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What is Trademark Litigation?

Narendra Kumar

| Updated: Sep 02, 2017 | Category: Trademark Registration

Trademark Litigation

Trademark Litigation is the legal procedure for the perfect resolution of Trademark infringement cases. These Trademark infringement cases can relate to any occupational fields in the broad sectors of professions, business and commerce, industries, and services. Moreover, as an applicant, you may file / defense Trademark litigations on the domestic or international level.

The most common purpose of the trademark suit is to place a legal injunction on all infringement activities by the court of law, together with drawing due compensation from the one from whom the damages caused to the owner of the registered trademark. The trademark lawsuit process involves legal summons, presenting evidence in one’s support, court hearings, summary judgment, or legal trials and much more.

Trademark Litigation Services

As far as the Trademark litigation is concerned, our well-informed and adept Trademark attorneys and litigators offer the full range of legal and helpful services right from the beginning to the end of the litigation process.

The most important services in this connection are-

  • Gathering evidence for alleged Trademark infringement case,
  • Meeting the infringer and counseling him against the continuation of infringement activities,
  • If necessary, then filing the lawsuit for trademark infringement,
  • Representing our client in the court of law, performing all legal formalities and processes,
  • Offering rigorous advocacy in support of our client during court hearings and trials.


Trademarks and service marks registered under TRIPS Agreement.

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