Taxation & Regulatory list of Services

Direct Tax Services

List of Enterslice Services

Income Tax Notice

  • Income tax notice advice and consultation from experts.
  • Aid in comprehending and addressing income tax notifications.
  • Advisory services to guarantee adherence to income tax laws.
  • Timely handling of problems relating to income tax notices
  • Assistance in compiling and arranging pertinent evidence for notice answers.
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Corporate Tax (R&D Tax)

  • Helping to develop systems and processes to gather crucial information about R&D incentives
  • Assisting with the handling and completion of application paperwork necessary for the recognition and approval of an R&D facility
  • Determining the costs that qualify for R&D incentive claims
  • Putting together, examining, and facilitating R&D tax incentive claims
  • Through support services, assistance in realizing R&D incentive claims
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International Tax Advisory Services

  • Cross Border Requirements
  • Legal Compliance
  • Transfer Pricing Transactions
  • Other Tax Issues
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Transfer Pricing in India

  • Transfer Pricing Support Advisory
  • Transfer pricing services in compliance with regulations
  • Compliance Review- Monthly/Quarterly & Annually
  • Transfer Pricing Documentation
  • Transfer Pricing Audit
  • Assistance in preparation & filing of Master file & CBC report
  • Advance Pricing Agreements
  • Assisting clients in understanding & implementing Safe Harbor Rules
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Corporate Tax and Regulatory Compliance

  • Corporate Tax Compliance and Tax Advisory Services.
  • Comprehensive Due Diligence Services
  • Litigation Support
  • Consultation and Advisory Services
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Tax Litigation

  • Advice related to tax litigations
  • Assistance in organizing and advocating for appeals and petitions before the respective courts.
  • Consultation related to tax litigation matters
  • Assistance and presentation before the forums
  • Assistance in drafting replies to notices
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TP Planning, Documentation and assistance in Compliances

  • Assessment of potential adjustments and penalties
  • Drafting transfer Pricing Policy
  • Benchmark Analysis
  • Valuation of Intangibles
  • Synchronous Documentation
  • Assistance in Dispute Resolution
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Domestic Transfer Pricing

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    Corporate Tax Advisory Services

    • Indirect Taxes
    • Direct Taxes
    • Tax Advisory Services
    • Tax Compliance Services
    • Advice related to strategies for Repatriation
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    Indian Accounting Standards (Ind AS)

    • Procedure for implementation of Indian Accounting Standards
    • Different Types of such as IRFS and Ind AS
    • Criteria for adopting Indian Accounting Standards
    • Impact of Adoption
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    Tax Preparation Services

    • GST calculations and returns
    • Individual, Partnership and Corporation Tax Preparation
    • Business, Individual and GST/HST filings
    • Computation and filing of income tax and value-added tax
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    Tax Optimization

    • Examining Tax Functions
    • Management, Analytics, and Reporting of Tax Data
    • Design of Tax Processes
    • Technology Road map Development
    • Software Selection
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    International Tax Planning

    • Structuring of Outbound and Inbound investment
    • Transfer pricing
    • Cross-border cash planning
    • Dividend Repatriation, funding, currency issues
    • Indirect Tax
    • Customs and Trade
    • Global Employer Services
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    List of Enterslice Services

    Income Tax Audit

    • Process management
    • Reviewing the tax authority notice or inquiry
    • Explain the Notice
    • Researching issues involved
    • Assist in assembling documents and records for the tax audit
    • Review the tax audit findings
    • Explain the appeal process
    • Provide Other Options if Available and Needed
    • Tax planning
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    Internal Audit

    • Advisory on Process and Internal Controls Consulting
    • Advisory on Audit Committee
    • Continuous Auditing Monitoring
    • Risk Assessment and Audit Plan or your business
    • Financial Advisory service for your business
    • Assistance in IT Audits/Assurance
    • Internal Audit Outsourcing
    • Internal Audit Co-Sourcing
    • Internal Audit Partnering
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    Secretarial Audit in India

