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Enterslice helps companies grow and expand by providing business and consultancy services that allow them to use the resources in the best possible manner. Property Tax Optimisation Strategies Excise Tax Process Improvement Consultancy Luxury Tax Cost Reduction Analysis Custom Duty Import..

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Overview of Optimisation and Consultancy Services

The term "business process optimisation" describes the enhancement of one or more workflows or processes. Contrary to manufacturing, however, no tangible product is created here; instead, information flows in the form of papers, interfaces, and other forms are processed. The primary objectives are to prevent process waste and accomplish thorough optimisation, starting with the existing process and moving towards the desired future approach.

You can gain from the business process optimisation service in a variety of ways, including useful moderation techniques, the Paper works of all equipment manufacturers' processes using the right IT tools, the discovery of improvements, and individualised consulting to supplement the moderation-based approach. Business process optimisation is also usually characterised by emphasising productivity and worker integration. Practise has shown that this leads to greater acceptance of the goal procedure and, thus, quicker adoption.

Steps involved in the Optimization and Consultancy Services

1.   Property Tax Optimisation Strategies

Lowering your property investment income or shifting into a lower tax category can lessen the amount of tax you pay. Pay attention to changes in your personal position as you progress in your property investing so that you may develop tactics to reduce the impact on your taxes.

You can divide income and capital gains with your spouse by co-owning the property. Shared ownership requires that both couples contribute equally to the original investment. Individual tax brackets may be raised by rental revenue. Therefore, shared ownership may result in lower tax rates. The overall tax effects may also be lessened if one spouse earns much less than the other spouse.

Your ultimate goal should be to spend your money in the best and most efficient way possible. You can accomplish your goal by delaying taxes in addition to cutting taxes. You may reinvest more of your money if you postpone paying taxes. You can accelerate the growth of your money by doing this.

The government permits you to depreciate the building section of your property at set annual rates if you own an investment property. The annual income from your investment property is reduced by the amount known as the Capital Cost Allowance (CCA).

To assist you in maximising your post-tax real estate investment earnings, we've highlighted our top tax planning techniques. Of course, depending on yourfinancial position, the specific techniques may change.

Enterslice will recommend the finest accountant for your needs if you want property tax optimisation techniques or strategies. Get in touch if you're seeking assistance for tax savings that can help your property assets expand more quickly.

2.   Excise Tax Process Improvement Consultancy

Products made in India and intended for domestic use are subject to the indirect tax known as Central Excise Duty. The Central Government is in charge of Central Excise Duty in accordance with Entry 84 of the Union List (List 1) under the Seventh Schedule as read with Articles 268 to 281 of the Indian Constitution. The government relies heavily on indirect taxes, which make up a sizable portion of the transaction. Therefore, the components in such taxes are challenging to comprehend clearly, but through careful preparation, it is feasible to keep expenditures to a minimum.

Businessmen face a challenging situation due to indirect taxes like central excise since they apply to a wide range of activities, from manufacture to ultimate consumption, including trade, imports, distribution, and services.

Throughout the tax life cycle, we assist in locating risk areas and possibilities for long-term planning for indirect taxes. Services for Central Excise Duty are provided strictly in accordance with the guidelines and norms of specified recognised agencies. We provide you with efficient procedures to help you enhance your daily indirect tax reporting while lowering costs, attributing mistakes, and ensuring indirect taxes are handled correctly.

Our excise team has the skills necessary to assist you in managing excise declarations, auditing and reviewing product classifications and assessing import and export paperwork.

The perspective and assistance you require to manage indirect taxes effectively and efficiently are provided to you by our qualified staff. We are able to entirely outsource all central excise-related problems or challenges. Many of our clients have saved a lot of money and gained a better grasp of service tax-related difficulties.

3.   Luxury Tax Cost Reduction Analysis

A luxury tax is a sales tax or surcharge only applied to a select group of goods or services seen as extraneous or available to the extremely rich.A percentage of the purchase price or the amount beyond a certain threshold may be used to calculate the luxury tax.

Although all taxes are contentious, some are more so than others. Every buyer of products and services within the jurisdiction that collects a sales tax is often required to pay one. They are perceived as disproportionately oppressive by lower-income customers because they must pay a more significant proportion of their income in sales taxes when levied on necessities like food and medication.

The luxury tax is levied only on high-end or luxury goods, and we assist you in reducing the cost of luxury by carefully evaluating the luxury tax measures of your state. Therefore, if the luxury tax cost is reduced, you will eventually have to pay less luxury tax.

4.   Custom Duty Import/Export Optimisation

The charge levied on the movement of products across international boundaries is referred to as customs duty. It is a type of indirect tax that the government imposes on product imports and exports.

To put it another way, customs duty is a type of levy collected by the customs authority to export and import products and services.Import duty is the name given to the tax imposed on goods imported. In contrast, an export duty is the name for the tax imposed on items that are sent abroad.

The main goals of customs duties are to generate income and protect home industries, businesses, employment, and the environment from nefarious foreign rivals. Additionally, it aids in reducing fraud and the flow of illicit currency.

