kit along with SPICe.
  2. Fill the application form SPICe after downloading from MCA site. With the use of this single form SPICe, you can apply DIN for Directors, PAN and TAN for the company.

What can be applied from single form SPICe?

This single Form can be used for the following purpose altogether:

  1. Name availability-RUN application
  2. DIN application for Directors (Maximum 3 Directors)
  3. ROC registration
  4. PAN/TAN application of the company.
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What are all details required in Form Spice?

  1. Subscriber details:-Maximum 7. However in the case of more than 7 directors physical signed copy of MOA and AOA.
  2. Directors details:-Maximum 20.
  3. DIN application:-Maximum 3.

What does attachment of form SPICe constitutes of?

  1. INC-9 Affidavit/ declaration by first subscriber(s) and director(s) (on duly authorized Stamp Papers).
  2. DIR-2 declaration from first Directors along with Copy of Proof of Identity and residential address.
  3. Proofs of Office address (Conveyance/ Lease deed!/ Rent Agreement etc. along with rent receipts); and NOC from the owner of the property
  4. Copy of the utility bills (not older than two months)
  5. All the Subscribers should have Digital Signature

How to prepare MOA and AOA and how to apply for PAN & TAN application?

MOA and AOA: Fill form Spice 32 and Spice 33 respectively.

  1. Fill all the information in the forms as per requirement of Table A to J of Schedule I.
  2. Affix DSC of Subscriber.

PAN and TAN: Link to find out of Area Code to file PAN & TAN are given in Help Kit of SPICE Form. PAN/TAN will be generated with the incorporation Registration.

The application will be scrutinized by the registrar in Ahmedabad ROC and in case certain query, the notice will be served, usually, email intimation is done, otherwise if nothing as such found then approval message will reach to you through email.

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