    • Procedure for carrying out secretarial audit in India
    • Documentation required for secretarial audit
    • Liaising with the concerned authority for carrying out the above process
    • Providing end to end services
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    NBFC Audit

    • Financial Audit of NBFC
    • Credit Checks of NBFC
    • Reporting of IFC of NBFCs
    • Preparation of Risk Control Matrix
    • KYC Compliances of NBFC
    • Preparation of Auditor’s Report
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    Audit Services

    • Statutory Audit of accounts of Public and Private Companies
    • Financial Institutions Audit
    • PSU's (Public Sector Undertakings) Audit
    • GST Audit
    • Banks and non-banking financial companies Audit
    • Sole-Proprietor's as well as partnership firms Audit
    • We take special concern of any
    • Revenue leakages
    • Overpricing
    • Process overlaps and
    • Unauthorized access
    • Omission and commission errors
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    Stock Audit

    • Physical Count of Stock
    • Audit of Stocks Lying at Outside locations
    • Documentation of Stock (through photographs)
    • Checking of Sealed Inventories
    • Recognition of Inventory and WIP
    • Comparison of Physical and Recorded Stock
    • Use of Advanced Technology for Stock Management
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    Financial Statement Audit

    • Compliance with Regulations
    • Advice on Controls and Processing System Weaknesses
    • Confirmation of Accounting Treatments with Respect to Complex Transactions
    • Independent Review of Externally Reported Information
    • Accountants' Reports
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    Global Audit

    • Statutory Audit
    • Audit of reporting package and consolidation
    • Audit of the accounts as per GAAP and IFRS
    • Interim limited review
    • Due diligence
    • Other legal controls
    • Assistance in accounting closing and reporting (tax declaration)
    • Business restructuring
    • Audit upon procedure
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    NGO Audit

    • Advising on a suitable form of organization for NGO working
    • Assistance in Registration of society/trust or section 8 company
    • Liaison about procurement of Grants/Donations/Funds
    • Helping in obtaining FCRA Registration and other compliances
    • Advising on income tax
    • Other Registration like 80G/12AA of Income Tax Act
    • Accounts Outsourcing Services
    • Internal Audit services
    • Registration of Society, Section 25 Company, Formation of Trust
    • Statutory Audit Service
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    Virtual Audit

    • Compliance Audit.
    • Financial Audit.
    • Construction Audit.
    • Information systems Audit.
    • Investigative Audit.
    • Operational Audit.
    • Tax Audit.
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    Private Limited Audit

    • Attestation and Assurance
    • On-site/In-house Accounting Consulting Services
    • Financial Due Diligence
    • Accounting Integration for Mergers and Acquisitions
    • Compiled Financial Statements
    • Design and Improve Internal Controls Over Financial Reporting and Operations
    • Financial Analysis
    • Financial Consulting
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    Advertising Audit

    • Cyber Risk
    • Financial Risk, Transactions & Restructuring
    • Internal Audit & Assurance
    • Strategic and Reputation Risk Management
    • Forensic Risk
    • Regulatory and Operational Risk
    • Channel Strategy
    • Audience Strategy
    • Tracking and Metrics
    • Remarketing Strategy campaigns
    • Display and Video Campaigns
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    Management Audit

    • Economic function
    • Corporate Structure
    • Health of Earnings
    • Service to Stockholders
    • Research and Development
    • Directorate Analysis
    • Fiscal Policies
    • Production Efficiency
    • Sales Vigor
    • Executive Evaluation
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    Public Limited Audit

    • Attestation and Assurance
    • Accounting Consulting Services
    • Financial Due Diligence
    • Compiled Financial Statements
    • Design and Improve Internal Controls Over Financial Reporting
    • Financial Analysis
    • Financial Consulting
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    Insurance Audit

    • Accounting Book of Accounts
    • Checking Taxation of Insurance Policies
    • Coverage Disputes
    • Complex Insurance Litigation
    • Public Policy
    • Trade Association Work
    • Technology Risk Consulting Services.
    • Residual Insurance Associations
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    Human Resource Audit

