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Peer to Peer Lending Software

Peer to Peer Lending Software
  • P2P Lending Software
Peer to Peer Lending Software

What is Peer to Peer Lending Software?

P2P (Peer to Peer) lending is a mechanism of lending money, where borrowers and creditors are two equal parties and can be both individuals and/or companies.

The process of P2P takes place without the involvement of any intermediaries in the form of credit brokers, banks, and other traditional financial institutions.

The Peer to Peer lending is entirely an online platform for raising loans. Furthermore, since there’s no concept of any intermediary; therefore, the lenders are free to choose their borrower.

The concept of P2P lending is achieving huge popularity among the lenders as they receive a higher rate of interest.

According to the reports of PwC, the industry of Peer to Peer Lending is estimated to grow to $150 billion by 2025.

An Overview of P2P Lending Software

P2P lending software is backed by advanced technology to reduce the workload of peer to peer lending platforms. Furthermore, the software is helpful in assisting the P2P platforms in surpassing the expectation of their customers.

Our well-customized P2P lending software technology solution is an API-based tool designed to integrate with your existing systems easily. Moreover, the software comes with an arrangement of sophisticated features that can streamline the entire workflow of a P2P platform in a cost-effective way.

P2P platforms are likely to gain traction faster in the financial sector. Besides, our product with easily scalable feature aids them to broaden their boundary and adds diversification in their portfolio without any technological setbacks.

Apart from all these, the software is a cloud-based application so that the investor and borrower can access it from anywhere and anytime with a web browser.

The highly secured P2P lending software offers the highest security to the clients so that they can lessen the chances of any cyber security threats.

Features of the P2P Lending Software

As already described, our Peer to Peer Lending Software is a cloud-based solution to help you to access the portal from anywhere and anytime. Besides, other significant features of the P2P lending software are as follows:

  • Cloud-Ready Application

    With a cloud-based application, both the lender and borrower can access it from anywhere in the world with a web browser. We focus highly on providing security and ensure that your data are 100% secure with us.

  • Executive Dashboard

    We offer you an executive dashboard where you can monitor the KPI (Key Performance Indicators) of the corporate entities. Moreover, it provides you with a holistic view of the company and how it is functioning against the set KPIs.

  • API-Based solution

    Our tool is completely based on the Application Program Interface (API), which lets your existing systems to integrate with it easily.

  • Cost-effective

    As compared to others, our software is quite cost-effective. Furthermore, it offers a more sophisticated and better user interface.

  • Flexible and Scalable

    The platform offers you a technology that is completely flexible and scalable. It lets the user diversify, expand, and change according to their business needs.

  • Front-end User Interface

    The Front-end User Interface is a feature that is not offered by every marketplace lending software providers. However, our P2P software comes with a pre-built front-end user interface to help the user with a platform where they don’t require spending much time and resources developing a frontend.

  • Every kind of Loan Product

    From personal loans and home loans to commercial loans, loans against collateral or invoice financing, and real-estate financing, our software covers every kind of loan product.

Advantages of Our P2P Lending Software

  • Fully automated workflow
  • Email notification for new loan request
  • Loan Management Module
  • Complete Loan Feedback Module
  • Easy to configure interest rates of loan
  • Complete investment and lending management
  • Loan calculators help the borrowers to calculate the total amount to repay.
  • Perform multiple operations from creating users profile to generating loan agreements.

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