Equipment Type Approval

ETA stands for Equipment Type Approval. The WPC department is required to obtain the Equipment Type Approval for importing the wireless devices into India. When a product is not certified with WPC and operates in the de-licensed frequency band, then it is required to obtain an ETA certificate. Bluetooth systems,..

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An Overview on Equipment Type Approval (ETA) Certification

In the whole world we find various manufacturers for different telecommunication equipment for as much the markets are so varied and complex. But the users or consumers of these various equipments has to understand the technical details and description as explained by the manufacturers and relayed by the retailers. It is necessary to conform to the technical standards for the operations of the networks and the equipments. It is significant that the regulators should closely follow the activities of elaborating the principles and ensure the implementation of the standards. The urgency for developing the present policy guidelines on the Equipment Type approval and standards was a necessary condition.

What is ETA?

Equipment Type Approval (ETA) is compulsory for promoting the import of the devices that are “wireless” devices in India. The Wireless Planning and Coordination (WPC) department is responsible to give the approval for the ETA. Hence, if a product is not certified by the WPC and is functioning in the de-licensed frequency band then it is obligatory for them to obtain an ETA certificate. The range of Equipment Type Approval (ETA) from the WPC includes and covers the mobile phones, Bluetooth devices, RFID, Wi-Fi technologies, and others. Where few of the frequency bands have been given the position of license-free status, then in such a case it is not required to get the license from WPC for any of the product that are operating in such frequency. Moreover, it is mandatory to obtain a detail test report of the equipment from a well renowned laboratory for obtaining an ETA, and then it is required to be submitted to WPC for the purpose of evaluation.

What are the essentials of Equipment Type Approval (ETA)?

The essential requirement of the Equipment Type Approval (ETA)

  • Equipment Type Approval (ETA) is compulsory for all the devices that are wireless equipments and which work under the bands of the DE license. 
  • The license is monitored and controlled by the Department of the Wireless Planning & Coordination (WPC).
  • Equipment Type Approval (ETA) shall be given only to the Indian agencies and will not be given in the foreign manufacturer’s name.
  • The application is supposed to move together with the whole copy of the RF test report i.e. Radio Test report which must be carried out from the good and a recognized test laboratory.
  • It is mandatory for the test reports to specify the particulars such as the Frequency span, resolution bandwidth, sweep, video bandwidth, etc.

What is the procedure for ETA Certificate Procurement?

For procuring ETA Certificate, we need to follow the following procedure:

  • An online application needs to be filed along with the hard copy which ought to be submitted to the WPC department.
  • The Documents must be scrutinized by the authority. The WPC department must acknowledge and verify the Documents and can raise a query if needed.
  • This application is required to be submitted to the Government of India with the assistance of any Wireless Adviser and must be in the format as has been provided on the website.
  • The applicant shall also submit the copy of the report of Radio Test that has been provided by the accredited testing laboratory. This RT report is granted by the accredited laboratory after checking the product and ensuring such particular information like the spectrum plot data and measurements, frequency range, video or resolution bandwidth, and so on.
  • Upon the required rectification by the applicant, WPC shall undergo a reasonable procedure and then grant the Equipment Type Approval.

The following information must be submitted in order to request an application:

  • The complete Address proof
  • In case of foreign authority, the complete information regarding the authorized agency, the detailed specification about the product together with the model number
  • Transmitter and receiver specifications, inclusive of transmission frequency, etc.

Documents Required for ETA Approval

  • The Photo ID, proof of the ownership of business
  • Address proof of the business owner and other contact details
  • The proof of the possession of the Premises
  • Receipt of the online fee.
  • Letter authorizing the experts to file an application on behalf.
  • Certificate of the incorporation of the company
  • PAN card of the company
  • Other Documents regarding the company
  • The detailed technical guide about the product
  • Letter Head
  • Radio Frequency Report which must contain

    • Out of band emissions

    • Peak power

    • Occupied bandwidth

    • Power spectral density

    • Frequency range and

It is important to note that the calculated value ought to be within the limits as has been specified by the WPC. If in any case the calculated value is not coming in the WPC limits then the value which is out of limit should be restricted through the hardware or software embedded programming and furthermore it must be tested again so as to comply it to be within the limits.

What are the products for which you need Equipment Type Approval?

The products that needs the Equipment type approval from the department of WPC consists of wireless products. ETA Certificate means the certification that is obtained for the products that are wireless and functions in the de-licensed bands. Thus, the most regular products that public is looking to get the ETA character certificate are as given below:

  • Bluetooth

    Everyone has knowledge about the equipment of Bluetooth when we talk about any wireless device. We need the ETA Certificate from the WPC for Bluetooth. Bluetooth is a wireless method of connecting one equipment with the other, and none of them requires to be a telecom equipment. If they are not having the approval, there is a high chance that they are functioning in such bands that are intended for some other thing. In these cases, the bluetooth can produce issues for its present radio signals so it is highly mandatorily to have the approval.