Your customs duty payments and logistical procedures can be optimised by holding the appropriate customs authorisations. You may save a substantial amount of time, money, and resources in this method if you want to improve the effectiveness of your customs procedures. You need to pay customs duty only when you begin using the items you bought from other nations. Quickly get the items you've ordered from other nations, take charge of your customs operations and carry them out around the clock (independent of the customs authority's regular business hours), and easily manage your customs duty payments.

For you to attain the aforementioned goals and optimise your customs activities, we could have further alternatives. Consequently, you will be able to significantly cut down on your expenses, time commitments, and efforts while still ensuring your business's expansion and smooth functioning.

5.   GST and Professional Tax Due Diligence

Before beginning an acquisition, investment, commercial partnership, or bank loan, it is a process of investigation and analysis. Through due diligence, an entity's commercial potential and financial viability in terms of its assets and liabilities are assessed. It is possible to identify any prospective dangers or unforeseen obligations. Both the buyer and the target firm will benefit from the information gathered during legal, due diligence when producing the M&A agreement and any supporting paperwork.

The GST requires due diligence, which aids in decision-making and generates a report from which you may plan further activities. A person may choose better by using the information in the due diligence report, which includes both the dangers and potential remedies. As a result, the significance of doing your homework has grown over time. Fines, penalties, and reputational damage may arise from even a little error in keeping records or complying with other regulations. Therefore, GST due diligence may be highly beneficial since it comprises checking the categorisation of goods and services in accordance with the GST Act's laws and determining if financial records and information related to GST have been kept correctly and in compliance with the GST legislation.

6.   Property Tax Liabilities Assessment

For many local governments, the main source of income is from property taxes. For homeowners, they represent a considerable expenditure year after year. You will continue to receive a property tax bill even after your mortgage has been paid off. Your property tax assessment serves as the basis for that bill. You can estimate your annual cost if you understand how it is computed. Then you can budget appropriately, prevent unpleasant surprises, and identify any pricey billing issues.

Your property's assessed value, any applicable exemptions, and a property tax rate all go into determining how much you'll pay in property taxes.

On a specific day, your property tax assessment is established. This assessed value is decided yearly in various jurisdictions.However, in certain jurisdictions, it only occurs when the property is transferred, every three years, or according to another timetable.

In some places, the assessed value is equal to the market value; in other places, the estimated value is calculated by multiplying the market value by the assessment rate.If you are an owner-occupant, exemptions may include a reduction in your property's assessed value (also known as a homestead exemption). Although the fall in your property's assessed value has no bearing on the market value of your home, it does assist in bringing your tax burden down.

Your property's assessed value is multiplied by the property tax rate, also known as a multiplier or mill rate, to get your tax bill. This percentage is given in decimal form.

Public schools, community colleges, libraries, wages of local government personnel, parks and recreation, sanitisation, sewage, police and fire protection, roads, and other regional necessities like mosquito control are all supported by property taxes.A part of your charge will be determined by multiplying each of these items' percentage rates by the assessed value of your property. We calculate your total property tax bill by adding the taxes you are responsible for paying on each item.

Enterslice will help you in assessing the correct property tax liability that shall be imposed on an individual. We also make you aware of the property tax provisions.

Services Offered by Enterslice

  • The accurate diagnostic of the present end-to-end process performance.
  • The discovery of performance gaps, i.e., the root causes of issues and waste sources.
  • Defining a future strategy and the initiatives needed to implement it.
  • The accurate diagnostic of the present end-to-end process performance.
  • The discovery of performance gaps, i.e., the root causes of issues and waste sources.
  • Defining a future strategy and the initiatives needed to implement it.
  • The accurate diagnostic of the present end-to-end process performance.
  • The discovery of performance gaps, i.e., the root causes of issues and waste sources.
  • Defining a future strategy and the initiatives needed to implement it.
  • We assist in ascertaining the property tax liability.

Frequently Asked Questions


  • They are quite secretive.
  • They have direct control over the choices clients make and the result.
  • Total pleasure serves as the standard for success.
  • In essence, a consultant works on the client's behalf.

Whether there are methods to change the way your property taxes are determined and how they are computed varies by location. For instance, if you discover an error in the assessment or obtain a significantly different evaluation, you may be able to convince the assessor that your property is worth less than their initial estimate. If you have owned your house for a while and the market has declined considerably since you initially bought it, the assessors could also be ready to reduce the valuation.

Yesis the clear-cut response. You must pay property tax as long as you hold the property, regardless of whether you arrange to do so in combination with your mortgage payment or directly to the county (there are several ways to do so). The tax is independent of any mortgage debt or charges you may have made. It is instead determined by external criteria specified by the state or town to pay for local government services and programs.

They assist customers in creating trusts and estates, filing tax returns, look for deductions to lessen a client's tax burden. They assist customers in understanding and sorting through the tax ramifications of life events like marriage, a baby, a death, divorce, and taxes on rental property income.

A product gets more in demand the more expensive it is. The consequence of luxury taxes should be increased demand for things considered luxuries since taxes raise the price of a good. But in reality, the desire for luxury items is, by definition, very income elastic.

To avoid any non-compliance with the GST, the tax official must use his or her authority of provisional attachment of the property before thoroughly verifying all the facts.


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