    • Hiring and Onboarding
    • Benefits
    • Compensation
    • Performance evaluation process
    • Termination Process and Exit Interviews
    • Job Descriptions
    • Form Review
    • Personnel File Review
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    Media Audit

    • Traditional Media Auditing
    • Digital Media Auditing
    • Consulting and Performance Valuation
    • Sponsorship Valuation
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    Cinema Audit

    • Competitor Analysis
    • Audience Profiling and conversions
    • Coverage & Opportunities to see the campaign
    • Cost performance by package & group
    • Audit Recommendations/action points
    • Negotiation of Costing of Standard and Premium Cinema Packages
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    Internal Control Audit

    • Internal Audit Services
    • Internal Audit Transformation
    • Effectiveness and Quality Assurance
    • Process Reviews
    • Standard Operating Procedures
    • Event Risk Management
    • Third-Party Assurance
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    Audit and Assurance

    • Accounting & Reporting Advisory Services
    • Audit and Financial Reporting
    • Corporate Governance
    • Employee Benefit Plan Audits
    • Information Systems Assurance
    • International Financial Reporting Standards
    • Third-Party Attestation
    • Revenue Recognition
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    Internal Audit Co-Sourcing

    • Corporate Governance
    • Risk Assessment
    • Regulatory Compliance Review
    • Financial Risk Modeling
    • Complex Asset Valuation
    • Due Diligence
    • Data Quality and Integrity Analysis
    • Fraud Assessment
    • IT Security and Privacy
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    Insurance broker audit

    • Accounting of books of accounts
    • Checking taxation of the broking services
    • Complicated insurance litigation
    • Technology risk consulting services
    • Risk assessment and management
    • Consultancy related to Insurance Broker Audit
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    AML Audit

    • Review of the Customer Identification Procedure (CIP)
    • Transactional evaluation and testing
    • Transaction Monitoring
    • Customer Due Diligence (CDD)
    • Reporting
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    Performance Auditing

    • General Standards
    • Quality Control
    • Field Standards
    • Reporting Standards
    • Business Audits
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    Compliance Audits

    • System & Organization Controls (SOC) readiness
    • Operational and internal audits
    • Adherence to industry-specific guidelines
    • Compliance with contract and grant agreement provisions
    • Government grant compliance
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    List of Enterslice Services

    Investment Banking Advisory

    • Investment Banking Advisory Services.
    • M & A Advisory Services.
    • Buy in and out Services.
    • Fund Raising and Divestment Services.
    • Origination of Deals.
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    IPO Readiness Advisory

    • End-to-End Readiness Assessment
    • Support for Financial Reporting and Compliance
    • Complete Assistance for Compliance Assessment
    • Planning and Documentation Assistance
    • Assessment of Internal Controls and IT System
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    BFSI Consulting

    • BFSI advisory;
    • Compliance review;
    • Audit;
    • Liaising with regulatory authorities such as RBI, SEBI, IRDA etc.;
    • Advice on starting banking, finance, and insurance-based services.
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    Global Expansion Advisory

    • Advice on Global Expansion Advisory Services.
    • Advice on Regulatory Norms for Global Expansion Advisory.
    • Procedure on Global Expansion Advisory Services.
    • Procedure for registering a company or partnership outside India.
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    Dispute Advisory

    • Securities, Accounting & Regulatory Enforcement
    • Valuation, Solvency & Acquisition Disputes
    • International Arbitration
    • Intellectual Property Disputes
    • Commercial Disputes
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    Accounting Advisory and Financial Reporting

    • Accounting Advisory Services.
    • Financial Audit Advisory Services.
    • Monitoring Audit Services.
    • Compliance with the reporting standards.
    • Global Reporting.
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    Manufacturing Consulting

    • Enterslice helps in choosing the correct form of business organization.
    • Provides expert knowledge of market trends and competition.
    • Helps in registering the name of the organization and also in a trademark application.
    • Enterslice helps its client in complying with various regulatory compliances and laws.
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    Employee Benefit Plans