  • Drones

    Drones are the new trend where we require the Equipment type approval. There are total two levels of approval that shall be needed here and the equipment type approval for drones is just one of the parts of it. To get the drone’s equipment type approval, India has formed the similar pathway as the other products.

Who can apply for ETA Certificate?

The Manufacturers or Importers of all the products with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth features are obligated to get the approval from WPC for ETA Certificate.

What is the validity and renewal of ETA Certification?

The ETA certificate is provided for a particular model and has the validity which shall continue so long as that model is created without any modifications. There is no need to renew the ETA Certificate once it is approved.

What are the additional details pertaining to ETA Certification?

To support the growth of ‘Make in India' by manufacturing and producing the high-tech and cutting-edge goods for both the domestic as well as international markets and in order to motivate the domestic innovation, research and development. The Department Of Telecommunication has released directions liberalizing the import parameters for all prototypes, measurement and test devices in license exempt bands with no obligation of requiring the ‘Equipment Type Approval (ETA)'.

Moreover, the Department Of Telecommunication has permitted the ETA through the self-certification as a further rise towards the commercial finished products, trying to make the regulatory framework more straightforward and simpler. At the same time it has focused on ensuring the enforcement and low cost of the transaction. These initiatives shall make it much easier to involve in doing business with the Government when it focuses on controlling the wireless devices of the consumer and will reduce the clearance time.

One of the major pre-requirement for importing the goods that function in the license-exempt bands has been the Department Of Telecommunications Equipment Type Approval Certificate (ETA License). It is pertinent to note that the National Frequency Allocation Plan 2018 took a smart move by increasing the license-free spectrum from the 5 GHz band to the 605 MHz, which makes the way for more deployment of the consumer goods, Wi-Fi networks, and short-range devices or equipments for varieties of applications in the license-free bands.

The latest notification on ETA

With respect to the ETA policy of 2018-2019, the WPC authority in India has released a new guideline on the criterion for Equipment Type Approval (ETA) for certain specific types of wireless devices or equipments that function in licensing the exempt bands with low transmission power and are exempted from the requirements of import licensing under the import policy of the DGFT.

Commercial or the finished goods like the cell phones, mobile handsets, electronic notepads, smart watches, computers, and the short range devices such as speakers, microphones, headphones, printers, cameras, scanners and few other short range devices are permitted to use the Equipment Type Approval by self-declaration.

At India Customs, any importer or any approved local Indian representative should self-declare.

Online process

For procuring Equipment Type Approval by self-declaration, the online facility was opened on April 12, 2019, which is required to be done upon the SaralSanchar Portal of the Department of Telecommunication.

The applicants are required to follow the instructions as are given below:

  • Applicant is required to apply online at saral sanchar
  • Starting from May 1, 2019, all the applicants are required to apply through the SaralSanchar Portal. If any issue arises, the applicants have the option to use the existing process and send an email to by April 30, 2019.
  • The applicant is also required to create his account on the SaralSanchar Portal. The credentials for the login shall be sent to the registered mobile number and e-mail address of the applicant, thereby, allowing them to further access the system.
  • The entire Paper works of the product shall be uploaded on the portal in the PDF format by the applicant.
  • A payment of Rs 10,000/- is made for each model via the Bharatkosh Portal with the motive to acquire the Equipment Type Approval Certificate. Consecutively, it is required to submit the payment receipt to the SaralSanchar portal.

How does Enterslice Helps?

  • It offers end-to-end service with regard to the Consultancy concerning ETA certificate 
  • It shall assist in the issuing the ETA certificate as approved and granted by the WPC department.
  • The filing of application for getting equipment type approval will be made to the Wireless Adviser under Government of India.
  • The complete preparation and submission of the necessary Documents together with the copy of the Radio Test report (RF test report) that is done on the product from the accredited test laboratory.
  • Reviewing and resolving the queries as has been raised by the department.
  • Issuance of the Final Equipment Type Approval certificates. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

ETA is equipment type approval and it is required to import the wireless devices in India. These equipments require specific approvals from the WCP Department for the purposes of its operation.

ETA Certificate is a kind of certification which ensures that the equipments are complying with the requirements as conformed by the WCP department.

Equipment Type Approval (ETA) is compulsory for all the wireless equipments or devices which work under the DE licensed bands and it must comply with the Radio Test report (RF test report)

Transceivers, Bluetooth, transmitters, Wireless blue-tooth watches ,receivers, wireless home appliances, radio frequency identification (RFID) tags, remote key for entry, wireless mouse and keypads, wireless medical products, small digital radios, and any other radio frequency modules.

There are few frequency bands that have been given the designation of license-free status, which directly means that the products that are operating in those frequency bands does not require a WPC license.

The Manufacturers or the importers of the products with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth features can apply.

The ETA certificate remains valid so long as the model exists and there is no need to renew the ETA certificate once it is approved.

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