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Taxation & Regulatory Services

Internal Audit

  • Internal Audit Outsourcing
  • Internal Audit Co-Sourcing
  • Internal Audit Partnering
  • Process and Internal Controls Consulting
  • Audit Committee Advisory
  • Continuous Auditing Monitoring
  • Risk Assessment and Audit Plan
  • Financial Advisory
  • IT Audits/Assurance
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Financial statements are the primary attributes of responsibility on the management of company and performance of a company can be assessed only from..

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Corporate Tax (R&D Tax)

  • Assess liability for claiming R&D incentives
  • Assisting in implementing systems and processes for capturing the necessary information relating to R&D incentives
  • Assistance in preparing and processing application forms relevant for recognition and approval of R&D facility
  • Identifying the expenditure eligible for R&D incentive claims
  • Preparation, review and facilitating R&D tax incentive claims
  • Also support services for realization of R&D incentive claims
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In order to encourage Investment in Research and Development (R&D) the government of India has provided motivation in the form of various tax in..

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International Tax Advisory Services

  • EU Direct Tax Group
  • Latin American Tax Group
  • International Tax Desks
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If you are carrying on operations across borders or turning a competition in multiple jurisdictions, then you have complied with the tax laws includ..

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Transfer Pricing in India

  • Compliance review Monthly/Quarterly & Annually
  • ITP & DP compliance
  • FEMA compliance 
  • Management Report on internal control system
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A separate code on transfer pricing as mentioned under the Income tax Act  (Section 91 to 92F) which covers intra cross border transactions under..

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Corporate Tax and Regulatory Compliance

  • Enterslice deals in all type of Corporate tax compliance & tax advisory services .
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Constant Tax and regulatory changes in India are challenging Indian and Multinational companies to stay on the top. The companies should be well edu..

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Tax Litigation

  • Helping in strategizing tax litigation
  • Exploring alternative tax dispute resolution mechanisms
  • Assistance in representation before Commissioner of Income tax (Appeals), Dispute Resolution Panel, Income Tax Appellate Tribunal
  • Assistance in preparation of advance ruling application and representation before AAR
  • Assisting, counseling, preparing, representing appeals and petitions before High Courts and Supreme Court
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Tax Litigation under the Indian judicial system is time consuming. The adjudicating and quasi-judicial appellate authorities act as a fact finding b..

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TP Planning, Documentation and assistance in Compliances


Goods and service tax (GST) Advisory Service

  • Advise on various GST related matters
  • Tender / pre-bid and post-bid assistance
  • Making Representations before the GST Council
  • GST Litigation services
  • Computation of tax payments
  • Assist in reconciliation of input tax credits
  • Preparation of compliance tracker
  • Assist in queries related to e-Way bills generation
  • Assistance in undertaking GST audits
  • Preparation and filing of refund claims
  • Providing end to end support including liaising obtaining refund orders
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In India, Goods  and Services Tax (GST) has been implemented from 1st July 2017. For all business entities in India need to conduct a  study..

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Domestic Transfer Pricing

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    The transfer pricing (TP) provisions were earlier restricted to International transactions only. However, with effect from 1st April 2013 the transfer..

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    Climate Change and Sustainability Services

    • Benchmarking sustainability practices
    • Stakeholder Engagement Process
    • Sustainability Strategy and Roadmap development
    • Corporate Social Responsibility
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    A reliable economic growth is gradually reestablished across  the world. In such a scenario the challenge is likely to optimize the growth in&nbs..

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    Implementation of IND AS

    • Finalization of Accounting policy
    • Developing a format of financial statement
    • Direct Tax Impact Analysis
    • Indirect Taxes Impact Analysis
    • IT Impact analysis
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    On 16th February, 2015 Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) notified the Companies (Indian Accounting Standards) Rules, 2015 laying down the roadmap to..

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    Secretarial Audit in India

    • End to End Compliance review
    • Mandatory for Certain Types of company
    • EAT 60 days
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    Companies falling under this criterion required to annex secretarial audit report with the board report

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    NBFC Audit

    • Financial Audit of NBFC
    • Credit Checks of NBFC
    • KYC checks of NBFC
    • Any other Audit and Compliance matters
    • Due diligence of NBFCs
    • Preparation of Auditor’s Report

    Audit Services

    • Statutory Audit of accounts of Public and Private Companies
    • Financial Institutions Audit
    • PSU's (Public Sector Undertakings) Audit
    • GST Audit
    • Banks and non-banking financial companies Audit
    • Sole-Proprietor's as well as partnership firms Audit
    • We take special concern of any
    • Revenue leakages
    • Overpricing
    • Process overlaps and
    • Unauthorized access
    • Omission and commission errors

    Stock Audit

    • Physical Count of Stock
    • Audit of Stocks Lying at Outside locations
    • Documentation of Stock (through photographs)
    • Checking of Sealed Inventories
    • Recognition of Inventory and WIP
    • Comparison of Physical and Recorded Stock
    • Use of Advanced Technology for Stock Management

    Financial Statement Audit

    • Compliance with Regulations
    • Advice on Controls and Processing System Weaknesses
    • Confirmation of Accounting Treatments with Respect to Complex Transactions
    • Independent Review of Externally Reported Information
    • Accountants' Reports

    Management Audit

    • Economic function
    • Corporate Structure
    • Health of Earnings
    • Service to Stockholders
    • Research and Development
    • Directorate Analysis
    • Fiscal Policies
    • Production Efficiency
    • Sales Vigor
    • Executive Evaluation

    Insurance Audit

    • Accounting Book of Accounts
    • Checking Taxation of Insurance Policies
    • Coverage Disputes
    • Complex Insurance Litigation
    • Public Policy
    • Trade Association Work
    • Technology Risk Consulting Services.
    • Residual Insurance Associations

    Internal Control Audit

    • Internal Audit Services
    • Internal Audit Transformation
    • Effectiveness and Quality Assurance
    • Process Reviews
    • Standard Operating Procedures
    • Event Risk Management
    • Third-Party Assurance

    Tax Optimization

    • Tax Function Reviews
    • Tax Data Management, Analytics, and Reporting
    • Tax Process Design
    • Technology Roadmap Development
    • Software Selection

    Internal Audit Co-Sourcing

    • Corporate Governance
    • Risk Assessment
    • Regulatory Compliance Review
    • Financial Risk Modeling
    • Complex Asset Valuation
    • Due Diligence
    • Data Quality and Integrity Analysis
    • Fraud Assessment
    • IT Security and Privacy
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