    • Enterslice provide all kind of services related to registration in all the Indian labor laws.
    • Enterslice provides a comprehensive and customized business strategy after reviewing the existing plan of the organization.
    • Establishes employee cost sharing policy
    • Provides employee benefit budgeting services
    • Provides customized employer website to avail the benefits.
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    System and Organizational control reporting

    • Provides SOC specific software to its client to handle the SOC engagement efficiently.
    • Provides valuable SOC recognition and tailor-made services.
    • Provides SOC cybersecurity services
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    Chartered Accountants Services

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      ESG Advisory

      List of Enterslice Services

      Sustainability and ESG Solutions

      • Assessment of Environmental, Social and Governance Norms
      • Analysis of ESG Health
      • Guidance on Bench Marking of ESG/ Developmental Performance
      • Consultancy on Sustainability and Social Returns on Investment
      • Advisory on Climate Change and Carbon Credits
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      ESG Assurance in Audit

      • ESG materiality assessment
      • ESG data collection and analysis
      • ESG reporting and disclosure
      • Sustainability risk assessment
      • Third-party assurance
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      ESG Reporting

      • Guidance on ESG best practices and frameworks
      • ESG Strategy Development
      • ESG Materiality Assessment
      • Data Collection and Analysis
      • Stakeholder Engagement
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      Sustainable Supply Chain Management

      • Sustainable Supply Chain Management Consulting
      • Supply Chain Sustainability Strategy Development
      • Supplier Engagement and Capacity Building
      • Supply Chain Risk Assessment and Mitigation
      • Sustainable Procurement Policy Development
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      Sustainable Finance

      • Sustainability Reporting
      • ESG Due Diligence
      • Green Bond Consulting
      • Carbon Credit Advisory
      • Sustainable Finance Strategy
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      ESG Due Diligence

      • ESG Risk Assessment
      • ESG Due Diligence for Investments
      • ESG Due Diligence for Mergers and Acquisitions
      • ESG Disclosure and Reporting
      • ESG Data Management and Reporting
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      BRSR Reporting

      • Sustainability Reporting
      • ESG Due Diligence
      • Green Bond Consulting
      • Carbon Credit Advisory
      • Sustainable Finance Strategy
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      Sustainability And Environmental Auditing

      • Ensuring legislative compliance
      • Reducing environmental impacts
      • Reducing waste, water and energy costs
      • Monitor current and changing environmental legislation
      • Improve your environmental management systems
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      Indirect Tax Services

      List of Enterslice Services

      GST Registration

      • Application filing with the GST Department;
      • GST Advisory and Consultancy;
      • Help in documentation processes;
      • Liaising with the GST department for GST Registration;
      • Return filing;
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      GST Advisory Service

      • Advise on various GST related matters
      • Tender / pre-bid and post-bid assistance
      • Making Representations before the GST Council
      • GST Litigation services
      • Computation of tax payments
      • Assist in reconciliation of input tax credits
      • Preparation of compliance tracker
      • Assist in queries related to e-Way bills generation
      • Assistance in undertaking GST audits
      • Preparation and filing of refund claims
      • Providing end to end support including liaising obtaining refund orders
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      GST Return Filing

      • Assessing the applicable GST return forms
      • Preparation of the necessary financial data and documents.
      • Verification of the data to ensure accuracy and compliance.
      • Advisory services
      • Reconciliation of the data
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      GST Notice Reply

      • Identification of Notice and Summons
      • Responding to GST Notices
      • Assistance in Filing Tax Credits and GST Refunds Rules
      • Advisory on Actions of DGGSTI
      • GST Advisory & Litigation Services
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      GST Refund Process

      • Consultancy and advisory services
      • Assist in application preparation and review
      • Help in documentation support
      • Assist in compliance review
      • Refund tracking and follow-up
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      GST Audit and Assessment

      • GST registration
      • GST returns
      • GST invoicing
      • GST payments
      • GST Refund and assessment
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      Custom Duty Services

      • Custom Duty Assessment and Classification Services
      • Custom Duty Calculation and Compliance Review
      • Custom Duty Refund and Rebate Processing
      • Custom Duty Dispute Resolution
      • End-to-end support
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      GST Input Tax Credit (ITC)

