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Bureau of Energy Efficiency and Its Certification

Bureau of Energy Efficiency

Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) was established on 1st March 2002 by the central Government of India. BEE is set up keeping in mind the regulations stated in the Energy Conservation Act, 2001.

What is the Role of the Bureau of Energy Efficiency(BEE)?

As the bureau is regulated by the ACT its main objective is to develop strategies and formulate policies for energy conservation in the Indian economy. This is done by preparing market principles and promoting self-regulation among the market player. The Act has provided various promotional as well as regulatory functions to be undertaken by the bureau. These functions require the bureau to coordinate with designated agencies, customers, and other related organizations and help them identify and utilize the available infrastructure and resources in an effective manner. It issues standards, guidelines, manuals, etc. switch are required to be followed for energy conservation as well as to reduce operational costs.

What is the Standards & Labeling Programme?

It is one of the main functions undertaken by the Bureau of Energy and Efficiency. This is the thrust area where the bureau’s key objective is to provide the consumer with all the information and help them by making an informed decision. This is to help the final consumers understand energy conservation and cost-saving potential of the products.

This is achieved by setting the standards and displaying the labels on the marketed products relating to their energy performance.

What are Standards?

Standards specify the basic level of energy efficiency that is required to be maintained for appliances (or other products). It can either denote set target limits of performance in reference to energy consumption, or defined test protocols to estimate the energy efficiency of manufactured products.

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What are Labels?

While standards specify the level of energy efficiency required to be maintained Labels denote the energy performance of the appliance in the form of energy use and cost as well. The objective behind the labeling is to provide the required information to the consumer so that they can make informed decisions while purchasing equipment.

Appliances for which labeling is Mandatory under the provisions of Bureau of Energy Efficiency

  1. Room Air Conditioners (Split as well as Window)
  2. Frost Free Refrigerators
  3. Tubular Fluorescent Lamp
  4. Transformer for Distribution
  5. Room Air Conditioner (Cassettes and Floor Standing)
  6. Direct Cool Refrigerator
  7. Color Television
  8. Electric Geysers
  9. Variable Capacity Inverter AC
  10. LED Lamps

Appliances for which labeling can be done on voluntary under the provisions of BEE

Other than the above-mentioned appliances for which labeling is mandatory, labeling can be done on a voluntary basis also for the following items:

  1. Induction Motors
  2. Pump Sets
  3. Ceiling Fans
  4. LPG- Stoves
  5. Washing Machine
  6. Computers including Laptops as well as Notebooks
  7. Ballast ( Electronic and Magnetic)
  8. Office equipment’s ( Printer, Copier, Scanner, MFD’s )
  9. Diesel Engine Driven Mono-set Pumps
  10. Solid State Inverter
  11. DG Sets

What is BEE Rating Certification?

A Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) rating certificate issued by the bureau is a clear indicator of the level of compliance done by the organization of the guidelines and standards issued by the bureau.

The rating is done from a scale of one to eight. The higher the level of compliance will be indicated by a high rating i.e. a level one rating indicates the highest level of compliance and level 8 rating will indicate poor compliance status. These ratings are done annually, thus the organizations must aim for a higher rating every year.

READ  An Overview of Rules & Regulations Under the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) Energy Conservation Act, 2001

Other Functions

Other the above mentioned main function of BEE Certification and labeling, the bureau also undertakes the following functions:

  1. To create general awareness relating to energy conservation and improving energy efficiency.
  2. To organize training and other related programs to educate personnel and specialist (individual and organizations) above energy efficiency and conservation techniques.
  3. Provide consultancy services for energy conservation
  4. Promotion of research and development for furtherance the main object of energy conservation
  5. Development of testing and certification procedures for labeling
  6. Facilitate the implementation of demonstration projects
  7. To promote energy efficient devices, systems, equipment and procedures above others.
  8. Take practical steps for preferential treatment for energy efficient options.
  9. To promote and facilitate the financing of energy efficient projects.
  10. Providing financial assistance to the ones promoting energy conservation.
  11. Also, formulate and implement international cooperation programs for energy efficiency and conservation.

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