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Expert Guidance in Regulatory Compliance Audits

Regulatory audit services are not limited to examining and ensuring financial verifications that are commonly reported to the concerned regulatory authorities. Choose us as your regulatory audit services provider. Enterslice is a consultancy company engaged in providing various services like audit and assurance, risk assessment, law advisory, compliance, and regulations. We have helped various organizations with end-to-end company requirements, ensuring the complete and efficient operation of the respective organizations.

During regulatory audit services, the responsibility of an auditor is to look at the prerequisite of the company's documentation, training, and awareness program, hazard assessment policies and regulations, and various other laws and regulations.

Generally, regulatory audits include every aspect of the company’s operations but are not limited to a financial audit. The major role of the auditor under the regulatory audit services is to accompany the supervision conducted by the regulatory bodies. Any additional requirements that are raised by the regulatory bodies shall also be addressed by the concerned regulatory audit services provider. For banks and other financial institutions, regulatory audit services include addressing the audit of financial statements according to the laws and regulations of the specific industry, framing an audit report as per the required guidelines, etc.

What do you understand about a regulatory audit?

A regulatory audit is conducted by the concerned regulatory authority, ensuring that a company is complying with the required standards of laws and regulations. Regulatory audits are conducted to combat money laundering activities and terrorist financing across the globe. This regulatory audit is conducted periodically, either announced or unannounced.

The main purpose behind regulatory audit services is to protect the interest of the public and to ensure that organizations are operating and functioning in a safe and sound manner.

Prerequisite To Be Taken Care by Regulatory Audit Services

Do you have an upcoming regulatory audit of your respective company management program or system? Don't worry; our professional expert shall make such a process go seamlessly without putting an extra burden on your company's management team. Generally, preparation is not mandatory if one has an effective management system in theory, whereas preparation helps the company to have a complete customer experience. Given below are five important requirements that are to be taken care of by the regulatory audit services provider before a regulatory audit is conducted by the authorized person

Evaluate the Requirements

Usually, a company is sent a notification by the concerned regulatory authority on the upcoming audit program, which is attached to the criteria of an audit. In case no such notification has been received by the respective company, we shall ask for the same from the concerned authority. This regulatory audit service shall ensure that the company staff and employees are aware and familiar with such regulatory criteria that are applicable while commencing the audit of their company's operations.

Know your Gaps

The audit program basically aims to detect and identify the gaps in the company's operations. Understanding the gaps through regulatory audit services shall help the company and organization beforehand so that a corrective measure is taken before a regulatory authority comes into the picture. If an internal audit assessment has been conducted by the internal team of a company, various loopholes and weaknesses may have been discovered, but if not, then a regulatory audit service by our expert professionals shall fill such gaps before a regulatory audit takes place.

Corrective actions Plan

After assessment through regulatory audit services, if various gaps and loopholes have been addressed, they shall be corrected diligently so that a company is prepared to answer and face the regulatory audit authority. A corrective action plan thus helps the company close the gaps and respond in a very thoughtful way if any deficiencies are detected by the regulatory authority.

A Plan development

A regulatory audit service shall assist the company in having an internal plan so that a pre-assessment can be conducted for a company to effectively participate in the audit program by a regulatory authority. Regulatory audit services by an entity are always accompanied by plans such as roles and responsibilities of employees, expected audit schedules, field visit locations, etc. At this stage, a company must identify the various operational constraints that could impact the audit by a regulatory authority.

Awareness and Training

A regulatory audit service shall help the company identify the employees or staff that are going to be part of the regulatory audit. For efficient participation from such employees, a program on training and awareness has to be conducted so that they don’t hesitate during the regulatory audit proceedings. This program on training and awareness includes audit logistics, evaluation of company requirements, and how they can be fulfilled. Therefore, the motive of this training is to prepare the staff and employees of the respective company to communicate easily with the regulatory auditors.

Purpose of Regulatory Compliance Services

Given below are the reasons behind the regulatory compliance services

  • Evaluating the efficiency of the company compliance and regulations programs and thus recommending the changes to stay relevant according to the specific standard of an industry.
  • Regulatory audit services make sure that a company or an organization complies with the required norms, rules, and regulations of the concerned jurisdictions.
  • Enhancing that a company’s operations are operating effectively.
  • It helps the company to build trust among the stakeholders and customers.
  • Ensuring that the company policies are aligned with the various laws and regulations of the respective state and country, such as data privacy, environmental policy, consumer laws, etc.
  • Ensuring transparency and reducing legal liabilities and heavy penalties of a company due to non-compliance.

How Enterslice can help?

Enterslice regulatory audit services assist companies and individuals in fulfilling the various requirements for compliance obligations by reviewing and evaluating the data connected to the financial statements and other operations of a respective company. We also help companies during their critical time by providing professional compliance and regulatory staff to cover the staff shortages of the respective companies.

Our regulatory audit services have expanded globally, and thus, our services are available outside India as well. At Enterslice, our service approach is to build and gain trust, respect, and confidence from our clients by providing clear, relevant, and timely advice that meets the requirements of the respective company. Enterslice regulatory audit services offer both on-site and virtual services. Our professional experts tailor the solutions for our clients in such a way that they fit the requirements of the company. Our list of services keeps on increasing with the requirements of the market trends. We have experts in technologies who shall be helping companies and individuals with automated and secure regulatory audit services across the globe.

Frequently Asked Questions

Regulatory audit services are a method to detect and identify the company’s policies and procedures and determine if the same has been complied with according to the required compliance and regulations standard, thus making a recommendation for improvement.

Regulatory compliance is indeed very important for an organization so that the reputation of the company is not damaged and any legal liabilities or heavy penalties are not incurred against the respective company.

The common types of regulatory audits are financial audits, environmental audits, healthcare audits, information and security audits, labour, employment, etc. However, regulatory audit services depend on the specific operations of the company and the governing state.

The regulatory audit starts with the pre-audit plans, on-site auditing procedures, reporting on post-audit, recommendations, following up the plans, and various other corrective actions.

Some companies conduct regulatory audits through their internal team, whereas it is most effective if they are conducted by professional service provider experts in the specific industry standard.

Some of the major benefits of regulatory audit services are compliance and regulation clarity, risk identification and mitigation, safeguarding reputations, avoiding penalties and legal liabilities, etc.

Most often, regulatory audits are conducted periodically, depending on the industrial operational standard of a company, and due to frequent changes in the laws and regulations, such regulatory audits may have to be organized by the respective company.

If non compliance is identified by a company, they should immediately make an action plan to address such gap by correcting the compliance requirements and by monitoring the ongoing procedures for effective results and solutions.

Yes, technology should be used during regulatory audits as it enhances the procedure in a faster and more efficient way by using various methods such as data analytics, artificial intelligence, etc, thus strengthening the audit procedure.

An organization or a company can prepare a regulatory audit by conducting an internal self-assessment of their business operations, keeping updated with the relevant laws and regulations, and implementing a training and awareness program for employees and staff.

An organization's management plays a very important role during a regulatory audit by providing all the necessary queries, responding to findings, implementing corrective measures, and ensuring a company complies with the laws and regulations.

There is no specific time completion for a regulatory audit procedure, though it depends on the size, laws and regulations, complexity of an organization, etc.

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