      • Assist businesses in understanding the eligibility criteria and conditions availing ITC, ensuring compliance with GST laws and regulations.
      • Assist in maintaining documentation, filing accurate ITC returns, and reconciling ITc with sales and purchases data.
      • Support resolving ITC-related issues, including audits, assessments, and disputes with tax authorities.
      • Assistance with the procedure to establish a Nidhi Company
      • Effectively manage tax liabilities and streamline their compliance processes.
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      Professional Tax Compliance Advisory

      • Assist in Tax planning
      • Help you prepare and file your tax returns
      • Reviews of your tax compliance processes
      • Guide tax audits and dispute resolution
      • Easy Access to Public Financing
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      Optimisation and Consultancy Services

      • Property Tax Optimisation Strategies
      • Excise Tax Process Improvement Consultancy
      • Luxury Tax Cost Reduction Analysis
      • Custom Duty Import/Export Optimisation
      • GST and Professional Tax Due Diligence
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      Dispute Resolution Panel and PTA

      • Conduct a thorough analysis of property tax assessment
      • Identifying errors
      • Appeal preparation
      • Gather Evidence
      • Provide alternative dispute resolution such as mediation or arbitration
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      Custom Duty Valuation

      • Custom Duty valuation
      • Calculation of Transaction value at the time and place of importation
      • Valuation of imported/export
      • Provisional clearance of imported goods
      • Consultation on the import and export of goods
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      Excise tax compliance

      • Assist in obtaining excise license and helps in registration
      • Compliance review
      • Advising in excise tax calculation and planning
      • Preparing and filing excise tax returns
      • Assisting in the documentation process
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      Property Tax Assessment and Valuation

      • Assist in determining the value of properties.
      • Data analysis
      • Thorough evaluation
      • Assistance with the procedure to establish a Nidhi Company
      • In-depth knowledge of local tax laws
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      Excise Tax Warehouse Compliance Evaluation

      • Excise tax health check
      • Designated Zone and Warehouse keeper registration and renewal
      • Assistance is Excise Tax Refund
      • Excise Tax Compliance Review
      • Assistance in excise tax audit
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      GST E-Invoicing

      • Provide expert guidance
      • Consultation on the implementation of GST e-invoicing
      • Conduct thorough compliance assessment to ensure that the business meets all the regulatory requirements
      • Training and awareness
      • End-to-end service
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      Luxury Tax & Compliance

      • Luxury Tax Compliance
      • Audit
      • Assurance
      • Tax Audit Services
      • Compliance Management Services
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      Excise Tax

      • Tax Compliance
      • Tax planning
      • Advisory and Compliance
      • Audit support
      • Tax exemption and deduction
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      Professional Tax

      • Professional tax preparation
      • Tax planning and strategy
      • Tax Compliance
      • Tax filing and submission
      • End-to-end assistance
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      Anti-Dumping Duty Analysis

      • Consulting and advisory services
      • Thorough research
      • Anti-dumping duty Analysis
      • Help in litigation and dispute resolution
      • End to end to assistance
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      Our Awards Our Awards

      Top 100 Companies in Asia - Red Herring
      Top 100 Companies in Asia - Red Herring

      Red Herring Top 100 Asia enlists outstanding entrepreneurs and promising companies. It selects the award winners from approximately 2000 privately financed companies each year in the Asia. Since 1996, Red Herring has kept tabs on these up-and-comers. Red Herring editors were among the first to recognize that companies such as Google, Facebook, Kakao, Alibaba, Twitter, Rakuten,, Xiaomi and YouTube would change the way we live and work.

      Top 25 in India - Consultants Review

      Researchers have found out that organization using new technologies in their accounting and tax have better productivity as compared to those using the traditional methods. Complying with the recent technological trends in the accounting industry, Enterslice was formed to focus on the emerging start up companies and bring innovation in their traditional Chartered Accountants & Legal profession services, disrupt traditional Chartered Accountants practice mechanism & Lawyers.

      Top 25 in India - Consultants Review